Friday, July 13, 2012

fergusons baked beans

For this Friday you get a bonus.  I’m not writing as much.  Yes, today you will be allowed to rapidly read, get to the friggin point already, and then get on with your life.  Why so magnanimous?  I’m taking a half day off at noon and going to the lumber store.  I can plan until I’m dead, save until the money is useless, but if I don’t just go ahead and build the damn thing I won’t have a super deluxe underground bunker complex to survive the winters post apocalypse.  Yes, I have the test pit, but that has earth walls and I’ll admit I’m a bit of a pussy.  I won’t sleep well thinking creepy crawly things are on me.  Today, sloppy reality replaces pie in the sky dreams.  So I’m not writing at lunch as per usual.  Today, a nice fiction book which supplements the Ferguson rifle, and a bachelor recipe ( I hate recipes, but a short description is always allowed ).
Last weekend I read a very good novel, “1636 The Kremlin Games”, part of the Ring Of Fire series were the redneck town gets hurled back in time and all those independent Americans give the royalty of Europe a hard time about torturing peasants and such.  I love sci-fi, mostly, if it isn’t too retarded with unlimited energy ( which I guess is why I like a bit of doomer in it ), but this series is great in that it slightly touches on rebuilding industry without infrastructure.  The first book, “1632” had a bit more of that than the next two, but The Kremlin Games really had it in spades.  And to think I picked it up used for $4.  Anyway, besides the road grader building which went a bit over my head, there is a pretty detailed account ( in general terms, of course ) of the trials of designing a breech loading flintlock black powder rifle.  In effect, a plug held the charge, powder and wadding, and the plug was inserted into the breech and then turned to align with the priming hole.  You could carry a bandoleer of pre-made plugs.  This seemed, to me anyway, a nice alternative to the Ferguson.  The story was good, the rifle design made the book great.
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Here is another one I keep wanting to write about, then when the time comes I say to myself, crap, did I already put that in an article?  I tell you, I’m losing my mind finally.  If I haven’t already covered it, Po Boy Bake Beans.  Baked beans are tasty.  Not as a side dish as traditionally served, but as your carb base to put meat in for a single dish meal.  Less meat and filling.  Yet, baked beans are treated by their manufactures as if they contained flakes of pure gold.  Thanks for the sugar and the spices, but really!  How much are you asking for that small can?  It’s frippin piracy, I tell you.  So, to cut your cost in half, take a can of pork and beans and add BBQ sauce to taste while you are heating them up.  Almost the same thing, much cheaper.  Okay, that’s it.  I’ll be around a few more hours to post comments and answer e-mail, then I’m gone.  Have a great weekend.
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