Friday, July 27, 2012

infinity razor

I’m sorry, but today I won’t be reviewing two thousand dollar night vision goggles,  $1300 battle rifles, $25 cans of freeze dried geese testicles, or much else that is fun and exciting and oh gee golly willigers.  I’m sorry that you are broke and can’t afford to equip your future Army Of Darkness with all the most expensive items.  If you think that highest tech, most expensive items, whose upkeep takes many craftsmen, is the best you can do for the apocalypse, I submit to you the knights of Europe confronting the Mongols.  But I digress.  Today’s review is on a razor.  You know, to cut that nasty crumb catcher off your face.  Now, I can just hear the many and varied legions shouting out in disapproval.  We’ll just wear cool Viking beards!  I have the cool manual powered razor the outer space dudes used!  I’m macho and shall use a straight razor!  For humps sake!  Haven’t you already done a half dozen articles on this?  Well, to answer all your complaints and questions, keep the following in mind.  You certainly can never shave again after the collapse.  All you cubical warriors might be mighty tired of scrapping the skin off your face every day, then placing a blood flow restrictive device ( a tie ) around your neck, then subjecting the skin of your nose to an unsanitary treatment as you are forced to shove said appendage up your bosses anal orifice.   Not shaving probably should pretty good about now.
But facial hair, except mustaches of course ( and all manly men should endeavor to grow one as it is one of the few things besides standing up peeing that guys get to do that bitches can’t.  Not that I don’t like bitches, I just don’t think we should look like them ) can get unsanitary and can also be used as a weapon in a fight as your enemy grabs hold of it.  Shaving helps you stay fresh and clean, gives you a better feeling about yourself and sets you apart from the stinking dirty savages.  As far as other kinds of razors, such as the one you yank on the cord to spin, you need to keep it as simple as possible because moving parts break.  And, if you have oily skin, it is best to stay away from electric type razors.  You need the manual blade that scrapes away the built up crap that can clog your pores and give you boils and ingrown hairs ( which, granted, will only kill you with an infection in extreme cases, but you need every advantage trying to stay healthy when no doctors are around ).  As far as straight razors, everyone should have one if you can afford it ( I was gifted a great one by a minion and still treasure it, though I can’t say I want to use it ) as the ultimate back-up, but they have a lot of issues from high cost for quality to high maintenance to the danger of use.  As far as having talked about all this before, today we present a new product, the Infinity Razor.
As a back-up to the back-up, I would invest in a $80 straight razor.  A one time investment, so go with German steel or similar.  Your primary back-up is a few decades worth of disposable razors ( get a blade sharpener for disposables and a pack of ten lasts a year.  Total cost for twenty years, $35 ).  Your regular razor could be the Infinity Razor, one of those “As Seen On TV” commercial products ( now through Amazon for about $8 ) that is a “carbon injected steel blades with tungsten-carbide”.  The thrift store ( the neighbor to my food bank ) had one of these, which I had never heard of.  I looked on Amazon to get the review comments, which were something like 99 to 1 unfavorable.  Now, being the frugal guy I am, I would usually heed the reviews and save my money.  I usual listen to the comments on books and I’ve rarely been steered wrong.  However, I had a sneaking suspicion these guys were cubical warriors and were used to the gentle loving caress of five bladed brand name razors, the kind that cost like $3 a friggin week.  I’m used to using crappy ten cent dollar store razors, so I suspected my experience would differ.
Sure enough.  The shave was actually BETTER than a disposable.  Well, perhaps.  I’ve noticed the more recent disposables are really crappy.  They almost seem to have shrank in width and I’m shaving each row twice.  Afterwards my face feels raw, both from brand new razors and those broke in plus those resharpened.  I’d say, the Infinity Razor is better or at least the same as disposables ( I’m talking about the one piece plastic twin blade units, not the replaceable cartridge ones ) used to be.  I’ve decided to keep using it.  Now, I can’t speak for longevity.  I don’t know the long term quality ( forget the money back guarantee,  you spend as much on postage if you just bought another one yourself ).  If you do go with this, I’d have at least three of them in case the plastic is cheap and breaks.  Also, this test was just for comfort, to refute the comments on Amazon.  Those folks expected it to be the same as Mach 3 or whatever.  Plus, I don’t shave everyday and I only shave with, not against, the grain.  Because of that I don’t need an expensive brand name razor.  If you do, the Infinity would be a post-apocalypse item only.  I can’t actually confirm this razor will last forever.  That what back-ups are for, to insure against typical “screw the consumer” corporate attitude ( amongst others reasons for back-ups ).  If we are all still talking in three or five years, I’ll give you an update.
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  1. Just a reminder - if gas masks of any sort are anticipated for use in your locale, facial hair will break their seal and allow particulates to circulate in your mask. Just saying.

    Personally, I like the scruffy look myself.

  2. Nightshift here,
    Not sure about the "Infinity Razor", have to check it out.

    I was suprised you left out extending the life of any razor for any new "wanna be minions". I am guilty of using the cartridge type track whatever with 3 blades or whatever.

    However, I clean it every use. I rinse it well, shake it out well, then dry it on a towel by dragging it backwards. I have a pretty rough beard and shave at least 5 times a week. I am on my second blade cartridge for 2012. I get about 3 or 4 months out of a blade so I get my moneys worth.

