Thursday, August 30, 2012


Well, I know you’ll have a hard time believing me, but today I’m actually at a loss for words.  I got almost nothing important to say.  So, I’m just going to blather on about this and that and perhaps the other and see how close to a full article I can get to on my lunch hour.  I just posted a comment on a question on the nuke bread.  A minion found it rather hard.  Good tasting ( I know, it surprised me the first time also ) but hard.  Hard enough it might prove to be some time in the future a hazard to your teeth.  A tooth you may not be able to tend to when, say, you are unemployed and living under a bridge.  Okay, I don’t know how you have a microwave if you are homeless, but it could happen.  You don’t want to break a tooth even if you are one of God’s chosen and have dental insurance, let alone any other time.  Occasionally I still get a very hard loaf of nuke bread, and I’ve been doing this for years.  The thing is, every day the batter is going to be different unless you measure both flour and water exactly ( I just half ass it ).  Just a smidge of water less than normal and the thing becomes brick hard.  A smidge too much and it is doughy.  I like the inconsistency insofar as it almost seems like a variety of food is being offered.  Just experiment with cooking times ( it doesn’t have to be exactly three minutes, it can be a bit more or less ) and water and you will get a not doughy and not too hard product.  Then stick with that.
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Well, it was right about the anniversary of Katrina and another storm ( and not even a major one but a Storm Barely A Hurricane ) comes along and messes with New Orleans.  It wasn’t a repeat, just a rhyming.  Yet, once again the levies didn’t work too well.  I wonder, do people learn even when hit right over the head?  New York City sees a World Trade Center bombing.  No one gives a hoot.  Then it happens again but much worse ( the first time a raghead tried with half ass explosives, the next time the intelligence services planted state of the art stuff in all the interior support areas ).  Yet, do that many people leave NYC?  No.  Why?  Because after being targeted for forty years by thermonuclear missiles, all the smart ones had wised up and left.  Only the idiots remained.  Am I calling every single swinging dingus in NYC, all ten million or whatever it is, a complete and utter humping moron?  Why, yes, yes I am.  You Have A Target On Your Head, Jag-Off!  MOVE!!!  New Orleans isn’t in the same league.  Their morons at least have the weather to blame as to why they have blood so thick it can’t travel to their brain.  But still, not a great place to live if you have assets tied up there.  You are mostly below sea level.  The oceans are warming up.  Hmmmm.  I wonder if the two go together?  I’m not saying I live in a preppers paradise.  Once the snow pack disappears, it’s going to be a bit hard to stay here.  But at least I have a bit of time, whereas the Gulf Coast has been ground zero for climate change for years now.  How many warnings do you need to move?
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Okay, the ammo as barter issue.  Never, and I mean never, barter ammo.  The only exception would be if you are dying and the only trader in antibiotics wants it.  Right?  Well.  In a sense, a guy in that position doesn’t need your ammo to kill you.  He is horse trading most likely.  Well provisioned and now just accumulating luxuries.  Look at the history of gun trading.  Private individuals were usually better armed than the military, and they sold the same arms to Native Americans.  The Indians still lost.  A lesson for plastic carbine armed super studs trying to survive the apocalypse.  An armed individual, no matter how well armed unless he has a Maxim gun against spear chuckers,  doesn’t win a war.  Of course, the basic concept is sound.  You don’t arm opponents.  Yet, this is one of those riddles there is no correct answer.  It’s like asking if you would shoot your kids to spare their suffering in a famine.  You don’t know the least worse answer until the time comes.
Okay, here’s a joke.  You probably already heard it, but I find it so double over laughing, pee yourself funny that I must mention it in case you haven’t.  The Titanic is going down and a teacher, a lawyer and a priest are talking.  “We must save the children” proclaimed the teacher.  “Screw the children” the lawyer growled.  “Do we have time?” asked the priest.
Folks keep pointing to the shale reserves in Colorado and such and screaming we have five hundred years of oil left.  Okay.  Now show me both the energy source to extract it and the water to process it.  Historic drought, remember?  And it isn’t even really the drought, per se.  It is the snow pack problem.  Less winter snow, more summer rains equals less year round water.  We have long passed the point of peak oil, and are now showing abundant examples in the rear view mirror to prove the decline, yet the denial folks will never give up their fantasy sources of energy.  You think the Powers That Be want expensive oil?  The economy has been running on cheap and abundant oil for a hundred years.  The economy built this way benefits the central bankers.  The new economy built on expensive and diminishing oil is hurting the bankers.  If ANY alternate source was viable it would already be put in place to save the bankers.  What you already see is what you get.
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  1. Ok, thanks for that advice on the mike bread. I just had breakfast this morning, but made the bread in the cast iron skillet. It goes good with a little honey.

    Tomorrow, since variety is the spice of life, I will gird my loins, sharpen my teeth and try the microwave again.