Tuesday, August 21, 2012

fear profiteers

Today, the evil merchants of fear who sell prep supplies.  But first, an update on the “infinity razor”.  I was going to be all cool about it and use that puppy forever, or, for infinity and beyond, and report back to you but the friggin thing pissed me off.  One day it was a bit more cloudy than usual and so my solar water heater churned out a lukewarm liquid.  Warm enough to shave, or so I though.  But, oh, NO!!!!! The damn infinity razor evidently needs the water to be just one degree below “scald your skin right off your face” hot or it won’t work at all.  I must have shaved the same spot three times and even had to use a toothpick to constantly get the hair out between the blades ( which are evidently placed closer together than normal ).  Now, here’s the thing.  In the military, I’m sure you’ll recall if you weren’t in some pussy outfit like the typing pool in the Air Force, they delighted in experimenting with ways to make your life as miserable as possible.  Evidently it was to build character and toughness, but I think we can all agree that this is wasted on most 18 year olds.  One was to get you to shave with cold water.  It’s the friggin winter, it’s cold, you’re on a field exercise and haven’t eaten anything but MRE’s for a week, you average three hours sleep a night and the asswhores are constantly peering at you like you are personally going to disgrace the Commander In Chief, and suddenly start screaming how we all look like mother humping crap and need to shave this very instant!  No time to heat up water, and you only have one av gas heater for the whole platoon so you can’t heat water anyway.  Not the most pleasant experience.  But at least a disposable razor was up to working with cold water.  It hurt, but it still shaved.  Not the Infinity Razor.  So, even though they just reduced the price almost in half, only buy it if you envision it as a barter item.
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Last week I’m reading the article everyone was linking to about how Obammy and Mitt “Ken Doll” Romney were oh so much alike.  I tell you the same thing three months ago and you hear a pin drop.  Some other site comes up with the same thing and the mayor comes up with the key to the city.  I tell you, the injustice around this place.  Anyway, I get to looking at another article on the same site and in the comments section is a fellow that basically says, “this guy has been fear mongering for X amount of years.  He makes money if he scares you to death”.  Implying that the fear is bogus because it is tainted by a perception of the author who is only out to make a buck off the rubes.  Kind of like The Arch Druid Dude who hates survivalists so much it scares me, as if I was seeing a guy just before he was going to go office postal, a slow oh way too serene look on his face as he whispers “zen like state of calmness” over and over again.  Damn, dude, survivalists don’t JUST want a sudden collapse because we fear a long slow one ( I mean, duh, who wants to live in someplace like current England where the surveillance state was taken right out of “1984” and even defending yourself with a dull piece of broken glass gets you ten years to life ).  You fancy yourself an intellectual, do some damn homework.  There was a thing called global thermonuclear war and it was a real threat ( in as far as all the information we had, not knowing at the time how contrived the threat was because the military industrial complex liked it that way ) and was, you guessed it, a sudden collapse.
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Anyway, get this.  The commenter was an investment broker.  Hello?  Here is the original whore, selling clients a bill of goods based on the irrational optimism that paper assets never lose value.  And you have the balls to call a doom and gloom writer on his selling fear?  How are you different?  You sell Pollyannaism.  He sells doom.  Both sides of the same coin, yes?  Look, snakeoil salesmen have been around long before the Cold War.  The first fallout shelter was probably sold by a former numbers runner for the mob.  The salesman was happy as he had fleeced another sucker, and the homeowner was happy that he now didn’t have to worry about dying early if the Soviets pushed ahead with global domination.  Plus, in the meantime, he could store wine down there!  Both parties won.  I don’t buy that innocent people are lured into prepping.  Oh, you might get the odd Y2K or Mayan Calendar person who hears a stray fear and hopelessness article and buys crap indiscriminately and wastes all their money.  But they should be rare.  They might also buy a sports car on a whim when middle age hits and they suddenly think they can trade up on the spouse.  These are impulse addicts and would waste the money somewhere if not preps.  No, I think the average prepper spends enough time in research to have informed and educated opinions.  Doom and gloom sites are just preaching to the choir. 
Now, they might be wasting folks money, cashing in on the craze, but they aren’t swaying opinions.  We all delude ourselves that we can save the world, but humans are pretty dogmatic about their beliefs and only change through pain.  That is the only reset button for behavior.  You can’t lecture someone to change ideologies, they have to be already convinced.  I suspect that the investment broker saw himself as the only smart one around and all others were total idiots and only he could save them from being influenced by any fact he didn’t agree with. 
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  1. OK here is the solving of your shaving problem. I use an old fashioned safety razor. I use a double blade for at least a month and usually longer. How? Rust is what destroys thin steel razor blades. I leave my shaver's head soaking in a cup of mineral oil. It doesn't rust and I shave a long time with it. I am quite a bit older than you and doubt your beard is tougher than mine. Any oil will do, I use mineral oil because it doesn't turn rancid. Try it. It works. -SemperFido

  2. Tweedleglee and Tweedledoom....

    I've got a little one-piece multi-tool that I bought off of a prepper's review... and while his opinion has a great deal of influence on buying THAT PARTICULAR multi-tool, I've been buying multi-tools for decades and have always been on the lookout for something small enough to carry with me all the time. Same blog recommended a one-piece survival knife. Did I buy it? No, I have a number of survival knives that I've practically never used.

    So yeah, they do have some influence, but you're right, I'm basically set in my ways and I only let them push me in a direction I was already going.

  3. Oh yeah, thanks, that reminded me I still needed to order your Bison Survival CD... It'll be great to have if for some reason my Internet access goes down but I still have electrical power. I might even be able to use my laptop one day a week if I charge it the rest of the week with my current solar setup.

  4. I remember back in the very early 90's, a shortage of cartridge primers was imminent and the prices skyrocketed to obscene levels.

    Hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico and price of gasoline jumps up 15 - 20 cents overnight.

    Firearm magazines are legislated to 10 round maximum and the full capacity price jumps 500% (or more).

    ITS A CRAAAZEEE WORLD WE LIVE IN. And some mofo somewhere is chuckling to himself as he / she counts their money.