Friday, September 14, 2012

professor moron

I think most people go to college to be indoctrinated rather than educated.  Not all of course.  Some people actually learn something and enrich their mind.  I wonder if that is the minority, because over as many generations as modern education has lasted it would seem that a Darwinist selection has taken place where the idiots are rewarded with the money and hence could afford not only to birth more offspring they could also afford to keep the existing ones alive with better health care.  Look everywhere that education on the higher level has taken over apprentices and been mandated by fiat even when totally unnecessary ( I firmly believe that a college education makes worse law enforcement, not better ).  By and large, idiots are now in charge.  If any particular individual is smarter than average they are certainly not rewarded in applying that to their job.  My theory is that higher education is now a vetting process for the future leadership positions.  And as such, it isn’t necessary to learn anything in the traditional sense of education.  It is only necessary to learn the proper mindset.  Which basically is one of superiority and condemnation.  I am smart because I was smart enough to go to college, and I’m paid a lot of money which just proves how smart I am.  And you know, they believe it.  They don’t realize they are being paid to manage the peons.  They must honestly think they are indeed the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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As our system moved ever more towards Soviet style centralization, many more supervisors were required to manage the worker drones.  But underpaid government workers make poor managers.  Far better to apply free market competition.  Throw a crap load more folks than needed into the mix and ruthlessly get rid of any that didn’t tow the company/organizational line.  The survivors got rewarded, the losers got insane levels of debt earning a degree that doesn’t amount to a job skill.  But, oh, the rewards!  If you won ( and, hey, not only are we competitive as heck, we are indoctrinated in grade school to think we alone are special regardless of talent or effort- immoral behavior would substitute for either, and the system rewards you ) you got the nice neighborhood and nice car and nice girl ( not that dirty slut that Joe Sixpack ended up marrying ).  Due to this never ending competition, folks work hard convincing themselves that the organization approved viewpoint is actually reality.  If you didn’t brainwash yourself, it was an apartment hovel, 40% of your take home pay going to school debt, a minimum wage or close to it job and some fat bitch for a wife.  Oh, how you yearned to believe the official propaganda!
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Look at the general attitude our glorious leaders have today.  Two lawyers were selected by their banker/corporate masters to occupy the White House.  One might not even be legal ( the Illinois bar yanked his law license over there being TWO names in his records ) and the other thinks cutting back on calories in school lunches- to teenage kids involved in a huge growth spurt- is a wonderful idea.  This folks are complete and utter morons.  There is no other way to say it.  They are there for the lifelong speaking fees to follow their tenure.  Our boy can tow the line, or be exposed.  He is smart enough to do that.  In all other aspects of life he is an educated idiot.  And look at their treatment to the lower classes.  One of their own, the ambassador in  Libya, gets killed and once again the flags are flown half mast and a huge ceremony is planed and all the news is a tweeter.  Prior to that ten Marines are killed in Afghanistan and no fuss is made.  Because, obviously, their victims are much more worthy than our victims.  Do you think China is the only ones trying to kill off the masses here?  Hell, the ChiComs have a good excuse for putting arsenic in our infant toys.  They are trying to kill off the Yankee Imperialists.  I can at least understand it.  But our own leaders, captains of industry, when not busy laying off whole towns or removing all mountaintops in an entire state for coal, are trying to kill us with their own poisons such as genetically modified grains and produce ( their kitchens are of course stocked with organically grown, non industrialized foods ).  Or pharmaceuticals that have a fifty/fifty chance of giving you rectal cancer in a decade. 
Of course, economic rewards are almost sufficient enough to ensure this level of class warfare.  But once you throw in the indoctrination of superiority, you have an unbeatable combination.  The management class now will work hard and strive mightily to suppress and overwork the drone class.  They will think NOTHING and by that I mean never spare a stray thought at all, nothing of killing off the workers by their actions.  Not directly.  We aren’t godless communists after all.  But indirectly, not an issue at all.  Which is probably why most cops are now college educated ( not the big metro areas of course- stormtroopers are needed there, not the educated professionals that deal with their masters [ it’s a stratified system of leadership ] as well as the unwashed ).  Give them a taste of superiority and they don’t mind sending a pothead to jail for life.  After all, no matter how benign and gentle the user is, obviously he is inferior because lack of money makes him a loser.  I’m generalizing of course.  Just as SOME educated folks become smarter rather than indoctrinated, so too will there be exceptions here.  But they are exceptions, not the rule.  As a rule, the moneyed class perpetuates itself and actively plots against the masses and the first stop on your way up the ladder is to get a degree.  Not an education, a degree.  Public education was never education but indoctrination.  The bell rings, fall in line, do repetitive tasks.  Just like the factory.  I think higher ed serves the same purpose. 
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  1. You are not too far from the truth about much of college education today. I earned a degree but my real strides in 'education' have come since I graduated.

