Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i's impotent

Let’s talk about self delusion, the tendency to overstate ones importance work wise and how all this adds up to unintended consequences which fuels problems in a collapse.   Humans have an astronomical capacity for delusion.  Evidently this is a survival mechanism.  For instance, a women thinks she is the worlds best lay as she talks herself into leaving a faithful husband who is now permanently unemployed.  The no good bastard doesn’t deserve my unique and special God given talent- I am being forced to leave him for someone who deserves me.  You can’t just tell yourself you would be better off with someone earning more.  Instead, you talk yourself into being an abused and battered victim.  Or, say there is a famine.  Your next door neighbor, a swell guy you’ve been friends with for twenty years, suddenly becomes your enemy as you start to remember all the things he’s done you never really liked or approved of.  Because he belongs to the neighboring tribe, and they have food stored.  You talk yourself into hating him so you can kill him.  This is one thing you really must keep in mind when dealing with liberals, Yuppies or government workers ( but, I repeat myself ).  They have no concept of human reality.  They are so isolated, in a bubble, they forget how people can turn on you in an instant if they need to.  So they rule as if we actually can all get along and give big group hugs.  GOD!!!! I can’t wait until after the collapse so I can legally bag a few of those simpletons. 
Anyway, back to self delusion and jobs.  Most of us, living in the Information/Service Industry Age, suckling off the petroleum teat, work abstract jobs that have nothing to do with life’s primary activity which is simply feeding ourselves.  Which is a problem.  Because a job is just another way of feeding yourself.  You don’t work because you need to feel good about yourself, you work because you need to provide food.  Low population density societies which are barely above a “garden of paradise” level don’t have a strong work ethic.  They don’t have to.  The food is there for next to no effort.  Societies that are more removed from food production have higher levels of work requirements.  We take our jobs seriously because it means feeding ourselves.  And what attracts a mate?  The ability to provide surplus food.  So, there is self preservation and the overriding impulse to procreate.  The two concerns that drive us.  But if you add in surplus money and energy, work itself becomes just as abstract and divorced from reality.  We are all trying to convince ourselves that our job is important because if it is vital and necessary we have job/food security.  And, because others value our job it will be easy to attract a mate. 
When your job is as divorced from food production as most of ours is, it really, fundamentally, is a worthless activity.  So we strive mightily to inflate the importance of what we do to compensate for that.  And herein lies the danger.  When your meal ticket is threatened, you do whatever is necessary to keep it.  So, for instance, you’re endangering most of the globes poor people by turning a once surplus food into ethanol fuel.  And you are endangering our folks in the military as they must fight wars against hungry people.  People we had been bought off with cheap food.  Which endangers the petroleum supply as a lot of poor people are in oil producing countries.  And then, for good measure, you are endangering your fellow countrymen with malnutrition as food prices go up, both due to diverted grain to fuel and imported oil going up in price due to rebellions and terrorist attacks brought on by hungry poor people.  And what caused this cascading set of problems?  Someone pushing ethanol as a fuel, regardless of consequences, because they needed an important, secure, well paying job.
Why are more stringent environmental pollution standards being applied to diesel fuel at the same time the fuel costs more and is getting scarcer?  You use more fuel if it is designed to be cleaner.  Short answer, environmentalists, lawyers and civil servants are all trying to be more important.  They need that secure, well paying job.  Why are banks turning off loans to consumers?  They are afraid that bad loans will get them fired, for one thing.  And if you care about your job, you cease to care about how it effects the economy, other people, etc.  Why do you think nobody gives a good goddamn about polluting the earth and causing Gore Warming as they drive long distances to work worthless jobs?  Because not working means you starve.  Not driving, while it MIGHT, and no one can be sure, just might save the environment, that doesn’t keep you fed.  Nor does saving the planet get you an attractive mate that will spawn for you.  A job does- even if that job kills other people.  Why should a jack booted thug care if he kills you, maims you, sends you to prison for life?  If his job is feeding him, he will justify anything and use any delusion to sleep soundly at night.  Especially if it is next to a large bosomed wife.  That’s right- your life is less important than a thug having a nice rack to play with at night.
Nobody stops and thinks through the unintended consequences of their actions.  Nobody.  Not if they are getting fed.  Food is fundamentally IT as far as human ambition starts and ends.  Even having children, passing on your genes, is based on a surplus of food.  Americans, living amongst plenty, have no concept of the overriding factor foods plays in everything.  Since food is going to be getting scarcer, you might want to start thinking about it.
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  1. Mr Dakin says that hungry people will kill for food. Many (who have read history) believe that is true. If you do not agree, ask your wife what two things she would refuse to do to feed her starving children. I will check comments section daily to read her reply.
    BTW I was astonished when Capt Rawles ( said that 500 to 1000 rounds subsonic 22LR is enough for steatlh hunting after SHTF (when we will never again be able buy anything OTC) and we should stock thousands of rounds of high velocity 22LR for barter. I fail to see the advantage of giving ammunition to a person who may then use it to kill me and take my woman and stored supplies.