    I do have to use a bit more pressure and hit each part twice when I am getting to the end of blade life. I am about to replace one soon.

    I also have a set of electric clippers. Wahl I think. Cost me about $20. With a small inverter and proper care I should be able to at least do a short clipper beard and haircut if needed in the future. Short hair will be easier to keep vermin free.

    Here is a random thought for you that I hinted at on Cheap-ass-living. Maybe a post Idea. I am looking for a small cc motorcycle for commuting. There are bikes that get stupid mpg. At lower speeds some of the old 125cc street/trails hit 129 mpg in testing, and they can take rough roads. Some of the 250 cc street bikes advertise up to 84 mpg. You can find a runner for cheap too. I have seen them under a thousand but many under $2000. Insurance is dirt cheap. Could be a compromise between being beyond bicycle distance. Seems like it would be easier to score 2 or 3 gallons of gas a week, even if it is $20 a gallon. You could ride a distance and haul more with saddle bags, ect. You might get the wife on it with you. LOL.

    Your loyal minion for years..


    1. My wife has a 250cc Yamaha Virago that gets about 60 mpg. Some years ago when gas went over $4 a gallon, she commuted to work on that and was very happy. Its a street bike though with somewhat low ground clearance, not really suitable for rough trail riding. But with heavier dual purpose tires, I'm sure it would do.

      My brother bought his then 14 year old son a 100cc dirt bike years ago - it would make a great SHTF bike, but he would have to definitely tone down the 'Look At Me' finishes it has on it for stealth use.

      The runner is a good thought, especially if you live in or very near the urbans. But if commuting longer distance, might be dangerous - they are easy to miss due to very small size and even driving in the bicycles lanes, are easy to run off the road. The 'no insurance needed' is good, but only if you stay healthy - one car accident would render that null and void, hospital care is EXPENSIVE!

  3. Hey Jim,
    Forget the cheap “as seen on TV” crap. Get yourself a safety razor like they used in the 50’s. I have been using one for a little over a year and I get a closer shave than I ever got with one of those overpriced multi-blade disposables. Here is a breakdown of the cost. You can buy a Concord Safety Razor for about $11 on Amazon. It is not bad for a cheap razor made in China. If you want something a lot better, you can spend about $30 and get a Merkur Model 180 Long Handled made in Germany. The razor blades can be had for about $11/100 (Astra Superior Premium Platinum). These are really good blades. I personally prefer the Shark Super Chrome ($17/100). Originally, I purchased a sample pack of razors to figure out which blades I like best. The two mentioned above were my favorites out of the ones I sampled. YMMV. Now here is the good part. I only use one blade per month. So on the high side; I spent $30 for the razor and $34 for 200 razor blades that will last me approximately 16 2/3 years. Total investment $64. Total per year $3.83. When I purchased my razor and blades, I got free shipping from Amazon. If you buy the Concord razor and the Astra blades, your per year cost would be $1.97. Will the Concord razor last over 16 year? I do not know. However, I am very confident that the Merkur will.
    Now the way you get the blades to last longer is that you need to dry off the blade after each use. I usually just take the razor apart and us a Kleenex to pat it and the razor dry. Some people use a hair dryer. Since I do not have your “golden locks”, I do not own a hair dryer. The reason for drying it off is to stop the blades for rusting. Even if you are using stainless steel blades, they will get a micro level of rust on them and this is what dulls the blades. I guess you could also use one of those “as seen on TV” sharpeners. The might make the blades last even longer.
    And what do you do with all those old blades? I save mine. If the SHTF, I figure I could string up those old blades in strategic places as a deterrent for people trying to enter my area or a blind spot. If you had too, you could also put a piece of duct tape around one end of the blade and use it as a small knife.
    Sorry I was a little long on the comment. I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.
    GFGTC in Tennessee

  4. A cheap dollar store razor can last for several months if treated right. Here is how:
    After shaving, clean the soap and whiskers off the razor with a shaving brush and water, then, dip the razor in rubbing alcohol and set aside to dry. This removes the soap scum and water and prevents corrosion. A small jar of rubbing alcohol will last for years. Try it, it works! Hail Darwin

  5. "Here is a random thought for you that I hinted at on Cheap-ass-living. Maybe a post Idea. I am looking for a small cc motorcycle for commuting."

    I've given this option some thought as well. If gas were to go up too much more, I doubt that I could really afford to continue to commute to my distant job. Also, as Jim has pointed out many times before, car ownership is a huge, bottomless, money pit. An older motorcycle would be far easier and cheaper to maintain. (Though there are some inherent dangers involved; not as much from the motorcycles themselves but from the cars on the road, so be very alert!). A dual sport would be street legal, but offers the advantage of off road ability. I would try to go with at least 250cc if possible, so that you are able to ride it on the highways if you ever need to do so?

    As for the topic of razors. I currently use the Gillette Fusion. They're expensive, but one lasts me between 2 and 3 months. I also plan on getting a straight razor for post collapse use. I noticed that Bud K had some that were reasonably priced.

  6. You may want to reconsider the straight razor. I shaved with one for years then stopped for a decade or so. Still had all the equipment but learned my eyesight (have to wear bifocals now) is such that I can't use the straight razor anymore. Aging sucks most of the time.