Wednesday, June 20, 2012

rhodesian refugee

Before we begin today, and before I forget again, if you are only tuning in on Wednesday please be advised I’ve gone back to each weekday posting in my regular non-fiction.  I won’t repeat all the why fors and how tos.  Just go back to the first post after the fiction installment last.  I should have notified you of this earth shattering and life altering event last Wednesday but as you are all aware administration duties are not my forte.  When you are busy casting pearls before swine sometimes these small details elude you.
Tuesday Rawles had an article on a former Rhodesian farmer leaving in time to avoid the mobs and becoming a citizen of the world.  The next day there were the predictable tirades against the author as the Yuppie Scum Warrior Elite protested any notion that contradicted their sacred belief that a pallet of 308 was a magical elixir to any standard of living decrease.  Sure, they had a point.  But not for the reasons they believe.  In today’s article I’d like to make a very simple point.  You can’t live a “forever growth” existence here in the US, and you won’t be able to find that Garden Of Eden elsewhere either.  Now to the particulars.  The article is here:
Once upon a time I thought that Americans had severe blinders on, addicted to oil slaves and unwilling to believe anything bad could change that.  Thanks to this article now at least I know there are more idiots out there and we aren’t the only ones wearing our asses as a hat.  The problem starts with comparing the civil war in Rhodesia with a future conflict.  Well, it wasn’t even really a civil war but a slave revolt.  The Whites were kicked out.  Sure, they made a mess of the place after they took over ( like in South Africa and other places ), but it was theirs to screw up ( okay, it was the dominant tribe that were the new masters of everyone else, not the whole population.  Resource wars are messy affairs ).  To hear a displaced white farmer complain about the situation is like listening to a Mexican complain about how the US stole their northern land.  First off, one Indian tribe took the land from another tribe, then the Spanish came along and stole the land, after which time the Mexicans stole the land from Spain and then the US stole it.  The Mexicans have no right to complain, and neither will the US when the Chinese backed providence of TacoLand steals it back after the North Koreans EMP our ass back two hundred years ( or whatever ). 
Now, just because you were right about the Blacks taking over by force doesn’t mean squat.  You don’t see the coming PODA ( post oil dark ages ) so I question your ability at forecasting.  And because you got lucky once, you think it will happen again?  You went from farming to banking in an era when bankers were taking over the farms ( at least, in places they weren’t being nationalized ).  When credit was taking over from precious metal based capital.  When globalization was a growing force as the US farmed out industrialization and as the bankers started cannibalizing the infrastructure built up from over four hundred years of Western control of the globes resources.  When the US dollar was backed by the then amazing petroleum output of Saudi Arabia.  And now you think placing your faith in all the institutions built on those trends is a good bet.  I wonder if this puff piece of fantasy Yuppie Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous was written on consignment from the Rothschild’s?    
When the Titanic is sinking, you don’t buy stock in shipbuilder companies.  Banks are built on perpetual everlasting growth, and to invest in their pieces of paper and calling it wealth is humping retarded.  Anything you have a need for should be stockpiled already- keeping cash for it is stupid, just from an inflation and scarcity standpoint.  I would advise about a months needs in cash and not much else ( if you are renting, just enough gas money to make to a highway overpass were you can camp out until zombies attack and eat you ).  Can stockpiling bite you in the ass?  Absolutely.  So can not stockpiling.  Unless you are a peasant farmer that can keep growing his own food ( and can run away to a relatives mountain village for safekeeping and a few meals until the marauders are done invading his settlement ) you will need to stockpile.  This idiot sounded like he thought fleeing with cash stocked in another countries bank was a great way to be fed.  Yesteryear, it was.  Today and especially tomorrow, a suicide strategy.  In a lot of ways a lot of other countries will be better positioned to weather the collapse.  But that is after they have decoupled themselves from the currency economy. 
Just look at Mexico.  A lot of break down going on down there.  Our corn to ethanol conversion after Mexican oil production fell off a cliff and exports to the US took a severe hit was the start of it.  Now add in economic troubles and there is not enough money to keep up the petroleum inputs ( fertilizer and irrigation ).  Now add in a severe drought.  All together, a country that should be able to feed itself is in big trouble.  Just think, by taking Mexican drugs you are helping to feed a peasant south of the border.  I wonder how international bankers are going to fare down there in a few years?  Money has always been worthless.  But we had energy surplus to back the paper.  We are in a period where money is being recognized as worthless, as energy supplies fall.  Cash is trash. 
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  1. Energy decline will take longer than you think. Iraq, after 20 years of very little oil output (since the first gulf war), is almost back online to feed the world oil supply. It will be a huge deluge to the world oil supply and oil prices look to plummet.

    Plus, when the pipelines get built from North Dakota and the Canada tar sands to the refineries, there will be plenty of oil. Did you know that the Canadian tar sands hold a proven 1300 year supply of all the oil the U.S. now consumes?? Yes, that is one thousand three hundred years worth of all the current U.S. consumption.

    You are certainly correct, but way premature.

    1. Im sorry. I call bull pucky on 1300 years. I do think that we need the pipeline but that is alot of oil. Jim you are still awesome.

    2. I remember hearing the "1,300 years" quote on a NPR story in the past year too. Without a pipeline it ain't going to help supply much though.

  2. Anon is in denile of peakoil and doesnt understand what cheap oil is.All tar sand oil is just converting natural gas btus to a liquid form. It and ethonal are just forms that match our distribution and equipment intrastructure.We will never run out of oil!! its the price and amount thats the problem.

  3. Learn about EMP

  4. Interesting thing - the land in South Africa and much of Rhodesia didn't have anybody living there when the whites moved in. The 'natives' moved south after the Boers made the place nice.
    Yes, that refugee did in fact have moral backing behind his complaint. Africa is not a place where morals matter, except as a handicap.

  5. NPR. Oh, such an unbiased source. We are saved!

  6. Jim,
    do you know which ads are posted to your blog?
    You talk about zombies and then there is this ad?!
    All-Natural Pet Food
    Free range meat & organic veggies. Buy direct at wholesale prices.
    or is my mind warped from reading your blog for so long?

  7. funny ads indeed

    is this how you met you're wife?