  2. There you go again Vlad, thinking when you should be absorbing the wisdom being handed down to us from on high. Arming competitors in a survival situation doesn't seem like much of a plan to me either.

    Soon enough, we may find out just what we will do to obtain food.

  3. Jim food is the base of all jobs from garbage men to investment bankers.In years past you have scoffed at true survivalist gardening but by this artical a subsistance farmer may be the only secure job in the future.If i start a sustainable farm can i have a 25 y/o big boobed red head as a reward?Mabe you need to rethink farming to.Just think you can offer wheat and fresh greens to a future teen bride.

    1. Not scoffing, just trying to point out the dangers. You are merely a future serf, not a yeoman gentleman farmer of fantasy.

  4. Screw Rawles and his Redoubt Idiots;

    At least I have a part time job that vindicates James' post, yes food production is expensive, dirty, thankless and cut-throat however it does provide that measure of security that money or automatic firearms cannot obtain by any means. Kill the producer and kill yourself if you don't have a clue on how to do the same as the producer. Additionally I agree with Vlad, barter ammunition? WTF??? No way in Sam Hell would I ever want to barter anything that could come back and sting me later.

  5. Guys, I too have been beating the dead horse (for years now) of why would you give ammo to a possible enemy. The .22 as barter train of thought comes from individuals who don't think of it as any more than a squirrel killing round and thus not dangerous to people. Wrong! JWR is one of these guys which is surprising given his obvious high intellect. But, we're all human and thus subject to being wrong; so I'm told. OTH, if you need something, really need it and all the other guy needs or wants is ammo, well... Jim, what you are talking about is rationalization. It is much more important than sex, for example. You can go a very, very long time without sex but I dare you to go a week without rationalizing something.

  6. Jim,

    For breakfast this morning, after reading this food post, I tried making your microwave whole wheat bread.

    I greased a five inch ceramic bowl and put in about 1 inch deep of the half whole wheat/half regular flour, mixed to the consistency where I'd have to spread it with a fork (with a little salt). I put it in my 1100 watt microwave for three minutes, then flipped it and ran it another three minutes.

    What came out was harder than a hockey puck. I thought maybe I could start a hard tack factory for sailors or back country hikers. It tastes good, but I wondered twice if I might be chewing on a tooth that had broken off.

    Can you give more details on how yours comes out, are you using an 800 watt? I did make it at the same time in a cast iron skillet and got it thick enough to not taste like a pancake.

    I've got a ton of hard red winter wheat that I bought for $300 right off a combine, drove my old pickup with a tarp in the bed right beside it til it was full. Then came home and cleaned it and put it in approved buckets and so on. It does make good regular bread in the solar cooker, and good pancakes in the skillet. But I'd like to see your microwave bread in detail...