Tuesday, September 11, 2012

thanks, 9/11!

THANKS, 9/11!
Being the only slightly contrary cuss that I am ( aspirations include becoming a complete cuss who is unfit for human interaction ), I can’t help but take the road less traveled and instead of getting all weepy and emotional about yet another friggin anniversary of the celebration of fantasy when our glorious leaders such as President Cheney fabricated one of the most improbable false flag accounts in history and concocted a ridiculous “razor blades explode the Twin Towers” story, I happily mark the event as a triumph.  Now, please don’t misunderstand.  I don’t celebrate the taking of innocent lives.  I don’t celebrate the government lying to us, or using the Constitution as toilet paper.  I don’t celebrate the direction our country has taken, other than it was the path of lesser evils.  If we hadn’t done it this way, right now I would not be talking to you but most likely already be living in a post-apocalypse smoking ruin of a world.  As suck-ass as our current reality is, it sure beats collapse. 
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Oh, collapse is coming.  And of course it will suck worse than the worse you can think of in any of your nightmares.  It won’t be a bucolic life of yeoman farmers being allowed to produce their livelihood in peace but rather a never ending series of raids by marauders as dozens of criminal gangs fight for the right to be the next king.  And your fields are the bandits larder.  The badest semi-auto won’t win the war but those with the last of the ammunition for any gun might, if they are lucky, have a sufficient force multiplier to be the last force on the field.  Most likely, former farmland will have been so depleted of nutrients that it will need to lay fallow for centuries to recover, and in the meantime billions will die out after famine and petulance reign.  But at least we are still holding on at the edge of the cliff.  The collapse hasn’t started in earnest, which is all that counts.  In a global slide down the crapper, the last man down has a firmer foothold as he can use the corpses of the first, their bloated bodies atop the cesspool.  Would you rather be Greece right now?  Any part of Africa?  You might not agree that 9/11 was a farce and a con job, but you had better be happy it happened.  I detest the mere mention of the name of FDR, a monkey molesting pig humper little vile whore of a man, but I won’t deny that if he hadn’t tricked us into WWII we wouldn’t have enjoyed a half century of global hegemon.   Which has led to an undeserved, unrealistic lifestyle which I’ve enjoyed, as have you. 
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All the chickens eventually come home to roost.  But it’s been a decent eleven years to me.  I contend without our middle east occupation I wouldn’t have gotten to my coveted current position.  In a decade I’ve gone from one paycheck away from homelessness to commanding the forces of good that shall burst forth from Fortress Bison and smite the unholy.  I’ve seen my kids grown up, and I’ve enjoyed my time perfecting my craft as writer.  But I know what lies ahead.  Collapse will come sooner or later even as we occupy the last oil fields.  And as much as I bitch and moan and complain about a national ID or about inflation or about Obammy The Fake or about indefinite detention or whatever, even as I lament the passing of a great country I still recognize that the alternative is a local king.  Who is much more dangerous.  He knows you exist and can kill you.  Thank all the gods the Feds are a smallish force and rather incompetent.  They will, probability wise, pose much less of a threat to your life.  Once their rule is gone you can count on much more brutal regime.  So, rather than complain how bad our government is, let’s acknowledge that it could be far worse.  The alternative to a fight to the last drop of oil is a fight for the last kernel of grain.  And thank goodness we are holding back everyone else at the moment.  Once that fails, we implode economically and a military invasion is close.  You can defeat a rifle behind every blade of grass if those rifles are held by hands shaking from famine and the sites are used by eyes weakened from lack of protein. 
If the goal to invading Iraq is to deny their oil to our consuming competitors and the purpose behind invading Afghanistan was to garrison a strike force within reach of all our potential enemies, well, mission accomplished!  And if we can crush Europe economically so as to cushion our own fall, fine and dandy.  At least, I hope there is a grand design behind it all ( there are also plenty of failures along the way, so keep in mind I’m speaking in generalities as far as strategy ) and this isn’t just the death thrashings of a giant felled.  That might prove to be embarrassing.  But, anyway, there you go.  I’m projecting grand optimism today.  Even a bit of suck up to our new glorious masters.  Hail, grand poo-ba!  You shall all rot in hell for all eternity, and most likely so shall we as we passively accepted global domination rather than surrendered our SUV’s and plastic and electronic toys, but we appreciate the grand prize we enjoyed in lieu of our souls.  Hey, someone ALWAYS rules.  Better us than some of those shifty fuzzy foreigners.  And ALL civilizations destroy their environment to feed overpopulation.  We are just repeating history, not making it.  Enjoy it while you can and expect it to end anytime.
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  1. Good Post! and hail to you grand pooh ba-Lord Bison!!! This is certainly a day that should be remembered for a multitude or reasons.

