Wednesday, October 3, 2012

dittohead death

I’m not dredging up a whole lot to talk about today ( aka, pulling something out of my butt ) so I’m just going to start making fun of idiots who think nothing bad is ever going to happen and hope I can excrete something close to the regular word count.  After I’m done with that, check out the following article which should be a more fitting and proper doom and gloom article than mine:
I’m becoming less and less enamored with Urban Survival ( too much reliance on Elliot Wave crap ) and more and more enthralled with Zero Hedge.  For that matter, I barely ever check out Financial Sense anymore, either ( it seems to mostly be of the “buy gold and everything will be swell” variety ).  Even Energy Bulletin  is barely worth my time as it seems mostly about hugging a tree as you trade Birkenstock sandals for local money.   My only true source for “ you ignorant humps, we are all going to die tomorrow “ level of paranoia, Survival Acres, hardly ever posts anymore.  He claims being busy with many survival projects, which is cool, but I wish he’d throw the raving lunatics a bone once in awhile.  Anyway, check out Zero Hedge which seems to be a lot better at recognizing our dilemma, even if they are hard to plow through with the financial jargon that they don’t bother explaining ( one imagines you must be a money minion to be a desired reader ).
PBS of course raises my level of hatred to levels only surpassed by the ex-wife, but they are good for the occasional program.  On the TV, Nature and ilk.  On the radio, I enjoy the Writers Almanac.  They mostly highlight novelists, and are sickly gay over poets ( who I think were mostly gay also ), but I try to tune in when possible.  While dialed to them I picked up a snippet on the new self driven robo-cars.  Of course they had some weenie talking about how wonderful they were.  They can tailgate each other at high rates of speed without accident, so supposedly they are a desired tool to cram more Chevy Volts on to the road ( Obamma Motors manufactured ).  Anyway, setting aside the idiocy or not of the idea, the schmuck was babbling about how in fifty years the number of cars on the road would double.  Excuse me?  Where does the ore come from?  Will there be any gas to drive them?  If the fuel is ethanol, how many billions must die so we can use food for fuel?  If billions are dead, why would we need twice as many cars?  Talk about living in a humping bubble!  Where do they drag these guys in from?  Then, to top off that cherry on a crap Sundae, I had to listen to Rush talking out of his ass.  This was not a pleasant experience.
A caller and Rush were stroking each other about how Obammy was against repairing roads or bridges out in/to the suburbs, wanting to concentrate on the cities ( or something similar- I tuned in halfway through the conversation.  Hey, your level of financial support doesn’t entail me staying up nights doing even more research.  And speaking of support, thanks.  When I complained of Amazon commissions being $17 for three weeks, the month ended in the $40+ range which is far more respectable.  I appreciate those who can buying through Amazon.  Now that I don’t have any huge financial obligations, pretty much 100% of all book sales, ads and commissions are used for more research books.  Your generosity comes back to you ).  Rush had an answer all ready.  You see, he chuckles merrily at his vast reservoir of insightfulness, Obama hates the successful capitalists.  He wants them to fail and be forced to stay in the stinking failing cities where his people are.  He doesn’t want you and me to escape.  WOW!!!!!  Un-humping-believable!  Even as Rush strokes off to a signed photo of Romney, telling us all how Obammy has doubled the national debt, it somehow escapes his notice there might be no money for infrastructure?  Forget the issue of resources to rebuild ( hint, there ain’t none ) and just look at money.  There is none.  Oh, not an issue according to Rush.  Once a Republican gets elected, the economy magically improves and it is ALL GOOD FOREVERMORE.  Oh, my ass weeps.
Politicians, or their paid shills, who see only political solutions,  just as economists who only see through the financial needs of a system, end up being ignorant fools once history judges them.  As long as the oil kept flowing ( remember minion astute observation #76 “the spice must flow” ) this didn’t matter.  Ignorance was subsidized as was waste in all forms.  But the reindeer on the island keep increasing in number and the moss is shrinking in supply ( and not only is the moss supply contracting, the drought is wiping out more, as are invasive species shipped in from overseas, plus the genetically modified moss is mutating and the moss ethanol is using up more and more ).  Resource depletion is pretty straightforward.  If you don’t take evasive action before point B is reached, you get rapid ( and rabid, yuk, yuk ) die off at some point.  Prepare, no matter how primitively, now or you are gambling the timing of the collapse.  Oh, you’ll still die soon enough.  But unprepared you watch as your family dies of starvation.  Prepared, at least you can hold your head high that you tried, holding off just a little bit longer until the zombie bikers burn you out and throw you in the stewpot.
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  1. got up this morning and had my wheat germ and wild berries with hot thai tea before slipping into my natural hemp pants and tunic. Went outside after yoga to rinse the chemtrail residue off my Prius. discovered to my great dismay I had ran out of organic powdered soap from the Coop. If that wasn't enough broke a nail! Gosh darn it has been a rough day. I will have to say a few extra Mantras tonight to rebalance my energy, Peace to you my brother!

