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guest article- elko subdivisions

I would like to extend a hearty Hi-Ho And Thanks For All The Fish to the hard working minion who compiled this.  It's more than I ever could have done-Jim
Elko Junk land subdivisions

I would of submitted this article earlier but once I came back to Central Florida, I couldn't look at or think too deeply about my trip to Elko. Sorta like leaving your true love and going overseas. Leaving Elko was rather painful. But I digress!

Elko county has many subdivisions with dirt roads that were bladed back in the 60s. Rumour has it that the various subdivisions were land owned by Bing Crosby and when the land was sold by Bing, speculators bought it and started the Elko subdivision craze.

The problem is Elko is 2/3rd the size of West Virginia (and only 50,000 people!) and the subdivisions are scattered about. Some are closer to Elko and power, some in the middle of no-where. There are also 20 acre plots in the middle of the desert. Some are rather nice for junk land, some not so. Hopefully this will help people focus on specific subdivisions that fit their needs.

I'm going to list the various subdivisions, their ARN "number", how many different areas each subdivision has, their location relative to Elko, and what my thoughts are on the subdivision area.

Note on the ARN. The first set of numbers usually tells you the subdivision, the second set of numbers the row/block, and the third set the exact lot on that row/block. The ARN is the ID for the land, sorta like the VIN assigned to your car.

Remember that you are paying for the improvements, location of the land, etc, not the land itself. You can buy 20 acres in the middle of no-where for $2,200 or a 1 acre plot near Elko with a well and power hookup for $16,000. The land is basically thrown free into the deal.

Also there is no guarantees that I am entirely correct. Rotsa Ruck, since the Elko land office seems to know less then me. But I'll try to answer any questions asked.

Subdivisions near Montello far, far from Elko
Clover Acres Unit 1         APN 011-000-000
Sun Valley Acres Unit 1   APN 011-000-000
Sun Valley Acres Unit 2   APN 011-000-000
Sunland Acres Unit 1      APN 011-000-000
Sunland Acres Unit 2      APN 011-000-000
These subdivisions are located near Montello, which is about 150ish miles east of Elko. What is strange is USUALLY each subdivision has it's own initial 3 APN number, as you will soon notice. These subdivisions all have the same initial set of numbers but the subdivisions are full sized like the ones listed below. I don't plan on buying there so I didn't investigate why but it did screw with my initial looksee. I mention this since there are alot of these lots for sale here.

BE CAREFUL with the Mountain Meadow Ranches! APN 075-000-000. This subdivision is also in this area and there is a bunch for sale. The land lot prices were the same as the lots near Elko. I initially thought MMR was closer to Elko because of it's name, cost and APN but it is actually about 10 miles south of Montello. Almost bought land there...

The Gamble district is out here too. APN 010-000-000. Bunch of land but I never felt like investigating further.
$B!!(BSubdivisions northeast of Elko about 11-15 miles. Same side of river as Elko.
Humboldt River Ranchos Unit 1       APN 012-000-000     2 different subdivision areas
Twin River Ranchos Unit 2             APN 017-000-000     2 different subdivision areas
Twin River Ranchos Unit 3             APN 025-000-000     2 different subdivision areas
Twin River Ranchos Unit 4             APN 026-000-000     3 different subdivision areas
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 1     APN 030-000-000     3 different subdivision areas
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 2     APN 034-000-000     2 different subdivision areas
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 3     APN 035-000-000     2 different subdivision areas
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 7     APN 062-000-000     (I think) 2 different subdivision areas
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 8     APN 063-000-000
River Valley Ranchos Unit 1            APN 024-000-000
Humboldt Acres Unit 1                   APN 018-000-000
Humboldt Acres Unit 2                   APN 019-000-000
Humboldt Acres Unit 3                   APN 020-000-000

Most of these subdivisions are within walking distance of Highway I-80. All within visual sight of highway, though a couple subdivisions are 4-5 miles away (RVR #1, TTR #2 and 3, MVR #8). I only spent a couple of hours diving the area, since I only planned on 2 days in a car and 2 days walking the streets of Elko. The land is somewhat protected from the north elements with ridges. The closer to I-80 subdivisions have a fair amount of residents. Probably 15% at most. (Which is a LOT of residents for these subdivisions).

There is power in the area. I'm told that water is a bit deeper to drill here then the subdivisions closer to Elko. There is one store, a greazy spoon/gas station combo that was open and for sale(Not sure why?). The roads are better then elsewhere, lots of gravel and I was able to drive a passenger car wherever I wanted to go. (I did not drive to the furthest subdivisions). Also the land is flatter, at least not so many gulleys running downhill. Not so hilly. Rather nice area for Elko junk land.

If you plan on buying in this area, research your subdivision. Some subdivisions are nice (as far as that goes out here...) while other ones (MVR #8, etc.) will never see a resident in 50 years. Depends what you want. Only downside I see is distance to Elko and closeness of I-80.

This area would be nice for someone planning to live life as a normal person/Yuppie Survivalist Scum. Car, toilet, grid power, white picket fence, close to I-80, etc.

