Tuesday, July 31, 2012

food fetish

Before I start today, you simply MUST go read this weeks Woodpile Report.
Ol Remus must have gotten an extra helping of bran cereal this morning because he is in rare form.  I mean, he’s always funny in a sly, witty way, but today he troweled on the sarcasm and this weeks article is beyond hilarious. I’d go as far to call it Monty Python funny.  If you don’t read it and the apocalypse happens tomorrow you will be so crushed with despair that I’d wager you’d want to eat your shotgun.  And no one wants that.
I know I talk a lot about food security.  If I was a true blue all American survivalist writer I’d only talk about guns and anything you could buy from my advertisers.  But I care about you all for some reason, quite beyond my capacity to understand, and I’d like to see you actually survive past the current troubles.  I harp on wheat because a years worth of bare bones calories is about $102 ( plus containers of course ).  That same money would feed you the same number of calories for exactly two weeks if you ate MRE’s.  Oh, I grant you, you will much happier with your menu choice as you are eating the MRE.  For about three weeks after that last military ration was consumed you could look back fondly on your animal flesh and well fortified with fat meal.  Then you would most likely be dead ( if you weren’t so fat that three weeks was just a breathing spell for your bowels ).  And, as a bonus, in the meantime that you are accustoming yourself to a heavy wheat diet currently ( so as to not shock your system come collapse time ), you save a lot of money on your food budget.  Wheat makes too much sense to ignore.
But to get back to business, today I’d like to once again remind you of the very tough row you are likely to hoe as a farmer during the collapse.  I’m not claiming my choice of herder will be any easier ( I’d wager much harder due to current land controls and the current lack of practice- you can’t fence in, water, and feed store bought food and get the same practice as foraging/herding ).  I’m not claiming farming isn’t right for AFTER the collapse.  I’m merely saying that you might not be allowed to feed yourself under the current leadership.  As I said yesterday, the US government has a history of controlling whole populations through food control ( the plains Indians and the strategic decimation of the buffalo ).  They also have a great history of slaughtering innocent civilians to try to control rebelling partisans.  But I won’t get into that.  Consider the current controls on farming.  You can’t- quite simply.  Everyone is invited to garden vegetables ( in yet another wearisome side note, the current Shocking E-Mail Expose Of The Day making the rounds is all the bunny food coming out of China is grossly contaminated.  Duh.  Everything coming out of China is total crap.  The e-mail points to frozen veggies being mostly from China.  Check your labels.  If the Powers That Be want you to eat most of your calories from vegetables and grains, you can bet that this is one of the worst diets for you.  Genetically modified corn and soy and commie contaminated bunny food ).  Nobody other than a select few are allowed to grow their own food.
If you look around, almost without exception, food growing corresponds with wealth.  If you are part of the Yuppie Scum that can afford to consult with an expert on where to live, you can afford high dollar real estate that can grow food and keep you out of harms way from the proletariat masses.  Everyone else need not apply.  And zoning is another great way to keep everyone dependent.  The Indians were denied their food source, herded into reservations, and were starved into submission.  Today, the Yankee Scum led government operating out of DC have denied the average person the means to grow their own food, herded them into cities or suburbs, and use the threat of starvation to get them to submit to the rule of their colonial leaders.  You think you are free?  Try surviving off the money economy outside the bankers/government/corporate control.  Good luck.
Which is of course why there won’t be a revolution unless there is starvation first.  99.9% of the population will eagerly submit to total gun confiscation, an implanted Model 666 Microchip, their children turned into gay worshiping models of PC diversity spineless propaganda regurgitators,  calling on the free telephone line to turn in their family members to the thought police and fighting amongst themselves for the last scrap of the Constitution to wipe their asses with.  Control their food and their asses will follow.  Which is another wonderful reason to stash wheat ( preferably in different places ).  The land you plan on growing food on can be controlled, food stashes will be a lot more difficult ( although, don’t discount the use of torture to get you to reveal the location.  In the very near future, food stockpilers will be terrorists, and waterboarding is the tool of choice to our wannabe Gestapo jack booted thugs ) to confiscate.  You are not allowed to grow your own grain ( well, pay enough bribe money and you will be ) so do the next best thing and cheaply stockpile the mechanized grain the monopoly corporations offer.  You will be very glad very soon.  And remember, for protein, stockpile a fat wife.  A bed warmer in the winter, shade in the summer and stewpot meat after the apocalypse.
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  1. A fat wife for protein, a bed warmer in the winter, shade in the summer and stew pot meat after the apocalypse. You're too funny dude. LOL

  2. I see he wrote about generators. Jim, I know you had some solar panels and then got a generator so you have experience with them. How long can you run low to mid grade home generator for on 5 gallons of gas? I'm sure it depends on a lot of factors what can someone expect with a cheapo generator.

    I have a few solar panels to run my small electronics directly(radios and chargers), don't expect to do much more with it except charge salvaged car batteries. What do people do with their generators? Turn on all their house lights and run their fridge for a week then have nothing when the gas runs out? Will the noise attract unwanted attention?

  3. And for something completely different!


    Nevada will never have any stupid pension problems which is most excellent since paying for state pensions in the future will be stinking paid by stinking tax increases on the stinking, bleeting sheep because pensions from their ironcladeness makes it hard for states to discharge to avoid paying.

    Nevada rules, yaah mah beechez!!!

    WOW!!! My word usage has gotten gooder since reading your blog!!!

    Thanks Lord Jim!!!

  4. 457- my gennie, which I already got rid of and good riddance ( less than a hundred hours and blown fuse, broke pull cord and carb problems )- the neighbor needed one and he is a mechanical type of guy who could easily fix all that- got eight hours per gallon. If you get sun, go with solar. Iran can't shut down the sun.