Thursday, June 7, 2012

fiction sucks!

Fiction Sucks!
I'm thinking my fiction mostly sucks for most readers.  I've had almost no feedback, other than from those gentle souls that believe anything I write is super peachy deluxe and wonderful.  Presumably even if I continued on the old course of repeating the same old non fiction crap everyday.  As usual, I'm conflicted.  I'm seriously thinking about going back to daily posting, the writing Jones doesn't seem to be satisfied if it isn't preceded by stress and hair pulling over pulling a subject out of my butt.  But once again I think the fiction attempt was a failure.  Yes, I'm concerned if you all like it, but more importantly I'm not too happy producing it.  Check back today at 1pm Pacific time.  I'll have made up my mind if I want to post an article after my lunch hour.


  1. Please,please, please.

    Go back to the Bison Blog and write daily about survival. You've been on vacation long enough.

    A loyal minion.

  2. Good decisions both. The fiction does suck and I tried hard not to think so and the daily format gave a lot of people something to look forward to each day. Still have you on my favorites bar.

  3. I enjoy your stuff enough that I keep reading and begin to empathize (sp?) with your characters. So, definitely a good start on the fiction. It sometimes helps to let it sit for a bit before throwing it out there of course.

    But write it first. Edit it later if you can. We can wait. Wine and writing get better with age and proper care!

    Cheers to you sir!

  4. Oh He of the Great Hair,

    Hi Jim. I've been reading you for about a year now. I think you were linked in at the Woodpile Report once and that got me started so I check in almost daily. For the most part I like your style of writing. You have a good way of turning a phrase and I really get a laugh out the way you poke fun at your readers and other survival blog writers. Especially Rawles. If anyone needs to loosen up a little it's him.
    As to your fiction I think it's not bad. Maybe just needs a little fine tuning. I like the first person writing style and do it myself on occasion. You're a little too crude for me sometimes, but maybe that's just me as I get so sick of hearing strings of repetitive profanity and potty language all day coming from men, women, and even old grandmas. The death of Ray Bradbury caused me to go back and reread Fahrenheit 451 which I haven't looked at since high school and I was impressed at how he used language so bitingly without resorting to cursing and swearing.
    Hopefully this is a little informative feedback. Take it or leave it and keep pounding away.