Thursday, June 7, 2012

why, yes, it is all about me

I have a sixth sense about these kinds of things, so I can tell when I’m right.  As an impartial observer I can report that this happens about 99% of the time.  I of course was correct when I guessed that the fiction attempt was doomed before it even got started.  Believe, this kind of thing, always being right, is a burden none of you share and hence have the ability to gauge.   But seriously, I think I did need the vacation.  I’m a bit more inclined to see possibilities as they present themselves, as far as what to write about.  Nothing earth shattering or new and unique.   That boat sailed a long time ago.  Which is why I don’t really feel I can go back to the Bison Survival Blog.  It would have just embarrassed all of us if I thought I could keep it fresh and alive.  It was time to hang it up.  Best to just let my mind meander and talk about whatever ( with of course a prepper/survivalist slant to it ).  Today we talk about writing.  Not a lot most of you care about, but I’ll throw a few tidbits your way to keep it interesting.
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While I know I’m always right, it pisses me off when other people are also.  One minion stated that I’d be back to daily posting after a short time.  And it makes me mad because now I’ve proven him right.  Damn!  I wrote every weekday the last three weeks, even if I only posted on Wednesday.  But as I’ve mulled over before, I just don’t seem to have it in me to write fiction ( I think I can write short stories, but I should definitely stay away from attempts at novels ).  I was still missing the satisfaction I got from my regular writing, postulation and pontificating on the state of the world and the future.  So once again I’m back, and please forgive me my waffling and indecision.   I’m sure it will indeed happen again, but let’s hope a long period of time passes before that comes to pass.  I get pretty stressed and anxious about what is to come and I guess sometimes it is harder to separate that from my writing than usual.  When I went to weekly posting, my thoughts were “it is all almost over, we are all going to die, what the Hell is the point anymore?”  That is still my feeling, but now I need to go back to using the blog as a way to try to sooth over the way off the cliff, as a distraction to myself and perhaps for others.  I thought fiction was the way to go but I guess not.  Besides which, I was probably going to lead down a very dark path ( in character development and plot ) which none of us, myself included, needed to see.  Like a wet fart in white tennis clothes, some facts of life are best left unseen.
Over at Creekmore’s blog, there was a profoundly disturbing statement made that I must comment on.  Of course, before I do, I must remind everyone that I like Creekmore, hope for the best for him, and have always felt he was like the red headed stepbrother I never had.  So this should be taken with the understanding that I’m playfully disagreeing with him and there is no real hate behind my outburst.  He was heaping an embarrassing amount of praise on his Wolf Pack, claiming that his blog was all about THEM, not himself.  Really?  Can we be a bit more obsequious?  Suck up, much?  Every writer writes about what they know and what they feel.  Even professional educated professors allow their prejudices show through ( I was thumbing through “A time travelers guide to medieval England”[ I think I have the title right ] and was aghast as the fool was pondering how women felt about being so abused and subjugated, phrased completely from a modern feminist viewpoint.  Really?  Women’s suffrage was a concern then?  Or was famine and childhood death a wee bit more important to them? ).  While Creekmore is trying to say, it seems to me, that he doesn’t write about his life or about what he had for dinner last night, but what I think is that the blog is about all his readers only because they mostly write the damn thing!  Take this blog.  Of course it is all about me!  Who else am I going to write about?  My ex-wife?  Rawles?  Isn’t this about my journey towards collapse insurance, with the assumption that you all might benefit from all my dumbass mistakes?  Do I toot my own horn?  All the friggin time?  Of course, I’m my number one fan.  Would I have the ego to assume anyone wanted to read my drivel otherwise?  And let’s face it, you all suck!  You all have boring suck ass lives living under the whip in suburbia.  I, on the other hand, live without grid power freezing in a tin box.  While living a boring life under the whip of the wife and boss.  My life is much more interesting to hear about!
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So, to sum up, I’m back to posting Monday through Friday, subject to revision at any time.  I’ll try to talk about something marginally interesting everyday, but of course guarantee nothing.  I still love you all, although I’ll still call you all Loyal Minions.  It is term of endearment, not derision.   Except for that asswhore that owes me $20.  I’m not feeling too much love for him. 
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  1. about fucking time. If you click under followers while you are signed in you can change the word followers to minions. I will announce your change of heart over at twocentsworth. your friend,the rat

  2. by the way why don't you get rid of that damn two fuzzy word, prove your not a fucking robot, bullshit?
    the rat

  3. i know how you feel. when someone is right it make the others upset. that's why they say the truth hurts. hurts like a d... in the a..

    speaking of d....

    crickmore didn't give up,ok, he did give up but he came back. if he can do it so can you. he has bad hair, realy bad hair,he can't help it, genetiks i guess.

    right now reminds me of 2008, right before the shit starts to fall. its gonna be a a new wave of crap. a big stinky crap storm. now is you're chance .

    you need a new frugal survival book or just update the old one. people are gonna be looking for info on cheap survival.

    i'm on my 3rd gin and tonic so its hard for me to be coherant. sorry,that's life.

    you need more internet time. more research. write a new bookk. no fiction crap. frugal survival. lay off the semi auto rant and peak oil crap. write about cheap living you know about that. you're gun knowlegde sucks big time, i'm being hones. shotgun,wheat, sleeping know the deal.

    maybe a small booklet 50 pages maybea cd?

    i find the advertising annoying. advertise at the end of the post. who evar suggested the new approach sucks ass. go back to BUY MY CRAP. that's honest that real that is dakin.

    lay off the anal thing, stop mocking jesus. i think you pissed a lot of folks off with the blasphemy thing.

    i would send you the 20 bucks but i'm afraid the african postal workers would steal the 20 dollar bill out of the envelope, they smell money.

    you're pal Al

  4. MR- thanks for the tip, and I'll switch off the robo-password for now. If I get way too much spam I'll have to turn it on again.

  5. I'm of two minds as to your decision. I enjoyed your daily postings enormously - but was honestly worried about burnout. Your weekly postings just aren't the same somehow.

    I agree with Al, can there not be some way of financially benefitting for you? Books, T-shirts, TV appearances? I'd hoped you could be some kind of "James-Carville-for-Doomers": a folksy, entertaining person saying some interesting things. As Al wrote, you'd have to cut back on the use of the word, "asswhore" (I cringe...and grin every time I read it) and criticising religious believers though.

    Your second last paragraph was Very Good. Artists ARE the vainest people in the world...about their work. They can't help it and it shouldn't be held against them.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. He is a fool. He is trying to build a brand on a "phrase" wolf pack and wolfpack that are trademarked three ways from Sunday. I warned him but he is not the type of person who listens to anything he doesn't want to hear. He is one cease and desist letter from having to go through a major name change.

    He has made blanket statements a number of times that there are too many bloggers out there- what he really means is that he makes his money from it along with cross promoting his books, and doesn't want any of his followers to spend time at any other prepper sites.

    This of coure comes from someone, who as you noted, does not write an awful lot of the content on his blog.

    His blog itself is o.k. It serves a purpose I guess. I have not followed it for sometime so I really don't know if there have been much in the way of changes.

    Your fiction did sound like it was going to get twisted. Very little (any?) of the twisted fiction I have read that was apocalyptic has been any good. It is probably possible, but sounds like a big challange for a first time novel.

  7. Glad you were able to take a little time off and get it back together. I was missing the ranting.

  8. Well that was pleasant...trying to sign in after I wrote my comment and it ate it.

    Glad your back. We must do what we do best. I tell people that means I'm out annoying the working man.