Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AGP-semi auto

Apocalypse Gun Porn
Semi-Auto Evil
Now, let’s pretty please not get our panties into a bunch.  Semi-auto guns suck syphilitic monkey member, true, but let me clarify before you throw this book against the wall in fear and anger ( and if this is a Kindle version, this can be a very expensive temper tantrum ).  I love semi-auto’s all to pieces, mostly.  My absolute mostest favoritist pistol is the 1911A1 .45.  I was blessed with being in the army before those befouled nest of demonic idiots decided that gee, since we already had a piece of crap M-16 ( oh, and yes, you will be hearing a LOT more about that later ) as a “rifle” and one of the worst squad automatic machine guns of all time to probably include those of the Italians and French, let’s make things even better by taking away the best sidearm ever invented in the first half of the century ( I won’t contest the value most folks place on the Glock.  I have no idea if it is better or not.  I do know, given a choice, I’d rather have a huge hunk of iron I can shoot at the enemy with, then use as a bludgeon if needed.  You can’t do that with a plastic gun ) and replace it with a limp wristed gay Euro-trash hunk of crap 9mm.  Okay, I’m sure in the hands of a sunken chested bespectacled balding Gestapo officer, the 9mm fired from two feet of a bound Jew might actually have done some damage.  But as only the top idiots in the Army either didn’t know or didn’t care, when you are NOT using a hollow point but rather a full metal jacket, the size of the round and bullet DOES humping matter.  The .45, when using military ammo, is vastly better a defensive round than the nine.
To further run off topic, the military as a whole is a sad sack organization.  Oh, I imagine about ten percent of the folks are skilled, intelligent, motivated and worthy warriors.  The vast majority are not, but rather bureaucratic politicians more worried of their own careers than the actual effectiveness of the organization.  Anyone that blindly worships the military is responding jingoistically, without logic or thought.  The only reason things get done properly is because a minority, not because of but IN SPITE OF the system, buck the norm and perform as is needed rather than what is directed.  The military is just like a large private corporation where the only reason any business is done with customers is because the front line employees ignore their bosses and do what is right.  So, is it really any surprise they always end up doing the exact wrong thing?  No, not at all.   Not that this stops me from always being astounded HOW stupid they are.  Please keep this in mind as you are congratulating yourself for living under the protection of said organization.  You THINK the world’s premier military is protecting you.  Kind of like the world’s largest intelligence organization told you about 9/11, right? ( actually, given the impossibility of a third tower a block away crashing down without being hit, and the hole in the Pentagon being the smaller size of a missile rather than the claimed size of an aircraft engine block, I find absolutely no way to believe 9/11 isn’t a false flag attack.  But if I’m full of crap, then the CIA is truly incompetent and won’t help in your safety.  Kind of like the TSA )
I loved the .45 so much, and was so familiar with it from the military ( I was an MP ) that it was my first civilian firearm purchase.  Even when I lost that in fleeing yet another failed marriage, I still bought two more after that.  Today, however, I only own revolvers.  I still love the 45, I just don’t think they are realistic for post-apocalypse use.  And as much as I hate the M-16, it does have a place if used properly.  It is, after all, light weight and has zero recoil.  Those features, which of course don’t begin to compensate for the fact it is an easily jammed turd ( presumably what you DON’T want in a combat weapon ), were hard to give up in the end.  I mentally wrestled for a long time about whether to stay with the AR-15 as an apocalypse weapon ( for its class of weapon, it is very affordable ), despite my venomous proclamations about the gun whenever it is brought up.  Alas, despite all that is good about it, too much was bad.  Not the least of which, it is a semi-auto.  My point here is that I had a love/hate relationship with yet another semi-auto.  I still love them, even if I can’t recommend them. 
Another semi I love is the H&K 91 battle rifle.  Of all the genre, it alone has BOTH desirable traits.  Usually in a military weapon, you must pick between field reliability, or with accuracy.  The field rugged weapons have a terrible problem hitting the target, and the accurate weapons jam easily from dirt and powder fouling.  The HK ( or, recently, it’s American made clones ) is both accurate and very rugged.  Of course, you pay for this privilege.  Nothing is free, not even lunch.  But if any semi-auto makes a case for itself, it is the HK.  If I could easily afford a battle rifle, I’d easily sing its praises.  Not being a Yuppie Scum Survivalist, I could afford their preferred weapons, but I choose to spend the same money on far more important things.  For the price of an HK clone, not including ammo or mags, I have an underground shelter.  Perfect for periods without heat such as when the propane runs out ( I’m in the high desert, without trees around ).  For the price of the cheapest AR-15, I instead have years of food in the form of wheat. 
[ this section continued tomorrow ]
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  1. The 1911A1 has been upstaged by the awesome 1918. The NYTimes had a story about the Marines putting in a large order (.45!). They described the 1918 as damn near indestructable.

