Thursday, July 12, 2012

good serf, biscuit for you

I understand that we all wear self constructed blinders.  They are usually in pretty florescent colors and we put sprinkles and stickers on them and they look really rad.   But they are still blinders.  Some are necessary.  You love your wife, you tell yourself, she is more than a receptacle.  And she truly must love me, you insist to yourself, I am far more than just a paycheck.  My kids love me and miss me, and they might only call or write when they need money but I don’t mind since I’ll gladly pay that freight to stay in touch.  My job is important, I’m more than a mindless meat sack wasting oxygen and resources.  I contribute to society.  Okay, all these are necessary fictions.  Otherwise, if you didn’t make yourself believe them, you would first go Postal and then eat the end of a shotgun barrel.  I understand your self imposed delusion.  Some fictions, however, are best exposed for the life threatening flimsy leaning stacks of crap they are.  And one is your career or paycheck.  You tell yourself that if you work hard you will be rewarded.  If nothing else, you tell yourself on an extra cynical day, I’ll be the last one fired if I’m the best of the work force.
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In the Army, I didn’t much care once I became disillusioned.  I did just enough to not get an Article 15 ( disciplinary action, could include pay or rank lose ).  But once in the civilian job market I quickly learned to exceed the performance of others, and not ask for extra because of that.  Henceforth I was everyone’s darling employee.  I felt secure  and it was a great tradeoff.  Get paid less, but not worry about your job.  Then, slowly but surely, the corporate chain stores started taking over ( Wal-Mart is merely the poster child- they didn’t create the problem, our divorce from a manufacturing economy coupled with cheaper energy did ) and the Mom And Pop stores were still there, but they didn’t hire anymore.  I had to move to larger and larger urban areas to secure a job, and they were no longer interested in my security.  I still was a prized minimum wage monkey boy, but the new mantra became “be glad you still have a job and what have you done for me today?”.  Past performance no longer was rewarded, and each day you waited for an arbitrary corporate decision made a thousand miles away to effect your job ( even when the corporation was small scale and limited, the management still mirrored the giants, and all bosses became corporate lackey’s ). 
This is the new normal and in itself it posses no need for fresh comment.  But it does reflect on were you live.  Survivalists mostly still have the attitude that if they only work really hard, keep their head down and their nose to the grindstone their boss will somehow look out after their well being and keep them on.  Through hard economic times they will retain their current employment and still be able to make the mortgage and keep stockpiling number ten cans of soy meat.  Oh.  My.  Friggin.  God!!!!!  I’m pissing blood right now laughing uncontrollably.  Even if your corporate boss loves you, which while unlikely is still possible, there will be “nothing he can do” when the time comes for cost savings.  Just as the Nazi rank and file conscripts honestly had no choice but to “just follow orders” ( they were drafted and could pick and choose military discipline or a bought of questioning by the Gestapo if they refused ), your token supervisor in the corporate hierarchy has no choice but to go along with the bloodletting in order to himself ( well, mostly now “herself” ) stay employed.  And pretty please with sugar on top, stop living in denial.  Corporate America long ago started cannibalizing itself in order to survive.  Periotic and regular downsizing is built into the game. 
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It isn’t a question of if but of when you are laid off.  To stay in a dangerous area because of a job is silly.  To stay for a great paying job is silly.  To stay in an overpriced home paying insane levels of property tax is silly.  To stay in debt bondage, unable to even outright buy land in the hopes of escape because nothing nearby is affordable, is silly.  When, not if, you lose your job, all the advantages fade away, you are suddenly totally screwed with no where to turn.  If the economy is imploding, you KNOW you are screwed job wise.  What are you waiting for?  Your allowable and financially doable options slowly fade away.  Take those blessed blinders off, at least as far as your job security.  You are in actuality blinded to the cliff racing up in front of you.  Screw the money.  Money has zero security and is anymore a zero redeemable claim of wealth ( they are corporate store chits.  Cash them in as quick as you can ).  Why place yourself in danger for a piece of paper that evaporates in buying power daily?  Escape now, downgrade, enjoy your life for once while you become more secure. Security is needing less money, not earning more.  Your employer will throw you under the bus for an extra 1% annual bonus increase.  Screw em!  Before they screw you.
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  1. Jim a piece of junk land to live on today is good advice but i sold it as a hunting base to the wife.We have camped on it a few times she likes the area and mabe a shed will be in the works soon.

  2. Nightshift here....I agree. I am modifying your advice though. I live far enough of town that I drive 40 miles one way to work. Why? Cause after gas, insurance, ect. I am still buy food, ammo, feed, paying of my land, basically improving things weekly. My friend holds the note and I believe him when he says he won't forclose. We are like family without the back-stabbing.

    If it all collapses I am surrounded by forest and know most of the neighbors. All the closer neighbors are pretty trustworthy I think and some will be assets. Some have food stores, equipment, skills.

    I guess my point is that I am out of town. Nearest gas station is 14 miles. I can still make a check for now so I commute with out being in a city. I am always improving food production and neighbors have free range cattle, goats, half of us have chickens, and for now alot of game.

    My original plan was more like yours. A 75 mile range with a small cabin/shack in the woods. It morphed to living full-time a little closer. The beauty of it is that I have 3 lots equalling 32 acres. The residence on one lot has everything paid for. If all else fails, I pay taxes on the original lot and paid for trailer. We may build later as we are in a single wide. We want something more solid.

    You talk about being accepted in a community but we have built our own here.

  3. I did, I quit. 6 figures. Did this to turn my attention to getting squared away for what's coming. I needed 6-12 months free time and weekends would never be enough to accomplish what's involved.

    Let the collapse begin ... err, but not right away please. Give me another 6 months.

    Everything takes longer than you imagined.