Tuesday, September 4, 2012

monopoly reviews

Okay, pursuant to the last article, you ain’t getting gold every day.  First off, I’m one of the best out there, and I ain’t that good.  Second, I throw an earth shattering, insightful, wonderful article your way and the only thing I hear is a gentle snoring from the back row.  Lack of suitable hair worship will get you retaliatory articles like the Dollar General one, or today’s.  A few reviews of forgettable books and a question on the game Monopoly.  Has it conditioned several generations to perform the Bankers bidding?  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Some days I just don’t have something wonderful to say.  I’m not going to do “how to whittle in the woods as you bug out making pure water from a sock” articles.  There are too many beginners articles out there and I’m not going to compete.  This is either The Thinking Man’s Survivalist Blog, or The Idiot Survivalists Blog ( because you keep coming back to be insulted ).  I’m not sure which.  But it sure ain’t Beginners Survival Blog.  I’ve already covered all of it.  I’ve also covered all the “cheap civilization collapse insurance” and by now if you ain’t ready you won’t ever be and the only thing for me to do is to just go along day by day waiting for the end.  I’ll entertain you on the way if you are so inclined.  You can bask in my half baked philosophies and theories if you so wish.  But I’ll tell you one thing, it won’t last much longer before we are all grease spots on the highway to hell.
The last week or so I’ve been reading on three post apocalypse novels.  The first one, “What Came After”, was well written but it certainly wasn’t post apoc fiction.  It was more of a dystopia story.  I didn’t care for the way it turned out, even if it was a good read.  Well, I should say it didn’t fit into my conception of post apocalypse stories.  When I’m spending ten to fifteen bucks on a middling length novel I expect to get what was advertised.  Perhaps the author isn’t sure what “post-apocalypse” means.  Think Apocalypse Lite.  The next one was a lot more in the way of civilization collapse, but the writing was a lot more tedious.  It was “The Pulse” and written by the guy that did “Bug Out”, the non-fiction book ( among others ).  The story wasn’t bad, other than the obvious “thank God I’ve completed the minimum word count so let me wrap it up in a neat bow really, really quick” ending.  I didn’t much care for the endless sailing descriptions, almost Sailor Porn in its length and detail, but if you are part of the Club Orlov school of survivalist you might go for it. 
The two main characters, a father and his daughter, were the bulk of the book as they each tried to survive after the solar flare death of civilization.  At the very end, the daughter encounters a minor character who I felt should have had a much bigger role in the story.  He was portrayed as bat crap crazy but his views were, at least in my opinion, much closer to reality than the author would like to think.  He was a “lone nut hiding out in the swamp”, and was waiting out the Die-Off.  I would have rather read a lot more on that guy than about how Dad was busy hauling up a Rayon synthetic sailing sheet by the port side with a stainless steel pulley ( or whatever the sailing jargon/blather was I had to skip over as my eyes glazed ).  I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy this book, just beware it is basically just a Sailing To Post Apocalypse Nirvana fiction.  The last book I’m currently about one quarter of the way through is “Half Past Midnight”.  In my opinion, the best of the three.  It is a bit of a combo of Yuppie Survival Scum ( high end preps ) and a Post-Apoc Cozy ( it all always works out in the end ).  Far from perfect but a nice blending of adequate writing ( so far, anyway ) with well thought out ideas.  And it doesn’t bog down.  If I finish it and it disappoints, I’ll let you know.  Otherwise, the best pick of the bunch.
A curious thing happened this last weekend.  The wife and I always play a game each night.  It is a way to ensure face time since other than that we are reading or watching TV.  She is very competitive and gets surely when I win even if it is only about 10% of the time.  But as we were playing Yatzee I had such a bizarre run of luck ( two games in a row with THREE Yatzee’s each time ) even she was struck into awe and acceptance.  I wonder if this is me using up the last of my luck for all time, or a beginning of only good things.  We shall see.  Anyway, the next night we were playing Monopoly and I began to think this was an evil bankers cartel board game.  Think about it.  The way you win is to spend all your cash, get heavily into debt and try to bankrupt your opponent with rent collections.  I wonder how many kids growing up on this game subconsciously accept this as a “winning” strategy for their life.  Even if the only winner is the bank.  They never save ( to “beat inflation” ), pay on property all their lives ( “it’s cheaper than renting” ) and think they are winning when they have the most money ( paycheck ) coming in.  I doubt this was an evil plot by Parker Brothers ( who, I believe, bought the company that owned the game if I’m not mistaken ).  But it sure seems a strange coincidence that this game came out before our consumer society came about.  Just think about it, that’s all I’m asking.
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  1. ha ha no comments.

    the idiot survivalist blog gets my vote.

    book reviews YAWN.

    the old farts that read this blog only have a few years to live anyway. why care. they are going to die of old age.

    yatzee? really? ha ha ha donkin you're ready for the old folks home.

    monopoly is evil? take your meds.

  2. Your description of "The Pulse" was right on. However, there's not a lot of post apocolypic sailing porn out there, so that's why a bought it.

    I enjoyed the sailing babble a lot. Even sailed some of the same water as the characters.

    Can't argue with you about the books flaws. All the same, I had a blast with it.

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  4. Hey Jim thanks for the book reveiws it saves a lot of money to know what to skip.On the monopoly idea for a game to be fun in life or on a board people have to want to play.If you are the only one wanting to play its just solitare and no one else knows how great you are.The banker want everyone to play with their stacked deck.

  5. Jim, you said: "There are too many beginners articles out there and I’m not going to compete." I disagree. You are the place to start. If everyone did just your mins then we wouldn't have millions of dead people in our near future.