Tuesday, November 20, 2012

beck's a wanker/"collision course"

I of course was going continue the AGP chapter because I can spew volumes on collapse and had barely gotten started.  Alas, Glen Beck, who I now must classify as One Of The World’s Largest Wankers, really pissed me off yesterday after I had posted that entry and I’ve been stewing on it ever since.  And since I can’t focus on making a great case as to why we are all going to die, and plus with the kind of stressful morning I’ve had ( I don’t get all that many all year long but when I do they generally are concentrated around the holiday season.  It isn’t enough I get a 2013 Christmas present from Uncle Omammy? [ Merry Christmas, peon, here is your 50% tax hike ] ). I thought I really needed to lay into blatant stupidity to try to make myself feel better.  Now, Glen Beck is usually no worse than Rush Limbaugh.  Both are whores for the bankers, but since so many other folks are I thought I’d be a swell guy and give them both a pass on that.  Rush has such a distorted view on the two party system that there doesn’t seem to be any room left for central banker control anyway.  Not that this stops me from envisioning Ned Betty’s ( I think that was the actor in “Deliverance”, the fat one of the group ) body with Rush’s face, bleating in agony as a leering wild haired bib overall wearing Ben Bernanke leers “you’ve got a mighty pretty mouth, boy!”.  Glen is pretty much the same way, giving a Rich Guys Are Just Misunderstood pass to the bankers, thinking they are merely loan officers instead of a few pricks who control the globes money supply and are thus directly responsible for the inflation tax stealing ALL our wealth over a lifetime.
But yesterday, Glen spouted off with such a stupid, outrageous statement that far surpasses his toadying attitude towards the ruling elite that I now pretty much hate the vile little prick ( it could have been one of the three Talking Stooges- I can’t tell their voices apart as I listen a half hour a week driving the company truck- but even if it wasn’t him, it was said by his employee on his show ).  He was talking about the film “Lincoln” that just came out ( I hadn’t heard of it, but it is by Spielberg which is reason enough to probably pass on it.  I make no excuses for what the Nazi’s did to the Jews,  and pretty much whatever the Soviets did invading can safety be forgiven as Karmic Justice.  But I also despise one sided history which “Shindler’s List” pretty much was and that kind of killed any desire to see more of his films ) and thought it was bad that Lincoln was portrayed as a dictator ( I do believe he thought the film was good because of the actors ).  Okay, far enough.  Lincoln was pure and simple a dictator, but I can see where squirrely little Yankee bastards buy into the propaganda to the contrary so they can sooth their consciences after colonizing and stripping the South of all wealth.  They need justification.  But then he says something to the effect that Lincoln, when he suspended civil liberties and such, was justified because he was freeing the slaves!
Oh.  My.  Mother.  Friggin.  God!!!!!  Glen, who a time or two has strutted about declaring himself one who digs in to history to find out the truth, seems to have stopped at his High School textbook when it comes to the War Of Gottdamn Yankee Aggression.  Lincoln himself said that his only goal was to preserve the Union, and if freeing the slaves assured that, he would gladly free the slaves.  BUT.  If keeping Blacks enslaved would preserve the Union he would do that also.  Most White boys on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line had little love for Blacks.  There were quite a few very discriminatory laws on the books in Northern states that were very harsh towards Blacks.  And the Northerners were pioneers in exploiting White poor folk in the manufacturing industry.  I don’t think slavery should have ever been allowed, but both sides were nearly equal in blame for it and the war of 1861 was NOT over slavery.  It was over states rights verses the supremacy of the federal government.  Beck, a wankers wanker.
Crap on a snack cracker, I’ve had such a streak of bad luck lately getting ripped off on mediocre or worse new books I even started to rethink buying too many more.  I’m thinking my depleted savings account needs the money more ( daughter going into financial meltdown, wife visiting Kansas family took the savings to $200 from $1300 ) as does last minute preps.  About the only book lately I can rant and rave about is “Collision Course” by David Crawford ( the “Lights Out” guy ).  It was a shortish book, but damn was it good.  It took the time to creep up on all the fallacies of Yuppie Scum Survivalism ( his luck slowly turns as his equipment heavy strategy fails him ), but it also realistically looked at how community based community survival could go wrong.  I won’t spoil it for you, but even if the page numbers are far below his other book, he turned out an even better, more readable and enjoyable novel.  It might not teach you a whole lot but it was well done and entertaining.  I highly recommend it, and it isn’t all that much money ( compared to most new post-apoc books ).
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  1. Lord Bison of the Great Basin;

    Thank You very kindly for blasting that jerk Beck and his bankster backers, for the douches they are. Like Limbaugh, that sorry sack; Beck should win an Academy Award for leading millions of Caucasians into debt slavery, backing the banksters play for the bankrupting of the world. He's been burning my buttons since he patronized Ron Paul, when he was still on Murdoch's private banksters propaganda channel, so Beck and his fans can go cold and hungry for all I care, when it all goes down. Screw the Neocons and their legions of dupes! Keep keeping it real James!

  2. Here is something that you don't want to hear Lord Dr. Bison: your predictions are coming perilously close to what prophecy from the Holy Bible has said will happen. But I know that you would never plaigarize God, so I will chalk it up to coincidence.

    Probably nobody would be interested to know what my own single worst fear from bible prophecy is, but I must 'spill' it: the future for the regular worker (the common man) will require an entire day of labor just for him to earn enough to buy food to keep him alive to live until the next day to do it all again. (ala Steinbeck's 'The Grapes of Wrath). Think minimum-wage x 8 hours = a single loaf of bread. I will not give the exact Biblical reference point, in the hope that Jim will scan the Good Book to find it for himself. Beware, Lord Dr. Bison, reading the Bible can lead to unintended enlightenment.

    I wish you had a Paypal donation link on your blog to 'click'. You are a truly unique thinker/writer/blogger who deserves to receive financial compensation for your work. Amazon links only pay a percentage pittance. You deserve better than that from folks like me who want to contribute to you direct. Make a 'link' to Paypal and I will give you your first $50 via the link. Later you can shame your regular readers into doing the same. Although I just noticed that you have a mailing address, so maybe that would be better.

    1. "Amazon links only pay a percentage pittance."

      If purchases are made through any Amazon link on your site you receive credit LB? I purchased something the other day and clicked on the frugal survivalist link and purchased through that, so hopefully that works for you?

  3. Jim, your right.slaves had nothing to do with the war. If the South woda won we'd had it made!!!!

    I dont trust beck, i think he is a goberment shill, spreading propaganda...... you know keep us in the two party game, so we are distracted watching the tennis ball, back and forth.