Friday, June 29, 2012

hold me, I'm scared

There is no end of climate change doomers out there.  You’d think that survivalists would eagerly embrace another possible way for the world to end but it seems most of us look at the Gore Warmers as Berkenstock wearing tree hugging commie tea drinking twats.  Myself amongst those detractors.  One of the few climate doomer survivalists is the freeze dried food guy over at Survival Acres.  And I’ve always taken his eminent demise wailings with a huge grain of salt.  Just as you’ve all scoffed at my Peak Oil panic over the years.  But this morning I stumbled on to the article at Survival Acres that linked to Guy McPherson.
and the original
Perhaps after yesterday’s anal violation by the First Kenyan I was open mentally to any suggestion, being mentally battered and traumatized.  But I couldn’t help but be a new kind of very worried as I read up the latest by Guy ( who I respect ) on how the tripping points into extinction level events were already surpassed, only being slowed by the continued burning of petroleum.  Now, I don’t buy into the whole thing.  While I’ve read that a single airplane trip uses more energy than all the calories burned to erect the Great Pyramid ( or, it could have been that figure was transporting a single passenger- I can’t remember exactly ), so I suppose that our daily fleet of planes could theoretically really impose quite an effect on the atmosphere, I still have a hard time believing that those plane trips alone are keeping the climate from warming up to ocean acidification levels in a mere few days ( the article was saying that the contrails were deflecting heat back out ).  I’m not saying I’m right, just that I have a hard time believing it.  I’m not heavily into science and don’t have the background to judge. 
And while I might not buy into the whole “doomed by climate in the next few years”, I am certainly pausing to think about it.  It isn’t that we’ve had freak events like that three feet of hailstorm.  Those weird things can always happen.  It is more like the unrelenting string of ever new freak events that pile on top of each other.  The American West has had 500 Year Events before as far as drought ( the Anasazi and further south the Mayan civilization collapses ).  Texas and New Mexico have had mega-fires before ( they might be worse now but only because of manmade unnatural suppression in past years ).  No, what stands out to me is the unstopping global weirdness.  You’ve got to be thinking something is up wid dat, homie.  And yet, just the weather isn’t my only concern.  The weather is just the latest in a long line of potential life altering events that are piling up and waiting to realign in a Perfect Storm.  Politically, I’d wager the divide between federal dictatorship and freemen has never been greater than since the War Of Northern Aggression.  We’ve had generations of encroachment on our freedoms.  From the end of precious metal as money to the military draft to the Commerce Clause to the Cold War and the Red Scare to the War On Drugs to the War On Terror.  Every generation it gets worse and worse and I can’t help but wonder if the ObammaCare BS isn’t a tripping point for those that have so far held back wishing to reestablish Constitutional government.  The new ruling no longer punishes you for earning money but punishes you if you don’t pay money regardless of your financial position ( on the news today- Romney says if elected he will repeal AND REPLACE ObammyCare.  Notice he is just replacing it with RomneyCare ).  It also establishes that the government can now force you to eat broccoli ( a reference to the Bush One discussion on eating that putrid swill ).
Financially, it is merely a question of when not if the derivatives mess explodes.  When you try to get rich on gambling and you loose, then you gamble some more to try to stop the lose or keep the mob from breaking your kneecaps, it usually ends badly.  The banks got rich on derivatives, then lost their ass and are now gambling with yet more derivatives ( JP Morgan now up to nine billion and counting in loses ) while trying to get government to bail them out.  But when you are playing a leveraging game that equals ten times the global economy and you then lose just a small fraction of that, there isn’t enough credit and money in existence to cover those loses.  That is what we are waiting for financially.  Europe is all fine and dandy for theatre, but the whole global economy is waiting to fail. 
Weather wise, politically and financially we seem to be in a lot of trouble.  Now add in the two much bigger problems of exploding population and dwindling resources, both of which will alter in characteristic with  any downturn in the economy, a continuing drought worldwide or political turmoil of the policeman protecting what is left of global trade, or a combination of more than one of the above.  In short, that perfect storm.  We can’t predict when, so it is best to get ready now.  I for one am getting a very sharp pain in my gut.  Despite my assurances I feel ready for whatever comes along, at this time I’m getting a voice yelling at me to go crazy on more wheat ( weather change and stored food will be IT for your food supply ) and ammo ( zombie fighting ) and build the damn BPOD ( Bison Pit Of Doom ) immediately if not sooner before commerce disruption ( say, in civil war and travel restrictions ).  I’ve panicked before, so who knows.  Still…
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    like the new you here.prep bro.delr

  2. On a brighter note silver was up about a buck an ounce yesterday. Gotta look for the silver lining sometimes...


    Living as you do is apparently the right way- excepting that you arent takeing enought public assistance...
    Of course what the .gov pays for the .gov tries to control...

    - Grey

  4. Hey Jim,

    Found this.
    Title 4, Chapter 3, Paragraph 2: R1 ONE- AND TWO-FAMILY RESIDENCE DISTRICTS

    According to Elko County website, they use this code book.

    C-2. Not more than one mobile home or sports camper shall be stored on any lot, and no vehicle so stored shall be occupied or be stored in the open except in an area where accessory buildings are permitted.

    Even the 4-2-3: AR, AGRICULTURAL-RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT for lots over 1 acre says
    A-1. Single-family dwellings not to exceed one unit on each parcel of land.