I may buy here and use solar, etc but I plan on dropping a car once in Elko and that would leave me to the gentle mercies of The Wifey. We shall see.

Subdivisions about 5 miles east of Elko. Humboldt "River" is in between Elko and this area.
Last Chance Ranch Unit 1              APN 013-000-000
Last Chance Ranch Unit 2              APN 014-000-000
Last Chance Ranch Unit 3              APN 032-000-000              2 different subdivision areas
Last Chance Ranch Unit 11            APN 031-000-000

LCR #3 is within walking distance to downtown Elko. (If you can walk 10ish miles round trip!) but you can walk only a mile or two and get to civilization. See below.

LCR #3 has 2 full sized areas, the first one (closest to hardball road) having power and around 10-15% occupancy. The subdivision's dirt roads are rougher then the more northern subdivisions mentioned earlier. Also the land is more hilly and slopes from the south, towards the north/city of Elko. And there is a ridge along the southeast behind the subdivisions that cuts down on sunlight in the AM. Also the near constant wind from the NW will be felt here.

The hardball road leading to the subdivisions passes about a dozen machine shops and a car dealership (civilization?). Nice if you manage to get a gopher job, maybe not so nice if you drinking the well water. If I had better feelings about the area, I would of walked it to find the closest store, etc.

I do think that this group of subdivisions (mainly LCR #3) is the best option for someone riding a bike or walking. Only a 1ish mile of dirt, then gravel road and about another mile of hardball to the bridge crossing the Humboldt river.
LCR #1 and #2 are further up the ridge. No people, too steep. Facing north, nah...

I never got to LCR #11. Road became too rough and there were plenty of lots for sale in LCR #1 and #2, which I did not like.

Strange to say but I felt claustrophobic even with the small amount of homes while driving through the LCR #3 double subdivision. It felt very "tight" and I got the feeling of slipping down the slope. Gotta say I'm a city boy, never when mud bogging. YMMV.

I do plan on checking LCR #3 again on my next trip in order to see if my "feelings" change. And of all the nearby Elko subdivisions, this subdivision is the closest to the Humboldt river. Just a FYI.

Also be careful with the Spring Creek subdivisions. They are 21 different SC Units, located about 8-10 miles SE of Elko so I'm lumping them here. I heard they are planning on or have HOAs.

Subdivisions about 5 miles NE of Elko. Same side of river as Elko.
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 4          APN 036-000-000          2 different subdivision areas
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 5          APN 037-000-000          2 different subdivision areas

Each subdivision has 2 full sized areas equal to a normal sized subdivision. This added to my later mentioned confusion of this area.
To get to these subdivisions, you have to drive under the railroad tracks through a 1 car narrow 20' tunnel. Also the Elko lot map I got off the internet didn't match up exactly with what's on the ground. I couldn't figure out if I was in MVR #4 or #5! Afterwards I asked the ladies at the Elko land office and they didn't know anything about the area, plus the map they sold me was worse then my free internet map...

Also I've came across a moveable barbed wire fence stretched across supposedly public roads. At least the road is public, according to my poor map. This fence stretched across the only upper (I think) MVR #4 access road so I didn't press on since the west has some crazy laws and I don't want to get shot just yet.

The fences might be to stop cows from wandering onto roads being used and it's ok to go through them if you replace the fence... Dunno. I'm from east of the Mississippi.

Probably the best area for close Elko junk land but the good stuff has been cherry-picked for the last 40 years. There are ridges to the north and some of the (Occupied) lots had trees and gave me the impression of bottomlands. Flat, watered (no standing water but heavy brush under trees), protected from the elements. Plenty of sunshine. Very nice. The raised railroad bed gave some protection from the east. Though the winds usually blow from the NW but the ridges to the north will help protect from the winds.

About 10-15 % of this mystery subdivision was occupied. There is power to the area. Some parts were hilly, some flat. Roads were hit and miss. Land lots were hit and miss. Only washboard dirt bladed roads, no gravel roads once inside the mystery subdivision. There were kids walking on the dirt road (school bus just dropped off far side of 1 car tunnel) and a few families sitting on porches. I thought of approaching some and finding out where the hell I was exactly but I was leery from the indifferent attitude I got from the "Townies" earlier that week so I didn't.

I feel this area has great potential if you are a peoples' person and enjoy interacting with people. I felt it was the most family centered, neighborly subdivision of them all. (Wow, all this after driving around lost for a couple of hours!) But I saw the most people here but it nmay have been the time of day.

While there might be 4x4 trails leading in/out elsewhere, there is only 1 way in/out for a passenger car. The 1 car tunnel.

Strangely, the first subdivision home past the tunnel is a Gomer Pyle USMC hut surrounded by a 8' barbed wire topped fence. It did not appear to be occupied at the time but it was in good condition.

