Friday, August 3, 2012

more ammo musings

Today, we shall reward your diligent week long patronage with your favorite type of article, gun porn.  Nothing I haven’t already covered before, but please ponder the following before you judge me too harshly.  I’m so far ahead of my time that mere mortals strain to keep up.  I’m so damn good that generations after my untimely demise, the masses will agitate for my sainthood.  I point to you exhibit A, a new article posted in a preferred financial site that is pretty much telling you everything I’ve been harping on literally for years as far as Energy Returned On Energy Invested in energy sources and the diminishing quality of ores.  And the sad part is, my sources were from books, not just online.  I got this when it was years old, a few different sources connected together.  I’d wager most of this is immediate post-peak publication date ( for you duffus deniers, that was seven years ago ).  And yet here it is, linked from your favorite survival site as if it was new and fresh and exciting.
As every swinging dingus out there is cowering in fear over Obammy suddenly outlawing their favorite plastic carbine, we are once again treated to the nauseous sight of the masses descending on to the gun shops of the land, crowds jostling to get in the door, credit cards greedily thrust into the hands of harried clerks, loud arguments ensuing over the financial viability of their personal checks, Rolex watches being bartered for the best Saturday Night Special available, the Internet sites of Yuppie Survival Scum Specialists crashing as shrill voices argue the merits of which foreign semi-auto is preferable to fight the jack booted thugs.  Good God, the spectacle is embarrassing.  Stop trying to be the first to buy the most expensive battle rifle in your neighborhood.  Go to Big 5, Wal-Mart or Uncle Bob’s Gun Emporium and get yourself a few bolt action rifles.  Or a single shot.  Whichever floats your boat.  For the price of one “he-man super deluxe ultimate warrior” battle rifle you can buy three ( or more ) bolts or singles.  One in 308, one in 223 and one in commie carbine 7.62x39.  Now, there is a method to my madness in selecting these calibers.  You might be muttering to yourselves, furtive glances over your shoulder as you cower in fear of my disapproval or even worse a loud proclamation of “dumbass”, that it does seem arbitrary.  Yet, at a mere whimsy and a blink of an eye I can pull the brightest, wisest ideas out of my butt.  I just make it look easy, don’t try this at home.
Everybody is so pleased with their preferred boy toy, busy stroking its gleaming stock, they forget that it is all shine.  Just as your brand spanking new computer is worthless toxic scrape without software and an Internet connection, your expensive rifle is worthless without ammunition.  I understand that our fearless leaders are about as dumb as dirt ( turning half our corn crop to fuel and allowing global rebellion and war as a result of lack of subsidized feed pellets to the poor, imposing pollution controls on diesel making it less efficient just as fuel doubles in cost ), but surely they can see the futility of banning weapons and the much better idea of controlling or taxing ammunition.  Ammunition is your weak link.  By arming yourself with these three aforementioned rifles you can adapt to different future ammunition availability scenarios.  You’ll have extra ammo if you need to strip the bodies of indigenous troops, fight off Chinese invasion, steal rounds from fellow survivalists or terrorists/criminals.  If you hate the M-16/AR-15, and you should, this is the way to still use the ammunition for it.  If you run into patriotic militia members who arm themselves with communists carbines, you can steal their ammo and use it.  When fellow survivalists run out of food three weeks into the collapse because they only had MRE’s, they will barter their 308 with you for wheat.  Have a rifle that uses that round.  By having all three calibers, you can buy when one is on sale ( five years later, I’m still looking for a sale on 303 British.  I’m kidding- the surplus ammo is long gone.  I love my SMLE’s, but their ammo appetite has turned high maintenance.  I’m considering [ JUST considering, mind you ] diversifying, as blasphemous as that sounds ).  You have flexibility, at an affordable price. 
And, think of the money you save on magazines, plus the ammo you save when you don’t have semi-auto fire.  I know, you’re not convinced.  I won’t get into that again.  But if you are still thinking of arming, consider the above rather than the expensive battle rifle route.  War surplus is still possible for the truly poor, Russian only I’m sorry to say, but for those with a smidge more money, diversify.  As far as bayonets, recall that when you are a bare bones really poor survivalist, you wanted a rifle with a bayonet as that was your only back-up weapon.  With the money to buy a pistol the bayonet isn’t critical.  Nice, but not critical.  If you are already armed, don’t worry so much about replacing what you have.  Just like where you live, there can always be better.  Same with jobs, same ( especially ) with wives.  You can always upgrade.  But right now is not the time to experiment or gamble.  Stay in your comfort zone, time may be very short.  Better the devil you know.  I just think that if you do have the luxury of still buying your arsenal it would be nice to cover far more bases by getting all the main calibers rather than having all your eggs in one basket.
Okay kids, that’s it for me.  Enjoy your weekend.
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  1. Ahhhh gun porn at last.

