Friday, July 6, 2012

mayan surplus

Today, a hodgepodge of whatever caught my fancy.  First up, here we have an article from Commander Zero:
I agree that this is indeed a pretty cool graphic, in which our intrepid Last Great President, that would be the one and only Ronald Reagan to you wet behind the ears whippersnappers, rides a raptor into battle, the Stars and Stripes flapping besides the Gippers machine pistol casings spewing about ( one assumes, glinting off the rockets red glare ).  I have but one problem with the illustrators rendering, and that is the use of foreign firearms.  Well, I know the rocket launcher is Soviet, and that is all cool because who amongst us hasn’t watched Red Dawn at least a dozen times?  And while I can’t swear to it, not being a Gun Fag, I’d say the pistol was Italian or at least European.  How do you have a patriotic July Forth illustration and not use domestic firearms?  What about the Mac-10?  I don’t think the Grease Gun ( WWII .45 full auto ) would have looked as cool as the Mac, but at least it would also have been American.  And, yes, the LAW was at best a marginal rocket launcher.  But it is iconic and domestic.  Just because this is fantasy doesn’t mean the economic and logistic benefits of a domestic military supply don’t apply.
A loyal minion, being of thin wallet but full imagination, pays me in the realm of ideas.  And oft times very good ones.  The latest question, will the non-event of the Mayan Calendar end of world bring unto the market oodles and gobs of prep supplies at fair used prices?  Just as did the Y2K scare, it is hoped that this coming dud will see a lot of discouraged would be survivalists who give up on The Dark Side once their God is seen to have clay feet.  Now, while this would be nice, I can’t see it happening.  Y2K was grounded in solid science, and the Mayan scare is grounded in the ranting of a few wild hair hippies that chowed down of too much peyote, saw a vision of the Great Pumpkin, and moved to the top of the highest mountain they could find and who then tried to sell their BS in books to be able to buy supplies and more drugs since mountain tops are scarce on jobs.  The Mayan Calendar, in my humble but quite possibly wrong opinion ( and if I’m wrong, who gives a crap?  I’m dead or at least picking through your corpses ) was simply the result of a bunch of scientist star gazing dudes dying off with the rest of the population during the droughts that finished the empire.  This December was just the latest date they had computed before they ended in the stew pot ( if this seems far fetched, consider how our great, great grandchildren will try to explain all the cars and roads as they didn’t grow food but merely allowed us to earn food chits as we sold plastic doo-dads to each other ).  So, I’m pretty confident that those seriously prepping JUST for this event don’t have AR-15’s or MRE’s but instead crystal necklaces and Birkenstock sandals. 
A huge and hearty big hug and wet sloppy kiss to C.U. for his generous Amazon e-mail coupon this morning.  It had been five months between book buying ( other than used paperbacks at the discard ten cent table locally ) and I had just started buying again ( now that I’m one to two paychecks away from buying the BPOD lumber and I have the extra cash from the end of child support ).  But of course only one or two here and there.  I need to have the pit built before I go back to $120 a month book budget.  So I was still seriously Jonesing for care free buying.  I don’t mind being on a very constricting frugal budget, as I live primitive enough it is easy.  But I must have my reference books.  Those five months were almost like going without sex.  I ordered “Diary Of A Napoleonic Soldier”, “The Taste Of War” by Lizzie Collingham, and “The Great Wave” by David Fischer.  Life “in the trenches”, logistics and strategy, and history with economics.  All the great stuff I love to read about!  Thanks, dude!
To clarify my comments from yesterday, about the lack of paying money running this site, I meant no disrespect of my loyal minions.  I hope you didn’t take it as such.  I lost half my readers going from one blog to this one, but I feel the survivors are my true loyal minions and are really, literally, loyal ( a rare trait anymore ).  I don’t honestly care that my Amazon commission sales are down 80% or some such.  I’m no longer doing this for the love AND money, but mainly just the love.  Oh, I want commissions.  I’d like to keep getting at least research book money if nothing else.  I’m just not really sweating it too much anymore.  The gig was unsustainable long term, so why worry on it?  No, my comments were not directed at you, but myself.
I keep meaning to rub it in but kept forgetting ( I hope I forgot, rather than forgot I had already told you ).  About two or three months ago I got a donation from a widow.  Her hubby had been all into prepping and there was a gob of #10 cans and such.  Most were crap.  I was told to throw everything away.  Amongst that “trash” was six metal cans of wheat ( her quote “I think that is rice or something”.  Way to educate the misses, dead dude.  Glad she didn’t need to use any ).  You know, the old school thirty five pound square cans.  Score!  Two hundred more pounds of wheat for yours truly. 
Have a groovy weekend.
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