  2. "making fun of idiots" is good enough! I enjoyed the post. The Zero Hedge article was amazing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Glad you found zero hedge. Comments are usually worth weeding through.

    All Risk No Reward left this gem as a comment:

    Here's the game board as I see it set up. Per All Risk No Reward

    1. The Money Power controls government (finances and promtes its operatives into government positions).
    2. The Money Power is sovereign, everyone else is subjugated.

    Debt Money Tyranny would not exist if it weren't so, as exposed here:

    Or, as Napolean put it, "The hand that gives is above the hand that takes."

    The Bible puts it thusly, "the borrower is servant to the lender."

    You get the idea.

    3. The Money Power uses its amassed fraudulent wealth to buy up multi-nationals and mega corporations.
    4. The Money Power has control over trillions in debt assets directly and through their front corporations.
    5. The Money Power has control over trillions in cash directly and through their front corporations.
    6. The Money Power controls the Federal Reserve Policy.
    7. The Money Power isn't just self interested, they are psychopathically self interested.
    8. The Money Power controls the mega-banks and they are lending 30 year money at 3.5%.

    My research has made these truths self evident. If your research isn't there yet, don't fret - just assume these 8 truths for now.

    My question to all of you straight to hyperinflationistas is, "why would the Money Power go straight into hyperinflation when they own/control the bulk of the cash and debt assets?"

    Some claim the banks "win," but don't explain how lending out real value to buy a home and receiving a loaf of bread's worth of cash to pay off the loan benefits the banksters because it doesn't.

    Not to mention, the minute real hyperinflation is smoked out, people withdraw all their money from the banks and spend it on hard goods. That's another loser.

    I think a debt saturated society is merely wishing their book.

    The banksters are going to steal as much cash possible (that's what QE is, theft - they aren't trying to fix what they blew up), they are going to offload as much debt on the public as possible and when the cost/benefit of looting turns bad for them, they pull the plug on credit, they bust the debtors, roll up almost all society's assets into their TBTF front corporations and use their puppet politicians to proclaim the failure of the Repbulic and freedom and demand that a world government, run by more puppets they Money Power finances and controls, run the show or else the people will starve.

    Even if you can't grasp the wicked striving for world domination (duh!?!?!?), they are going to bust you and steal your real world chit before they hyperinflate.

    They will likely hyperinflate in the end - but only after they've cashed out of their Debt Money Tyranny into ownership of most of the tangible wealth on the planet... and it won't matter to them at that point. Debt Money Tyranny will have done what it was engineered to do - transfer the hard assets of a post bubble nation (nations, actually) to the Money Power. Covertly.

    Some will ask why they are QEing to save the economy.

    They aren't. That's a false narrative. This...

  4. PART 2:
    (first chart)

    ...can't be fixed. Nor do they want to fix it. Your debt is their neo-shackles around you.

    The Money Power isn't stupid - Faber and Rogers have made the error of believing the false narrative. They are allowed on TV to spout their views because the Money Power allows them... it serves the Money Power interests to let them on TV.

    The Money Power ruiles the world precisely because they aren't stupid, even if they go Art of War on the ignorant and feign stupidity!

    “Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.“
    ~Sun Tzu, Art of War

    QE is all about transferring toxic assets to the ignorant populace and to transfer trillions in cash (debt receipts) to the banksters.

    Who hear wouldn't accept a 10% devaluation of the currency if you could have $1 million cash today. Try trillions. Millions of millions. Yes, the math works.

    But I'll tell you what doesn't work. Making the currency worthless, causing bank runs, paying off 3.5% 30 year loans with bread money... makes no sense.

    NOBODY in the "straight to hyperinflation" camp has ever addressed this reality in a detailed manner. Rather, it is typically, "Bernanke is dumb, I'm gonna get my debts bailed out."

    Uh, no. Bernanke isn't dumb, he's enriching his employers to the tunes of trillions while saturating our *sses with trillions of debt. His employers run our government, they run the drugs, arm their drug cartels with tax payer money and launder the drug money and, when they get caught, nothing happens to them. Their operatives steal over a billion, lie to Congress under oath and nothing happens. They bribe county governments and the government employees go to jail while JP Morgan, the briber, is never charged. They toxify your food and water.

    Debts aren't going to be bailed out. Not gonna happen.

    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt.”
    ~Henry Ford

    But I am always open to having missed something here. if you think so, please explain, in a detailed manner, where I've gone off the track here and why you think so.

    1. I do think you have missed something very, very important. Not that anything you have said it wrong, it is right on track. What you have missed is where they are going with this. The whole collapse scenario that is presented in the main ZH article is likely what the Money Power will allow to happen, to the point that everybody craps their pants and screams we're all doomed. THEN they will bring out the One World Government to "Save" us. And the trains will run on time. And the reeducation camps will be full. And the crematories will run night and day.