    It is with ammo as with the rest of preps : you will be completely on your own.

    Therefore, it doesn't matter what caliber you choose, just make sure you have enough.

    Now, if we go down to the details, things can be optimized. I totally agree with the Bison way of going bolt-action or revolver, as a way to save on ammo.

    Of course, your learning curve is flatter with semi-auto, but a flat learning curve is always shorter.

    Semi-auto is meant for the military, and has uses if there are too many people in front of you, or if there are a lot of obstacles (visual or physical).

    If you are in a high to medium density urban area, semi-auto is the best choice, but you are going to die shortly no matter what. It's kind of arguing what weapon is best when in the Coliseum arena in Rome - in the end it doesn't matter.

    As a matter of fact, I believe Bison's advice is only useful for people like him, living in low density urban areas. (Rural areas are a completely different thing, and rely much more on community, the "like it or not" variant).

    In these low density urban areas, the advantages of semi-auto weapons become disadvantages : you'll have to carry a large weight of ammo with you, you will NOT stick to the "one shot one kill" principle (if you're in a firefight, every couple of seconds might be you last, so why save ?).

    Bolt-action rifles and revolvers were the pinnacle of the black powder era. Most ammunition made for these types of weapons are reloadable with black powder, and are forgiving to other types of makeshift powder. There are not Very High Velocity, so you can cast your bullets yourself.

    It is just as with food : once your ammo runs dry, you'll have to make it yourself. Plenty of mags and freeze dried stuff is psychotherapy, it soothes your anxiety. But it is not going to last forever, and you will not be able to keep it going on your own.

    Whereas the bolt-action or shotgun way is the same as the homesteading / gardening way.

    Bonus track : if you looked at the execution of civilians in Syria recently, you will witness thugs high on drugs and a stupendous waste of ammo.

    In a SHTF situation, you will not only have to be your own farmer / gardener / medic /craftsman, but also you own police. It might very well be that some forms of organizations will still prevail, most probably some corrupt people like in Central America you'll bully you out of taxes but will do nothing against the thugs (which will work for the local bourgeoisie anyhow, and then the boss from Mafia / MS13 or whatever will definitely be the backbone of your local Rotary Club).

    In such a situation, you will not be going semi-auto with ten mags.

  2. Nightshift here...might want to include a 30-30 in the mix. If you already have one hang on to it. I have 223/5.56, 308, 7.62x39, 30-30, and don't forgrt 22 covered. One or two oddballs with a couple hundred rounds as back ups.

    Good post. Don't knock the Mosin Nagant. 30-06 power, rugged rifle, a hoot to shoot and they don't kick to bad in the full size configuration. Tempted to buy more as I have one now. Corrosive ammo is cheap too.

  3. Those are some good thoughts on single shots. There is a Rossi model (WYzrd?) which comes with three barrels, a shotgun, rimfire and centerfire, all together. Surely not a bad backup to be kept for serious SHTF.

    Ammunition is becoming a problem - supplies keep drying up. Inexpensive 7.62x25 Tok pistol ammo was very common, 1K rounds for a C-Note - not no more. Glad I bought some of that early.

  4. and a .30-.30; and a 30-06; and a9mm carbine; and a .45lc carbine; and a .45 acp carbine yada yada yada. get a frickin enfield IIA, a fiendish savage 110 [in 308] and whatever you can find used in a .223. note get extra extractors and firing pins for all. peace bro delr

  5. So the plastic rifle is becoming "sorta Bison approved"?

    I may stop paying on my CC and bump up the move to May 2013. I'm getting scared...

    Err, Jim. Is your tamatoes really huge and your teeth getting whitter? Just wondering what the counts per minutes are...

  6. If you happened to tune in to the late night radio program, Coast To Coast AM on Saturday night James, you would have had the opportunity to listen to one of your faves, James Howard Kunstler. He put on a pretty good show, and certainly didn't paint too pretty of a picture as far as our future goes?

    I think you can download the MP3's here. He doesn't come in until hour two.