Monday, November 19, 2012

AGP-why the apocalypse?

The average “survivalist” is little more than a glorified militia army of one with multiple semi-automatic weapons and a case or two of Meals Ready to Eat ( which actually stand for “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians” although they don’t taste that bad unless you get some Politically Correct ethnic entre that you wouldn’t feed your starving dog.  Their main problem besides civilian market cost is their propensity to halt all biological waste elimination processes ) and not too much else including common sense.  They believe that all they have to do is focus on defense and all else will take care of itself.  And they certainly believe with all their hearts, more than they believe in Baby Jesus himself, the sanctity of marriage or the concept of stupidity coming back to bite you on the ass, that since we are By Gum Americans we will so be able to get back on our feet no problem lickity split after any disaster, calamity or collapse.  The fact that we could actually collapse for good and have a die-off is strange and unacceptable to them.  They spend plenty of time researching civilization collapse and they go on living as if life will be no more altered after resource depletion than if a level one hurricane dumped a few gallons of water down in New York’s subways.  Getting out of harms way in the city is as easy as ones months rent to buy a plot of junk land, but they claim that since it won’t grow crops it is useless ( like you are growing all that much in the city! ).  Even the vast majority of survivalists live in denial, as that allows them to stubbornly grasp on to their luxury lifestyle that much longer.
Looking at history, almost every civilization ended in total collapse after their resource base was overwhelmed by overpopulation.  Those that claim this is proof that it takes hundreds of years to collapse miss a very important point.  Those civilizations were predominantly farmers.  The urbanites took the brunt of the casualties ( per capita ) from malnutrition and then epidemics at the beginning.  Not that farmers didn’t suffer, they did.  The city slickers were the leaders and the military and they took what they needed regardless.  My point is that the majority had at the beginning the means to feed themselves.  Today, the entire globe is urbanized.  There won’t be any slow down as if the majority could still feed themselves.  So, the figures of 30-50% die-off after epidemics was best case scenario.  Not worse case as has been assumed.  When most of the globe is living in cities and dependent on oil to grow crops and transport those crops long distances to the slums, and the globe has already peaked in conventional oil production, and the downside of peak will be steep because of plummeting imports due to domestic demand, along with severe weather as our fifty year cycle of mild weather ends, it doesn’t take a friggin rocket scientist to figure out we are double dog humped as a species.
Every argument you hear against collapse has the pitiful whine of the addict arguing against cutting back on his wonderful elixir.  Peak Oil was finally getting some traction before Frac oil popped on to the scene.  It takes $80 a barrel to produce the fake oil, it gets about ten percent of the net energy conventional crude does, the average well loses forty percent of production after only one year, they are very expensive to drill ( six or eight million a pop ) as the globes banks are barely held together and credit continues to tighten, and all this adds up to energy independence?  Your sagging bloody pimpled ass it does.  Yet so strong is the need to maintain Business As Usual to both producers and consumers, this fantasy is widely accepted.  And even after five years of the worse economic news since the Great Depression, most of us cling to the hope of Green Shoots or The Great Recession End In Sight.  When we have “only” an additional one third of a million new unemployed THAT MONTH ALONE, we think this is a sign of recovery?  Evidently, by the number of “survivalists” who stay in the million plus population cities, it bodes rather well, thank you very much!  All is well, nothing to see here, move along.  My AR-15 will protect me from the hundreds of thousands of starving cannibals. 
( I lost a good portion of this article when my dumb ass hit the wrong button.  I’ll finish it tomorrow at the regular length.  Right now I have to get back to the salt mine )
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  1. Some good n' dark doom and gloom today, Jim. Gotta take issue with your bashing of the MRE's though. Freeze dried food is the ULTIMATE if you understand how to purchase it. Buy #10 cans of just meat. Ground beef, cubed beef, chicken, etc. If you already have your 50lb bags of rice and wheat, then all you need is some protein boost in the form of meat.

    Buy #10 cans of MEAT ONLY (and, of course, a Lee Enfield 4) and you are mostly all set for the Die-Off. Just have a place to hide-out with your freeze-dried food until it's safe to emerge from the hidey-hole.

    "Rectum Stroganoff-like freeze-dried product" should obviously be avoided when browsing the Rawles advertisers. But you already knew that.

  2. Oh Dr. James Knock it off! You hit the wrong button?!? You posted another great article and now like all the rest of us that are just as afraid of the re-elected "GOD" as you are,We are afraid of our own demise!
    As the Middle East Tinkers on the Verge of WW3 and all your predictions come true, where will we get our gas, food and plastic "fire Sticks"?
    How Much Is A Bus Ticket To Elko From Bum Fuck USA Anyway?
    Thanks Dr., MadDog94

  3. Nightshift here....Good post Jim. Maddog, I like the Dr. James moniker. Perhaps its a PHD in Survival/collapse science?

    Anonymous, I like your thought on buying the FD meats. Thats the first thing I bought in FD and things like chilimac. I figured it would be easy to extend it with some extra pasta or even rice.

    Yes Dr. Dakin, the sheep have no clue that this false economy and pretend good times are about to get very interesting. I went out and bought a 10-22 and some BX-25 mags to celebrate the election. Have heavier stuff covered but like your 22 philosophies. I think semi-auto is a good thing in a 22 because the 22 needs some help if you ever get caught with just that. 25 rounds of 22 will get someone running. It also counted for my Christmas present so I was being frugal. Your scope post will apply.

    Your point about the junk land is illuminating. I too had the thoughts about growing food and my eyes are open so I understood your point. No wonder so many fight it. It is so simple to just stock food. Like you say, how can you protect food production? I have a little more than junk land with a friend holding the note. He has land 1/4 mile away. It is pretty safe. If things collapse he couldnt sell it anyway.

    I am going to rent a couple acres to a fellow survivalist and his family. He will be a good asset. I have a nice acre set aside for you overlooking the nude supermodel beach if you decide to leave elko. LOL Looking forward to tommorrows continuation.

    Your Loyal Minion

  4. At the risk of offending you, oh Great Haired one, may I humbly suggest the flaws in your worst case scenario collapse. Much of our modern crap is manufactured using oil, shipped from China using oil, and then delivered or picked up by us using oil. I think that these things will become prohibitively expensive before we see the kind of crash or die off you've suggested. Once only the richest can afford such luxuries as tooth paste and soap then we'll be looking at the kind of doom you described. General supply and demand should continue to force a more sloped decline until that point. I think the closer we get to the water fall the more people will wise up and realize what's happening (not by choice but because reality is forced upon them). No doubt things will still be bad but I think far more than 50% will survive.

    1. Except that we are ripe to become another Balkans in this country. -SemperFido

  5. I agree with Anon 10:22 things are going to contue to slope down hill (more or less steeply depanding on how good our alternatives to oil work out short term) But once the Crap Comming from Commy China (CCCC)is too expensive for the average joe to afford is when the riots kick in. Those Riots will block the port cities and the corn and grain the USA has been sending to feed the world.

    Then comes the mass near global starvation and wars.

    I dont expect a big organized ww3 like 1 and 2 were more like thousands of new mini wars and civil war /revolutions/etc until the whole world is Ethiopia/Zimbabwie mark 2.