Wednesday, July 11, 2012

more blather, suckers

Another reminder of a nice frugal site:
This is the guy who got a used travel trailer and a lot of land for a combined total of something like $600.  There might be a lot of problems with Texas, culturally speaking ( oh, surely, no where near the asshattery of most Gott Damn Yankee locations, but they definitely are their own country ), but they have gobs and oodles of cheap land, most is not larded up with Asswhore Puke Yuppie Scum inspired zoning laws like back here in the California Colony, and taxes and gun laws aren’t too bad as a nice bonus.  Unlike most places, they have plenty of practice assimilating with the Latino culture.  I don’t want to live there, but it certainly has a lot of pluses ( such as, if you really want isolation, look at the western part away from El Paso.  Talk about NOBODY around for hundreds of miles ).  I don’t know why I meandered off about Texas.  So, anyway, CAG ( Cheap Ass Guy ) is still posting despite lackluster attendance.  Pay attention to him, because his is a In Your Face example how even today in a crap economy you can escape the rat race for under two thousand bucks ( his example is inspiring, but realistically you can barely find land under a grand and shelter done cheap will be another thousand ).
I understand that you can’t get the wife interested.  We all have our problems.  None of you seemed to care when I couldn’t get laid.  Junk land and a trailer isn’t even really insurance anymore but a down payment on escaping the unemployment/homeless tax.  I don’t think it is a question of IF you might need to have a secure place to live without income, but WHEN.  I understand that your hero Mr. Yuppie Survivalist doesn’t think there will be major systematic issues for another twenty years or so.  We all have our opinions, they are all based on research.  I’m not saying I am right and he is wrong.  But I am saying that if I’m wrong you lose nothing and if he is wrong you end up humped.  He was certainly prepared far in advance of a calamity ( “better two years too early than two minutes too late” ), and I wish he harped a bit more on emulating that.  Also, popularity and commercial success does not mean he is all-knowing and powerful.  American Idol is just as popular, which should speak for itself.  We ALL have our blind sides and failings.  Think for yourself.  And above all, stop being so damn optimistic.
So, assume that there is a very real possibility that you won’t keep your job until you have all your perfect plans and perfect preps at a prefect location to get you through in perfect luxury.  Assume you must be prepared yesterday, and act accordingly.  Assume you are just about to be fired, assume you will never have enough prep money.  Buy the bare minimum.  You can always upgrade later.  A piece of junk land for a thousand bucks gives you a legal squat.  I’ve harped on this a hundred times, and you’ll hear about it again and again.  What does it cost?  A hundred bucks down, then pay it off quickly by giving up movies out, dinners out, no latte’s for a few months.  Whatever.  Sell some electronic toys.  You cut corners to go to college to earn more money, but you can’t cut them for months rather than years to save tens of thousands in rent?  Or, at least to make sure you are never homeless living out of the car ( until that gets repoed ).  You want to be homeless, waiting for the authorities to take your children away?  You think you are so special you can’t join the legions of former middle class car dwellers?  You have no influence in your job security ( even doing a great job won’t keep the company from filing bankruptcy ).  People in Greece and Spain are only living indoors because of federal welfare, the economy is so bad.  Thirty percent unemployment, and things are getting worse.  Honestly, how much longer do you think the welfare checks will keep coming, what with one austerity cut after another?  You’re a macho He-Man Survivalist, AR-15’s falling out of the closet, plans for world domination after the Apocalypse, yet you are going to be powerless to stop your eviction once you lose your job.  Sell one of your damn guns and go get a junk land lot with a shack on it.  You’ll have a place to live come the economic collapse.
Going back to the linked article, and on a lighter note, the Coleman LED lanterns.  I’d recommend a better lighting solution.  Get the smaller, $5-$7 lanterns that use AA instead of D batteries.  Or the stick-up push button lights.  Now get a small, book size solar battery charger for $25.  If one Coleman costs $40, in comparison you can buy a charger, a handful of batteries and two smaller lanterns for the same price.  And if you use throw away batteries, they are much cheaper.  You can easily move the charger around to available sunlight.  And worse case, you now have rechargeables in case the store closes forever.  And if one breaks, you have another.  Always have multiples of lesser power than just one perfect one ( LED’s, rifle scopes, etc. ).  I like the Home Depot LED’s.  Don’t buy the Wal-Mart mini lantern, they are of an old, weaker design. 
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  1. I see Rawles' site in under 'attack' again today. I don't know why someone would go after him. There are sites much more 'in-your-face' conservative and anti-gov.

