Monday, October 15, 2012

diversified drivel

Diversified drivel, or, yet another miscellaneous hodgepodge of thoughts and half-assed opinions.  Today we cover Japanese cannibalism, Tootsie Rolls verses rimfire, Elko unemployment and book reviews.  Back in the day, World War Two, the Japanese had covered up their war material shortages with yet another bizarre and ill thought out Oriental concept, Bushido.  The Warrior Spirit was so superior to the pathetic whiney Westerner conscripted soldier that the Japanese infantryman was expected to fight twice as hard on one fifth the supplies.  Which included food.  To a certain degree this worked.  By and large the peasant soldiers in the army in Japan had grown up with just such shortages and this translated over into the military.  They could eat sparingly and still work hard.  But when you are wiry thin and undernourished, even working hard you still produce less than optimal.  The military had recognized this prior to the war and introduced a westernized high calorie diet.  Their soldiers increased in strength and performance.  Alas, shortly after the war started calories were cut in half and animal flesh and fats were soon not supplied.  Then, not too long after the war started with the West, shipping became targeted ( only incompetence on our part allowed the Japanese to have any logistical luck early on.  Once we got our crap together their overreliance on battleships and short supply of merchant marine fleet bit them in the ass hard ) and a two pronged strategy for overseas troops was implemented.  Steal the enemies food, and start growing your own food in place.  This didn’t work out too well in most places and by wars end mass famine of soldiers was the norm.  Among other delicacies they desperately dined on was maggots from their latrines ( until the lack of food limited any latrine deposits.  Makes beef rectum sound pretty yummy ).   There was even a memo turned out by the leaders.  It was A-Okay to eat prisoners of war and foreign civilians, but it was strictly forbidden to eat your fellow Japanese.  Official cannibalism.
I had saved up for the last month ( $20 a payday ) and when we went into town last week on our monthly visit/car rental I bought a thousand rounds of rimfire.  Nothing was on sale ( does anyone know if Wally-World has started selling bulk rimfire again?  I have been buying at the ranch store ) so it cost $18 for 525 count.  After tax it was three and a half cents each.  But here is what I find funny.  I had also visited the dollar store and a dollar bag of fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls came out to three and a third cents for each piece.  I know I’m comparing oranges to apples here, as the fruit flavor only comes out for Halloween and it wasn’t a bulk buy like the ammo was.  But I find it a bit frightful that a piece of candy ( and a small one at that ) can now cost the same as a hunk of refined metal with a high tech chemical in it, all machined to close tolerances.  When I had walked into the Wal-Mart to buy my coffee, my imported coffee, amongst other items such as my imported pants ( both of which had NOT increased in price ), I noticed the entrance Halloween candy displays and the price was insane.  Eight and nine bucks for a regular size bag of bite sized.  Folks, corn, and corn syrup, is being reflected in these sky high prices.  What comes after high prices?  Shortages, and then higher prices and then permanent disappearances.  If you don’t think TWO THOUSAND counties in drought condition is a big deal, you are in for a treat here soon enough.  Like, no storage food.
Elko recently dropped its official unemployment number from 8% to 6%.  Please don’t get all hot and bothered about it and immediately quite your job elsewhere and divorce the wife and repo the house and move here.  Oh, I want you to move here, but don’t do it under the impression we are swimming in jobs.  The jobs available are mostly minimum wage and the cost of living here is pretty steep ( at least in the city limits ).  Any mine job is months possibly but more likely literally years of waiting away.  The recent drop in numbers is due to a recent surge in mine jobs ( which won't last indefinitely ) and two construction projects.  A few extra apartment buildings and a total crap hole of a shopping center being bought and refurbished.  Come winter these construction jobs end, and I’d bet the unemployment number goes back up.
For almost a year now I’ve been reduced to living like a savage, having nothing comfortable to sit on and read ( last winter I yanked out the living room furniture in the trailer to install a subfloor and extra insulation- our feet were so cold from the single digit morning temps which lasted almost a month that life was too miserable ).  When we went to town last week I brought home a recliner I’d gotten at the Thrift Store for $25.  Lord Sweet Baby Jesus, that bad boy was SOOOOO comfortable I sat in it all weekend long except to urinate ( and to go work a few hours each morning outside ) and really enjoyed my books.  One was “Suburban Survival” by Joe Snuffy.  It was under $9, two hundred pages ( although it got a little old all the Internet reprinted articles larding up about a quarter of the pages ), and the print was “just right”.  Not too small you squinted, but not so large as to pad the book.  Joe is a reformed Rawlesian Survivalist ( well, perhaps not reformed, but smart enough to pull his head out of his ass and refuse to embrace the more embarrassing aspects of the genre ), so he has many good points to pass on.  The author does describe his book as a “crawl and walk” introduction to survivalism, not “run”.  In other words, mostly for beginners.  He covers resource depletion rather well, although most other aspects are introductory and not too detailed.  One thing that really got under my skin was his repeated reminders he went to Libya during the “civil war/rebellion”.  Okay, we get it, you rock.  Now shut up about it.  But that was a minor complaint overall ( besides him being a Gott Damn officer in the Army back in the day ).  Basically, I haven’t been this impressed with a beginners survivalist book in a very, very long time.  Highly recommended, for newbies.  Tomorrow, I’ll briefly cover a great novel of the apocalypse, “Bugging Out To Nowhere” by Paylie Roberts.
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  1. Japs are pure evil. I hope they die of cancer. Fukishima is karma at work.

    Tootsie rolls look and taste like turds. You and Mrs. Dakin have bad teeth.

    I like your blog but I don't get the desert thing. No trees, no water, crappy weather. No thanks. Don't worry, Elko is all yours.

    I love my massage chair too. Do you have enough power to run the thing? I'm not sure how much juice the massage heater uses.It sure is great on a cold day.


  2. Lord Bison;

    I reckon that its still a good thing that petroleum is still affordable by a scant majority of Americans, since come Winter and the Elko jobs dry up, then all those unemployed can exit Elko and Humboldt Counties as fast as their overpriced union built pieces of crap motor vehicles can carry them. Because if it went down while there were all them temporary workers and their families were there, I can only imagine that life would become difficult very fast for the good people of Elko. Perhaps they would resort to the Japanese War-time practice of cannibalism by January? Hope to Goodness that you have plenty of fightstoppers stocked. Keep keeping it real James!

  3. Plenty of trees, use google street view and wander Elko. Water leads to trees. Water is only 125ish feet down, very shallow for the west. Some places(CO)are upwards to 600 feet, and also the water that hits your Elko roof is yours and can drain into a rain barrel.

    Crappy weather? Bit cool at night half the year, other half cold. Good sleeping weather. Cold 3 months daylight but plenty of sunshine and dry. In Elko, you understand the reason why some people worship the sun.

    FYI, cool spells leads to something called the 4 seasons. The "crappy" weather also cuts down on the vermin, plant diseases and the Cali immergrantz, but I repeat myself.

    I've researched alot of areas. Elko is the best fit for living cheaply west of the mississippi.

    I'm actually SHOCKED that Lord Jim discovered Elko. I put it down as blind luck on his part! :p

  4. Elko sounds kind of nice to me? But if you're a single man who doesn't wish to go it alone, best to try and find a lady friend before relocating there. The ratio of females to males is not in your favor. Actually this is true through out all of Nevada and many other parts of the West as well. Just something to consider?