    I still laugh when I think back to once not being able to answer a difficult essay question on one professor's test. I just wrote an answer containing an adequate amount of left-wing politically correct mindset bullshit and received a B+. A real laugher, that class.

    Another thing that the Regular Joe has going against him is that most all HR people (gatekeepers who determine who gets hired) are feminist bitches with powerful PC radar.

  2. This rant is the highest quality you've ever posted. I trust you have EMS on standby when you write as the top of your head could blow off due to spontaneous gray matter combustion.

  3. It's an important issue, and I would like to add some input from my own history.

    I graduated from a high-ranking french business school. A billionnaire's daughter was there as well, and is now one of the richest and most influential women in Europe. Top schools do teach subjects that are critical for companies and organisations to succeed.

    The problem is not in the internal workings of a company, for which these schools are made for. I think every reader knows about Dilbert comic strips, and how accurately corporate life is depicted in them.

    From my observations as a former business analyst, there are too few bright people available in general. Hence, organisations are designed to run with a very high proportion of more or less simple people. It's by design, but out of necessity. It is not some crazy conspirational goal of a company to turn people into sheeple or something along those lines.

    Another factor is that allowing to the increasing multiplication of power owing to technology, an intelligent person who understands the wide implications of the use of technology could be extremely dangerous. Think about one IT director who has the control of all critical passwords – but worse.

    Finally, people in charge are focusing quite a bit on the human side of things, and thus would value loyalty over competency almost systemically. (« Loyalty » may also describe « Ass-licking »)

    Unfortunately, intelligence is a survival trait. It develops in people who are in a situation where they have to use it to come out alive (if not physically, then mentally). The consequence of this is that intelligence is, almost by design, geared against threats, and thus against organisations.

    Whoever worked in an organisation knows that such work and the associated lifestyle (the « rat race ») are among the worst thread to one's integrity. There are countless examples of this, but « Catch 22 » springs to my minds because the only intelligent people there are trying to find a way out of the lunacy. The real victor, the character named Orr, is simply alive in a peacefull country, whereas all others are still caught in a nightmare.

    So I come to the conclusion that college graduates are highly trained cogs in a machinery, a machinery that keeps the very vast majority of us alive, but do not display the intelligence required to grasp all the consequences of their decisions. A few people playing financial markets and the like are more like brain parasites, gearing the complex organism towards their own narrow objectives.

    Science-fiction died a slow death in the 80's, to be replaced by Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk itself died when the Internet appeared, simply because we are now living the cyberpunk nightmare. When remembering Cyberpunk, try not to focus your memories on the spandex-clad hotties, but more on the sprawling favelas and vermin-infested community megablocks.

    If you're reading this, you're probably somewhat smart (survivalism + having chosen to listen to the Supernatural-Light Emitting Mane of Wisdom instead of some generic Yuppie Survivalist crap that sounds just like TV ads) (« Not only does this Rambo Survival Knife chop wood, it also saws it ! But wait, there's more ! » ).

    So just remember you're spending time on a blog from a guy who lives in a shed in a desert. As for myself, I became a teacher.

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  5. You are absolutely right! The only thing my college education taught me is that I don't know anything. Aside from picking up a few interesting factoids all I got was a piece of paper but, when I flash that paper in front of employers they get all googly eyed. It is such a farce.