  2. Greetings from Germany,Bigunsfan here. How goes it Lord Bison? Sorry you're having problems getting laid.

    Here in good old Germany the sun doesn't shine that much. It takes about 30 hours to charge 2 AA batteries. That sucks. I bought a Varta LED lantern that uses 3 d batteries,set on low the batteries last about 150 hours. I need to get some adapter doo-hickies so I can use AA batteries instead.

    I have a ton of candles, several oil lamps. Wicks last forever,no problem there. A half gallon/2 liters of lamp oil will last abou 150 hours.I must have about 10 small LED flashlights and 4 or 5 LED Headlamps. I like having back ups.

    Got my vacation money this month and bought a large quantity of beans and rice also picked up some spices,baking powder and canned fruit. Sugar was being rationed in Germany last month,lots of folks from Poland are coming to Germany and buying up the cheap sugar,that's weird.

    The economy is still doing pretty darn good over here. My boss keeps pressuring me to work more overtime hours,if TSHTF I'm going to kill him first. Anyhow, things aren't that bad over here. I've noticed a lot greek guest workers have returned to Germany, back in 2005 the economy was good in Greece and a lot of Greeks went back home. They're back.

    Well you mentioned Spain, my little baby girl is going to Spain. She finished her Abitur(exams) and is going to be a nanny for a year in Barcelona, then she's going to the University. Don't know how she got so smart, she speaks english,german,french and is learning spanish. I'm proud. Must of got her smarts from her Mom.

    The politicians love this crisis. The germans get to knock the greeks and the greeks get to call the germans nazis. It's a sick version of the blame game. The bankers are laughing all the way to the bank.

    I'll make a prediction.The Euro will not fail. Second prediction. The dollar will not fail.

    I think the banksters are going to milk us for the next 50 years. We better get used to it. Welcome to the new world order.

    I know thigns could go to hell in a heart beat. I just have a feeling that TPTB are going to drag this out a long time. Maybe I'm wrong,I'm still prepping. Who knows what will happen.

    I've rambled enough. Hope you get laid dude.


  3. Rawlesian survivalists are easy to spot- find the biggest propane tank, gasoline tank, and garage full of twenty three bug out vehicles. They can't possibly pose a threat to TPTB. Perhaps it is the neonazi skinheads who felt shunned by Rawles. I can't see the need for harrassment by the gov or individuals, but perhaps I don't hold a grudge like others can. Biguns, you might be right. But it doesn't matter either way if you prep, right? Assume the worst, prepare as if it is going to happen, then relax. I can see worrying, if you only prepare for a two week storm. Be cool.

  4. I visit CAL site, but because of the posting limitations, don't post there. I'd rather stay 'Anonymous'. But it is a pretty neat web page - I hope he keeps at it. Michael Boone's blog STAYING ALIVE is long defunct, but I still enjoy reading it.

    Junk lands has monetary perks, but study before you buy. Down here in Rio Grande Valley, property has become pretty expensive and buying waaaay the heck out there is only way of gaining some land for not so much money.

    For example, about 20 miles outside a city limits, 10 acres for $60,000, two lane road frontage, with power right on the road right of way. Not so bad - you are stealing an acre city lot if you pay that same amount, really closer to 100,000.

    Only the sellers did not let on that the county will be soon building a landfill adjacent to them - downwind of their property. God only knows what they will be smelling, but it sure won't pass for flowers. Property values are going to drop like crazy.

    Just do your homework is all I'm saying . . .

  5. Well damn me but he changed it. That or I'm going blind - way cool Anon posting allowed!