    A semi-auto can eat a lot of recoil, that's something to consider. That Brit .303 round you love so much will likely dislocate your shoulder after you turn 70.

  2. THERE YOU GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!









    1. OK, I should write only about what I know, but I can't write about the military even though I was in it because I'm pointing out a flaw which means I'm unpatriotic and unAmerican. I believe you would fit right in with Imperial Japan, where it was ilegal to do just this. It was called defeatism, I believe. You love America, but perhaps not the Constitution? Right, you worship the military where all Constitutional rights are suspended. And, yes, you have heard all this before. I'm writing a book on the same subject I've covered here, which you read for free. Wait, is profit making unAmerican now? Perhaps we should immediately abolish it. Wait, what would the central bank do? We'll just call it "fees" rather than profit. My head hurts, try being even more illogical so we arrive in a circular argument and you once again prove your point. I really thought I'd gotten rid of most of you people when I moved blogs. Sorry if I tried to slaughter your sacred cows. Would those be false idols? Are you religious, too? I'd better quit here.

    2. I really thought I'd gotten rid of most of you people when I moved blogs.

      YOU PEOPLE. YOU PEOPLE??? So now you're a racist. Bravo. You finally show your true colors. I'm black and proud.

      MR BROWN

    3. Jim, here you go again letting turds respond. At least this one has the correct name.

    4. Brown, you are still a fucktard -SemperFido

  3. I was wrong. I thought last weeks post sucked. You outdone yourself. Today really SUCKS. The 9mm is a great caliber. You can buy used 9mm pistols for a good price.

    When was the last time you fired a weapon? It doesn't matter what caliber you shoot if you don't practice. I bet you're a lousy shot.


  4. Lord Bison;

    Don't worry about these clowns, they know not what they say: Like you wrote you've been there and you've done that. You have an obvious preference towards weapons that aren't the Rawlesian S-Bird idea of appropriate defensive armament. Mel Tappan (God Rest!) would slap these Johnny come lately's with a healthy dose of reality. Who flipping cares what trolls write? If they work for you and you are combat effective, then we know who's right and who's wrong. While I don't agree with your statement about the world's most expensive piece of crap semi-automatic handgun; the M1911 and its myriad of clones. Honestly, just because it's mostly steel in its composition? Honestly James; 57 to 80 parts for a handgun gets a little scary. While you hate polymer frame handguns, a Glock has only 34 parts in comparison. However where you shine, Dear Lord Bison, you shine like conflict diamonds; your review of the Heckler and Koch Model 91 (known to the rest of humanity as the G-3) is spot on, in most respects. Built like a Bank Vault and as Kenneth Royce has written it is the ultimate Mad Max end of the world, semi-automatic firearm ever made! It will not break and it was used by the Mexican Army for goodness sake, which speaks volumes for its rock solid reliability. Again Dear Lord Bison, its better than okay to have a major divergence in opinion about firearms and your loyal minions would walk thru molten rock to read more on the subject. Screw the trolls who beguile you and the loyal minions! Keep keeping it real James!

  5. Ok, let's take a moment to look at these comments. For the record, I was in the Big Green machine and also love the .45 and detest the M16. My ideal semi auto battle rifle would be the M1A1 based upon the M14s that we trained with in boot. The .45 auto was a cut down version of the .45 long colt which was the big horse pistol that Teddy Roosevelt used. The idea was more ammo in the weapon while still using a proven caliber. Now, what many people don't think about is that the 9mm is THE SAME CALIBER AS THE .38 SPECIAL. It is in fact a .38 short. When we went into the Philippines in 1899 our troops were using the .38 and discovered that it lacked the ability to stop humans efficiently. So the military quickly pulled the .45 long colt revolvers out of storage and reissued them to the front line. When the weapons sellers decided to market their new pistols they wisely decided that calling it a .38 short or .38 auto would be horrible for sales so they called it the 9mm instead. The flamer above (A3:22pm) appears to be a fucktard who wanted to spout off but I wonder what, if anything, he actually knows. If you had actually served you would see the truth in Cousin Jim's words about the military. Does it mean that we hate America just because we can see the idiocy that occurs in ANY over-sized corporation? I am proud to be a Marine but it doesn't mean that I am blind to the faults in my beloved Corps. As far as the debate about semi's vs bolts, most people lack fire discipline and waste most of their ammo. Accurate bolts conserve ammo and force you to actually AIM THE DAMN RIFLE. Also, M16's were terrible pieces of crap especially to those of us who were familiar with larger caliber weapons. It is true that the current crop of M4's are much better. They also have reliable magazines now and correct ammo. All big improvements over what we had in the 70's. It is STILL a souped up .22 though and my friends in the sandbox still bitch about having to shoot Hajii a bunch of times to bring them down. It is also still sensitive to dirt. You have to lube the living hell out of them to keep them reliable. Will you have lots of lube for your mouse rifle if the Kim Chee impacts the whirling air moving device? That is a legitimate consideration for those who are concerned about the collapse of modern society. Bolts and tough Russian guns are better for Third World environments. Anyway, I am done spouting off for now. Go for it flamers. Bitch about my opinions if you wish. Pray that you aren't ever on the business end of any of my toys because you will be in range long before you can reach me with your mouse rifle. -SemperFido