  2. "Most likely, former farmland will have been so depleted of nutrients that it will need to lay fallow for centuries to recover, and in the meantime billions will die out after famine and petulance reign."

    Sounds to me that if we plant hemp we would need little or no chemical fertilizer. Federal law forbids raising hemp.

    When most plants grow, they deplete the soil of vital nutrients and leave it with less vitality for the next crop. Hemp actually revitalizes the soil it grows in, both by aerating the soil and through the deposit of carbon dioxide in to it. This makes hemp ideal for crop rotation, and the crop that follows in the soil hemp grew in will develop better than if hemp had not been used.
    These have been just the benefits from growing the plant, but there are even more for applying it. When hemp is used in the production of paper, fuel, and plastic substitutes, the resulting products are much cleaner and greener. For example, tree made paper requires the use of many harmful chemicals, both for the production and as preservatives. Hemp paper does not need these chemicals, and hemp fuel burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel.

    "Thank all the gods the Feds are a smallish force and rather incompetent. They will, probability wise, pose much less of a threat to your life. Once their rule is gone you can count on much more brutal regime."
    http://bisonsurvivalblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/white-castle.htmlRoberto Vacca "The Coming Dark Age" excerpts
    The number of deaths from violence will be far exceeded by deaths from cold and hunger. The total casualty list will include a remarkable number of deaths in hospitals. Some millions of people will die in the two weeks during which the crisis will last. With hygiene virtually absent, an epidemic will be the widespread new phenomenon causing more deaths. This will be the decisively lethal fact - half the surviving population will die of bubonic plague. Historians estimate that during the fourteenth century the plague destroyed half to two thirds of the population of Europe. We think of that as long ago and far away, and we cannot help thinking that the plague is one of history's horrors, unknown in the modern world for about 170 years. But as Hans Zissner wrote in Rats, Lice and History, 'We have no satisfactory explanation for the disappearance of plague epidemics from the Western countries and we must assume that in spite of the infectiousness of the plague-bacillus, the plentiness of rats their occasional infection with plague and their invariable infestation with fleas, the evolution of an epidemic requires a delicate adjustment of many conditions which have fortunately failed to eventuate in Western Europe and America during the last (nineteenth) century. The most reasonable clue lies in the domestication of rats. Plague epidemics in man are usually preceded by widespread epizootics among rats; and under the conditions of housing, food storage, cellar construction, and such that have gradually developed in civilized countries, rats do not migrate through cities and villages as they formerly did. Plague foci among rats remain restricted to individual families and colonies'." ..............
    "It is certain that free societies will have no easy time of it in a future dark age. The rapid return of universal penury will be accompanied by violence and cruelties of a kind now forgotten. The force of law will be scant or nil, either because of collapse of machinery of state, or because of difficulties in communication and transport. It will be possible only to delegate authority to local powers who will maintain it by force alone..........

  3. Collapse sucking worse than things are now is debatable, at least in my opinion. At least in collapse, life would have a definite focus versus slogging away in wage slavery to an indeterminate end delicately balanced on everything being lollipops and unicorns. Right now all we have is a soggy lollipop stick and a rabid unicorn with a propensity for stuffing it's horn... well... you know where. Yeah, I am a jaded sumbitch.

  4. In what ways would a 4 wheeled bike be more useful than a 2 wheeler both now and after the collapse?