Thursday, October 18, 2012

minimum wage survival

Well, I got all excited last night with the arrival of “Arming For The Apocalypse” and thought I was going to write all about it today, but it turned out to be a pretty much worthless turd ( not much more than a pretty overpriced coffee table book ) and so now I’m not only out $25 I also had to think about what else I could write about and by default you get something along the lines of “how minimum wage teaches you how NOT to be a worthless turd, a cancer on the rectum of society, a preening whiney bitch who insists on importing more and more crap to Target ( yes, I’m talking about you, Yuppie Scum ) so that some clown like Romney gets millions of bucks for shipping jobs overseas and some jag-off like Obammy gets more federal money from taxes and then a totally awesome fellow like me gets humped as civilization collapses”.  Okay, this might be elevating minimum wage jobs just slightly above the level they deserve, but somebody has to be outrageous and over-exaggerating so it might as well be me.  I’ve always been a big fan of a minimum wage job, mainly after I tried to get away from them.  My first job was great, as I was tasked with nothing more strenuous than staying awake all night at a gas station.  The franchise owner had to go to a 24 hour schedule because his station was within company guidelines of being close enough to a major road, but after about 11am not a soul ever arrived except once in a blue moon.  It was actually more work lugging all my books to work than the effort needed to stay awake.  Well, I was 21 years old so I could still work a graveyard.  Nowadays I can barely stay up past ten.  And it isn’t for lack of trying.  The last time I tried to work all night I instantly turned into a zombie and stayed that way until I got a transfer to another shift.
Next up I worked in a video store ( way back before there were DVD’s, back when minimum wage was $3.35 and a new video cost $90 ).  That was nice since I got to read in-between customers, then watched the new releases after closing time.  Alas, you don’t meet many gals on minimum wage and I moved into management to get laid.  That just led to twenty years of working jobs I hated to support the ex-wife, so that didn’t work out too great for me.  But now I can work minimum wage again, having somehow managed to invest enough even as up to 75% of my wages were paying taxes and child support.  Without a car, rent/mortgage or any debt ( the hospital bills are now about 25% of my take home, but they are the wives hospital bills.  I pay them, but I’m not in debt legally for them, a big difference stress wise ) minimum wage is a kings fortune.  I can quit any job I hate and not take a pay cut ( I don’t hate working at the Food Bank, despite the occasional Crap-In-The-Shower incidents ).  And the stress level is much lower.  But the other good thing about minimum wage, other than financial freedom, is shedding needless weights.  On minimum wage, even with most of it free, you simply can’t take on many burdens.  You are forced to simplify and you don’t accumulate many shackles.  It keeps you flexible out of necessity.
Outside of being a dumbass and too young to think much, a low wage discourages getting into debt for most other types of workers.  Whether it be for college or a car or a house.  Not having the money to get into debt, you must also save real cash money, since you can afford neither insurance or a credit card for emergencies.  Sure, soon enough even minimum wage peons will be forced at the point of a gun to carry medical insurance, but that is merely insurance in name, not in practice.  What is called insurance is merely a tax.  You must pay it, a national payout to the bankers, but you can’t use it.  Using it means you need to double the payment for a deductible.  None of us can afford the 10% payroll tax increase, although we won’t have a choice, and I’ll wager fewer still can afford twenty percent ( fewer still than none- get it? ).  So, those semantics taken care of, you are forced to save money, which forces you to be frugal, which saves you from spending as much money which increases the money you save and etcetera.  See how wonderful minimum wage is?  You don’t waste money on insurance that never pays anyway, you avoid a lifetime of debt, you don’t buy a sheetrock and green wood McMansion that is worth less than a tenth its retail price, you don’t bail out any Union workers in Detroit ( granted, the Union wasn’t the problem so much as the Suits who pissed away the pension fund, but I hate over-paying anyone regardless ), nor do you directly support the House Of Saud ( indirectly of course, you do, with a nation of consumers shipping imported crap back and forth with diesel fuel ) and you get plenty of practice for the coming ( worse ) decline.  When you can’t afford luxuries, you end up reducing your needs to bare essentials.  You won’t miss what you don’t have and can no longer afford, unlike those puke Yuppie humps zipping back and forth in SUV’s, throwing their spawn from school to soccer practice to ballerina or wherever.  Pampered little people throwing money at all problems hoping they go away.  Don’t be those guys.  Minimize your needs, and your stress ( the wife on minimum wage issue is still a problem of course ).
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  1. Bravo Lord Bison ! May your locks always shimmer. I traded a 70K per year mental pressure cooker job for a 30K per year jjob. The new job requires constant motion so I have lost weight and no longer take meds for blood pressure. I am happier and the bankster scum and government scum have less tax dollars to skim for the endless war, zero freedom clusterfuck this country has become. I take great pleasure in starving all the thieves from the congress down to the local commissioner level. Hail Darwin and hurry the crash!

  2. Thank you,I don't really care for your book reviews. You seem to waste a lot of money on crappy books. I bet you could of bought an AR with all the money you wasted. I have a few survival books on wilderness survival, they are useful. I have a short attention span and I don't feel like wasting my money on crappy books. I read blogs to get new information.

    You used the word SURVIVAL in the title and that got my hopes up.

    I watched the dumb and dumber debate on tv and I almost threw up. What has happened to my country? It's a crying shame that they couldn't find an attractive chick with big boobs to moderate the debate. I'm really tired of land whales with sand bag tits. Why do men put up with this crap?

    It really pisses me off when I look at porn and the big boob category is full of 300 pound pigs. Sure, 300 pound women have big boobs, flabby sweaty sand bag titties don't count. Why are women so frigging fat these days? Disgusting.

    I hope the mormon wins the election. I can't stand the mooslim, I'm sick of his face. His wife is ugly too, reminds me of a... ( censored)
    Maybe the mormon's magic underwear will help him to win.

    I mourn for my country. It really is too late to do anything. I'll keep on storing food, buying ammo and honing my survival skills. It just pisses me off that the Party picked these two idiots to run for president. A mormon and a mooslim. Fucking great. The Party isn't putting much effort into this silly election. I know most folks are stoopid but really, a magic underwear wearing millionaire or a ( censored).

    Bo Narrow

  3. Bo Narrow;

    It's people like you who cannot expand your horizons far enough to realize that there are in FACT more choices than the two crooks on television. Please do yourself a favor and check out Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson or Virgil Goode. These five brave souls are doing what they can to illuminate people like you who are disgusted with the so-called lack of choice, their views might surprise you into actually voting for true change instead of Civil War.