  6. Wow, Mr Hair of Highlights, way to bring out the nearly incoherant vitrol of one or two overly uptight readers (or trolls)
    Personally I dont care a whole lot about guns, because if you get in one fire-fight and live, you should be able to collect the other sides guns and ammo- if you dont live it is a moot point. If you get in more than a couple of fire-fights you are doing something seriously wrong and are bound to end up on the loosing side eventually(and dead soon after).
    Which is why I invested in _2_ peices of land in my new A.O., 40acres each less than 10k each- 10 miles apart on oposite sides of town which ever one doesnt become my prime residence will become my fallback position with a hidden cache (or 3+). I will unhappily retreat to the fall back position should the prime residence get attacked or show signs of being known to outsiders.
    enough firepower to slow a pursuit of my retreat is all I need- and that is better done with random sniping and booby traps than lots of guns and ammo.

    - Grey

  7. Not all your pearls are cast before swine James!

    Why HK91/PTR over the M14 family?

    Good point about 9mm versus .45 hinging on using ball ammo, kinda hard to buy it cheap and stack it deep if buying non surplus super duper hydro shock zombie max to make up for the displacement of the good ole .45.

    Have you thought about converting one of your SMLEs to 7.62x54R?

  8. Thats it Anon 3:47 - embrace the hate! Bet you're just jealous over Lord Bison's hair . . . 8^)

    Hey, one way to stay with .45ACP AND revolver is find a S&W or Colt 1917 revolver. There was a Brazilian contract bring back during the 1980's - maybe one could be scrounged up. 45ACP revolvers are tons of fun, just a light bounce in hand and not a lot of recoil.

    9mms are okay too, but .45s have soul. A 9mm FMJ is pretty much same as .38 Special Barney Fife carried - meh.

  9. Those of us whom have been there done that in the Jungle. Tend to prefer the 45 !
    Now I gotta admit to owning a custom SIG 45ACP. But damn James, I just gotta say that once, I treated myself to a really fine piece. Of course then too I have a 45 long Colt Ruger for the absolute sure as shit gonna work and do the job pistola. Especially when I hand load it up past 44 mag specks he he...
    Even tho I hate to agree with a Jar Head, my preference is also an M1A as a real battle rifle !
    Then too , as I stated before a 10/22 makes for the ultimate in survival weapon. Just a small fanny pack holds 8 mags (200 rds)and 500 rds loose. Can't do that with .223 or .308...

  10. Anon @ 6:18 pm has it right.

    Survivalism is about surviving. Getting in gun fights is an option of last resort- not that you want to be without guns- but I find people seem to mistake surviving in a post-apocalypse world with being in combat. Some skills cross-over, but there is a whole military-industrial complex at work behind a modern combat soldier that would not be there in a post-apoc world. I'd rather hide out in the woods where I have caches of supplies than stand and fight over a cheap-ass trailer and a few buckets of food. Running and hiding is a very good option. Having lots of guns and ammo stockpiled in a tricked out retreat may just give you a fool's courage.

  11. Damn, I missed the party...is this thing on?

    Okay, listen folks. It's a bit late in the game to start thinking of changing weapon platforms. Unless you are a mega rich skumbagyappieservivorest. (If that's the case, WTF are you doin here?!)

    What you got now is what you are probably taking to the prom dance.

    The beauty of the afore-cursed plastic rifle is it's lack of recoil. So dry fire praticing(sp?)can be a net gain. Though the mentioned lack of recoil might mean that the AR didn't go BOOM.

    Maybe we should start talking what's the best knife steel?

    It's all deck chairs...