Monday, October 29, 2012

299 days

299 DAYS
Prepper Press sent me two more books to review.  “299 Days The Preparations” and book two “299 Days The Collapse”, the first two in the planned ten book series.  Now, I understand that I have a slight bias when the book is free.  The price of a book, to me, has a lot to do with its value.  Even though I know Paladin Press is pretty much 95% full of pure D crap with such titles as “Super Ninja Turtles Unarmed Death Dealing Kung Fu Grip Fighting System”, and they price their books stratosphere high even though I’m sure the author doesn’t see all that much of it, I still have a hard time making allowances for that high price.  If a book is $25, it better be top of the line.  I don’t care if it is printed by Paladin, self-published by mimeographing and delivered by carrier pigeon, or it cost $1 to print.  I don’t care if it cost $24 to print and the profit margin was razor thin.  In other words, as a consumer it isn’t my problem what things cost THEM, only what they cost ME.  So, yes, when a book cost me nothing I enjoy it more.  I try to factor that into the equation, but of course it is still the bull in the china shop.  Heck, I’ve turned down books because I didn’t think I could give the publisher a good review.  That is kind of cheating, I know.  But better to either say nothing, or refuse to review than to fake a review. 
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I really enjoyed this book.  If you just want entertainment, I give it a “highly recommended”.  If you are trying to learn doomer skills, I’d give it a “recommended”.  Now, the learning in this book (s) is all the things I hate.  Multiple semi-autos, tons of ammo, very little food, living in suburbia and trophy wives.  What you will actually learn reading this is what NOT to do.  The novel is the bastard love child of Jim Rawles and Rush Limbaugh.  By that, I mean the only problem is bad government and bad politicians.  Only money is cause for concern for a collapse.  There is no Peak Oil, resource depletion, or the like.  It is just “bad leadership” that got us into the mess, and good leadership that will make everything better.  All one needs to do is learn to be a super ninja with an AR-15 ( preferably two or four of them, and Glocks!  Don’t forget the Glocks and the AK-47’s but wait if you act now your family can starve while you have a closet full of AK-74’s and shotguns and what not ) and fight the evil Democrats and we can get our Constitution back and then we shall rule the world in our Thousand Year Homeland reign.  Barfing blood here!  But I positively still adored this novel, in spite of all the above.
Look at Rawles first book.  Great book!  I still have it in my top twenty of all time post-apocalypse books list ( he is of course a One Hit Wonder.  First book, one of best out there.  Books after that, pathetic.  I wonder if it had something to do with being poor and hungry during the first book.  Hey, nothing wrong with one hit wonders.  Look at all the great music that fits that category ).  I don’t agree with much in that book, tactics or strategy ( or logistics ) wise.  But I loved it none-the-less.  It is the same with 299 Days.  For the simple fact that, once you just accept his “world”, he writes a damn good book.  This boys got talent, in my opinion.  I didn’t want to put down either book, although honestly the first book is better.  The first book is 250 pages, about 90k words ( a lot of text on each page, little wasted space ).  At $13, a good deal.  The second ( and one presumes, all others to follow ) is only $10, but also only about 60k words.  I wish they had only planned five books, each the size of the first.  But, there is nothing saying you must buy them all.  Just do one at a time and see what you think.  I really liked how the author laid it all out front in the first section of the first book.  The series concludes in 299 days with a “mostly” recovered society.  By including this, you know now that this won’t be a post-apocalypse society/civilization collapse but rather more like a militia porn set of novels.  I know I for one would be pissed if I bought the whole set and then it had one of those “happily ever after” endings I’m not overly fond of. 
I could go on and on about all the crap I hated in this novel.  The love affair with Crap Carbines.  The lack of food ( sure, it was 9 months worth, but that ain’t crap come SHTF.  And, not only was it a mere fraction of the guns money wise, he got at least a third of it AFTER stuff started falling apart ).  The testicle crushing non-prepping wife.  Etc.  But like I said, once you just accept this is what normal people are like ( not us cool, special Loyal Minions ), you can just enjoy the story, which is quite good.  Perhaps I’ve lowered the bar, but the doomer novel universe is not know for its outstanding authors as a rule, and to me this was a talented author.  If you can get me to enjoy a story even as I’m screaming at the characters for being dumb-asses and not deserving to live, you’ve done a good job.
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  1. Rawles is difinitely the survivalists's "vanilla ice". He was my first, and we all look back lovingly on our first .. Ahhh the innocence. But he has ruthlessly violated me in both of his sequels. Did someone fart? No, it's just rawles' new book stank.
    After travelling so far off the rails into "dogma of Protestants" we can't even see the track. The dialogue throughout the last two books reads like the after action report of a blind date with a fat chick. I don't mean "pleasantly plump", I mean, I'm taking orca out to dinner, so golden corral here I come! I'm not saying she's fat, but I would have to get a second job to afford to feed her. We would have to have the wedding at her house because I can't afford the crane and wall removal to get her to the church.
    What are we talking about again?