Friday, September 7, 2012

no hyperinflation

In my view, Gary North has very few if any equals.  Whereas he is a God loftily perched atop a mountain, even the smartest amongst us are mere groveling simians picking lice from one another’s hair and smelling our fingers after wiping our butts, looking up without comprehension from the valley below.  If Herr North thinks that hyperinflation is impossible in the current power arrangement, I humbly bow to his wisdom.  See his article:
I’ve been following North since the Eighties and was so impressed with his words that I shelled out $90 a year for his newsletter- back when $90 was a heck of a lot of money.  Not for his investment advice which I had no need for ( best investment- books.  Knowledge for its own sake to enrich ones life.  Paper money enrichment pales in comparison ) but for his thoughts on economics in general.  Now, I have absolutely zero idea how he has figured out how to keep getting paid for his writing but it seems everything from him nowadays is either free or free with ads. 
You won’t be sorry taking his advice.  And by the way, as far as the failed Y2K predictions of his, keep in mind his stakes in that game.  He might have been wrong about that as most of us where, but he also tried to sound the alarm and offer resources for planning at no cost to anyone.  It was done as a public service and not as a profiteering scheme.  That alone should prove his intentions.
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North thinks that hyperinflation is impossible simply because it wouldn’t benefit the central bank.  It would benefit a government.  They would just flood the place with paper and benefit from buying prior to price increases.  But it doesn’t benefit a bank because their loans would be paid back with worthless money.  This is such a simple observation that I feel like a real dumbass for thinking otherwise.  In fact, if we could, let’s all just pretend I never said hyperinflation was coming and you can go back to worshipping my hair ( pursuant to yesterdays article on false idols and worshiping a wife, recall that the Bible does allow for worshiping my hair as it was a creation of Baby Jesus- most likely your wife sprung from the loins of a lesser demon from Hell ).  Now, a few things to keep in mind are that the impossibility of hyperinflation is only as long as the central bank is running the show.   And while hyperinflation is not going to happen, regular inflation surely will.  And, just because hyperinflation isn’t a threat doesn’t mean deflation is going to happen.  Commodities inflation is in the pipeline because of Peak EveryGottDamnThing and your paper profits will continue to shrink, as well as your purchasing power, but that ain’t deflation like The Great Depression.
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Gary says the central bank doesn’t want hyperinflation.  The only way to change that is if Congress was able to abolish the Fed and take back the power to create money.  Which would make a pretty damn fun show to behold.  You know the last fool that tried to challenge the power of the central bank, JFK?  Remember what happened to him?  Hell, NOBODY talks trash about the central bank anymore.  They are as feared as the IRS if not more.  Any politician even hints about pissing on the Federal Reserves turf is retired.  A scandal is suddenly uncovered, or there is always that quick cancer solution perfected with Ruby.  When you wet your beak with half a trillion a year, and your only cost is a million here or there bribing or paying hitmen, you won’t give up that racket without a serious fight.  And it is hard to believe that our collection of wimpy bought and paid for prostitutes ( and HIV carrying anal prostitutes at that ) making up our elected officials have one testicle amongst the lot of them to stand up to the Money Men.  Of course, who can tell what will happen when things get desperate.
As Mr. North says, the game will be to deny and defraud the systems that make hyperinflation necessary.  Mainly Medicare, but certainly also Social Security.  Solve those two problems and you buy a lot of time.  Of course means testing is coming, but that is one of the last hands played.  The system is already being “saved” by the Obammy Mandatory Health Care Bill being crammed up our collective ass.  That will take care of the medical for old humps liability.  Don’t you dare complain about it you decaying old bastards!  The young are getting humped also.  As far as Social Security, we started a few years back manipulating the statistics to defraud the folks counting on cost of living allowances.  That made the losses a lot less severe.  You can take it to the bank that as well as screwing us with a fifty percent tax hike for medical, the SS taxes will go up also.  How much is anybody’s guess but it will go up.  As will the retirement age.  If we emerge from the next few years without seeing a 100% increase in total paycheck withholding I’d be surprised as hell.  If you aren’t scared as hell and slashing your cost of living radically you are going to be in for a very big surprise.
I started reading “Morons Guide To Global Collapse” last night waiting on laundry.  It was good enough to hold my interest, but I’m torn whether the $9 it cost was worth it.  Okay, it was my fault.  I mainly bought it for the cool title and didn’t really research the contents or the comments from buyers.  It is really only meant for beginners to doom and gloom.  An intro to peak oil.  And most of the contents are just reprints from Internet articles from five years ago.  Frankly, you should be able to get most of the same info from:
That is all.  Enjoy your weekend.
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  1. economics zzzz boring

    moron guide , that fits

  2. For financial wizardry I admire Alan Greenspan. He said back in 1969 that with the right person in control of the money supply, the business cycle could be damped down to steady growth. He went on to spend the rest of his life showing that to be true. He forgot one little detail: he was mortal. He was no longer at the helm when things started to heat up in 2004. The Fed didn't apply the brakes appropriately.

    Now as to hyperinflation, I agree with North only because he put a condition on that. But in an environment where tens of millions of people are pissed off, with easy access to guns, anything is possible. I don't care how many high-paid hitmen you have on your payroll.

    Oh yeah, the one thing that is not possible is business-as-usual, the one thing that most people are counting on.

  3. Dear Lord Bison - While your hair shimmers like a ravens wing, you have forgotten one fundamental rule: THE FRIGGIN BANKERS MAKE THE RULES!
    No bank will lose money on hyperinflation because the mortgages will be rewritten at the bank's request. Spineless, bought politicians will rewrite your mortgage to allow for inflation, hyperinflation, or even a new currency. I wrote a guest article some time ago titled " Beware the final banker and tax vulture endgame " I have read that banks were able to rewrite mortgages during the Weimar Republic hyperinflation. We will do the same thing, as the infowhore media informs the sheeple that these harsh measures are needed to save the country. Hail Darwin

    1. Damn. I forgot all about that. I've mentioned it before. Just index loans to inflation. Now I feel like more of a dumbass than usual. I like the hair referance.