I will check the area out better bext time. The right spot in this mystery subdivision would be most good. I may buy some land in MVR #4 or #5 and get it survayed just to find out where I was!
Subdivisions about 5-10 miles southeast of Elko. Humboldt river is in between Elko and this area.
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 9                       APN 064-000-000
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 10                     APN 065-000-000
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 11                     APN 066-000-000
Meadow Valley Ranchoes Unit 12                     APN 067-000-000

I spent 1 day in a car and on foot in this area since I was paying on 2 acres in MVR #12. (The other day in the car was already mentioned), so my detail might be a bit too much here.

The Elko city waste treatment plant is surrounded on three sides by MVR #9 (north side), MVR #10 (west side), MVR # 11 (south side). Some say the water around here is "stinky". There is a ridge/high ground separating MVR #12 from the "stinky" water.

The good thing about the waste water plant is the county maintains the gravel roads leading to these subdivisions better then most.

MVR #9 is the nearest subdivision of these to Elko. It's about 5 miles from downtown Elko. Gravel road up to subdivision, then bladed dirt roads. I drove a passenger car on the subdivisions dirt roads with no problems.

MVR #9 (and #10) are only half the size of the normal atypical Elko subdivision. Gravel road up to and THROUGH the northside of this subdivision. So be careful when buying land here. I do have a list of the lots with a gravel road running through it.

Plus a good 10% of MVR #9 is owned by one guy. You rarely see any of this subdivision land for sale, plus there are some rather big gullys running south to north. The stuff that's rarely for sale is usually on the side of a gully. The land slopes gently down the south towards the north. You will get wind here coming from the NW side of the valley. Good sun. Grid power to the subdivision, about 10% occupied. Wells run about 125' deep in all of these southern subdivisions. Another right lot spot = right place possibility.

MVR #10 (like #9) is smaller then usual. It's about 6 miles from downtown Elko. Gravel road up to and THROUGH this subdivision...again. So be careful when buying land in #10. The gravel road actually runs through various lots in #10. So like MVR #9, you might wind up buying a 1 acre lot with a 2 lane gravel road running through it. I wish I could give exact lot numbers but the only plat map I found for MRV #10 sucks. Dirt bladed roads very drivable. NW wind will blow, though.

This subdivision has some of the flatest land of all the Elko subdivisions. Like everything in this area, good sun. Maybe 10% occupied. Plus the county's clover fields (watered by da stinky vasser) is in between the subdivision and the Humboldt river. Water and feed your goats after SHTF right outside your home!!!

Another right lot spot = right place possibility. Just gotta find a damned map!

Thanks to the water treatment plant, the county maintained gravel road goes almost to MVR #11, which is about 8 miles from downtown Elko. Be careful buying here since it looks like they did not finish blading the roads to all the back side land lots in MVR #11. Also remember that the usual size of a subdivision is 1 mile square, so this will add to the final distance to Elko, if you get a land lot on the backside of any subdivision.

Then to MVR #12!!!! It's maybe 10 miles to downtown Elko.

I was paying on 2 connecting lots here. Both through ebay. Both sellers were good to go. They both offered other lots for me to continue paying on but I declined. I think I regret not buying one...I highly recomend them. Anyway, I stopped paying on them because the road leading to MVR #12 is very rough. I had to walk in. Too rough for rental car, means too rough for The Wifey's car.

There is 1 mobile home and 2 trailers in this 1 square mile subdivision. All 3 homes had pickup trucks parked outside. All 3 homes are on the east side of the subdivision.

I walked alot of this subdivision. Only down side I really see is getting a well digging truck in here. But I'm sure that mobile home located at the front of the subdivision has a well. A truck must of made it in MVR #12 before.

There is a ridge along the south of the subdivision, which affects the morning sunlight on the far backside land lots. On the west side of MVR #12, there is a sizeable hill, that protects from the NW wind and also seems to get more sunlight.

There was another barbed wire moveable fence stretched across the north access road. I did go through on foot and resecure the fence.
There were steers roaming MVR #12. Rolling land, but bad roads and possibly no water means The Wifey says "No Go." .

All the subdivisions are mostly mobile homes. Only a few travel trailers. Like we care, right?

re, right?


  1. I would like to offer my thanks as well. I have wondered about Elko "junk" land and this answers a lot of questions.

  2. Field promotion to Minion First Class.

  3. Yes indeed; very good and helpful report!

  4. If you have any specific questions, I'll be glad to answer. My format may of confused folks.

    Also I can tell you when & where to pick up cheap land at the yearly Elko tax sales. (This is where the ebayers pick up their land.)

    I'm headed out to Elko again next year for the tax sale. Be nice to have a few minions joining up there, whist watching Lord Jim smoke his daily cigarette(sp?) and comparing the beautiful desert view with his golden locks!

  5. I really like MVR 11. If you cherry pick from the North West section there are some really nice lots. Darsen at is really honest about the lots and actually talked me out of buying... I wish he hadn't but at the time I did not really know what I was buying. I'm talking with him now about securing the right lot for me. If I buy a lot, I'll make sure you get a commission. He said he knew you. He sounds nice... Do you know him? Good egg or Bad egg?

    1. Darsen is THE best. I've bought from him and I trust him. He will always try to do you right. If they were all like him realitors would have a sterling reputation.