Tuesday, July 10, 2012

along comes a drought dreary

I’ve already written recently on the possibility of drought and its grave consequences because of our vulnerabilities.  See Spot centralize agriculture, see Spot deplete his soil and replace its nutrients with artificial fertilizer.  Then see the dumbass centralize and destroy the family farm, after making the means of production vulnerable to financial forces.  As the globe runs out of conventional energy, see Spot pollute the groundwater in the breadbasket fracking for the remaining energy reserves.  Now let’s all watch the rabid mongrel cur Spot slowly chock on his bile as his distended stomach drags the ground.  Bad Spot!  Bad dog!  No biscuit for you.  Not only were you bad, we don’t have anymore biscuits since they were made with corn meal.  Yes, boys and girls, this here current drought looks like it might have the makings of some serious indeed crap.  Paradigm changing crap.  But today, and today only, I’ll do us all a favor and just spell out the horrid consequences of a comparatively speaking Very Bad Drought and I won’t touch on the potential for global downward spirals into death, destruction and chaos.
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This is the starting point to worry.  I’d just like to expand on the article.    Without claiming divine insight into the future, I’d say now is a good time to panic buy.  Even if all is well, buying food is never a waste of money.  You will eventually eat it.  I understand that dairy and meat will skyrocket in price, and life without those is indeed foul and unpleasant, almost not worth living.  But try to resist the temptation to stockpile those.  You need the biggest bang for the buck, and that is grain.  Buy the crap out of it.  Now.  If you can’t get wheat berries ( and only buy what is in stock.  Don’t order it.  You might never get it and by then your refunded money isn’t worth spit ), get white flour, white rice, anything.  Live a little dangerously with next paychecks budget ( not recklessly, just push the envelope as far as you can ) and buy as much as you can.  If you can’t afford buckets, just go with the large plastic totes for short term storage.  You must stockpile what we assume will shortly be scarce, and that is grains.  Not money ( that will never run out ), nor buckets ( the price might shoot up, but they won’t disappear until the oil does ). 
The problem isn’t going to just be the price of sweetener tripling or livestock feed running out with weeks long waiting periods.  This is sure to happen.  But as corn becomes scarce and expensive, any other food is going to be bought up instead.  So ALL grains and basic foods will run up in price and become unavailable or restricted.  And don’t forget, food prices doubling will be the least of your issues.  Since ten percent of our gasoline is corn, expect problems there.  It might become much more difficult to even get to the store to look for food.  And what about geo-politics?  The last time there was a drought, most countries halted grain exports, and as a result a few areas had famine or at least widespread malnutrition.  And the last time we didn’t have a surplus of cheap corn for a neighbor we got a failed nation state on our border, which still bleeds through in out of control crime and immigration ( not to mention a cut in oil imports, even though that CAUSED the whole lack of corn issue as we retaliated ).  The last time the middle east lacked cheap surplus corn, we got widespread rebellions and civil wars.  Care to speculate what happens the next time the corn supply hits zero world wide?  How about the straw that pushes the financial implode button, sees such massive fighting we can’t begin to respond to a tenth, quite possibly the Straight Of Hormuz becoming impassable.  The end of our dollar domination has already started, so it isn’t impossible to think that will snowball.  Since food is fundamental, the first sign of starvation takes any and all bets off the table.  It truly is Game Over.  Not as far as ushering Mad Max, but certainly the end of the world going along with our BS.  We might come no where near starving, yet the rest of the world doing so as a result of the end of our Cheap Food Bribes will end all cooperation and usher in plenty of direct conflict against us.
We might suddenly see gas rationing and such, since 60%-70% of our oil is still imported.  And how much of our food do you think our leaders will take out of our mouths to desperately buy more oil?  Are you willing to bet your life they won’t?  Care to guess how many countries will help out with our empire failing by subsidizing armed conflict within our borders?  Will the US as a political entity survive a drought?  Stranger things have certainly happened.  Hey, this might all be way over the top, but what if extreme paranoia actually underestimates the future?  I’d go shopping now, if I were you.  And keep the tanks full.  How are you going to suffer?  You’ll use the gas and eat the food.  If nothing bad happens, you’ve just bought cheaply now.  You might be inconvenienced by dredging up the cash.  I hope you can handle the strain.
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  1. Sound advice, food is going up already.The food companys will use this harvest to up prices to where they want them.the perfect storm is forming we can see the clouds i am not waiting for the alarms to sound.African style food shortage kinda fitting with our presiding king isnt it.