Tuesday, May 1, 2012

weird weekend

Since there isn’t too much going on in the media, they being all skeert that even one word contrary to the official version of All Is Well, Recovery In Sight, Reelect The Kenyan will land them in jail ( they won’t be jailed for speaking their mind of course, the illusion of the First Amendment or any  Amendment for that matter being maintained even if reality is the polar opposite- remember the pile of elephant crap in the living room- but they will be fired, then lose their house then be debtor prisoned for failing to pay back the bank ), I’ll just quickly comment on the current European banking crisis and then move on to my weekend.  It was of little import but I’m not really feeling another topic at this moment.  Ever damn month we get “news” of another European country on the ropes, near insolvency, the current reason we can expect the price of gold to soon be twenty thousand dollars an ounce so quick as you can buy lots of it from XYZ Company along with oodles of freeze dried foods.  The media gladly hands you these propaganda pieces because it helps defuse the crisis ( they report the sky is falling, you panic, the sky doesn’t fall as the Central Bank grinds out another ten trillion bucks in derivatives to kick the can down the road, then during the next crisis you don’t believe as much in the doom and gloom.  You are being desensitized ).  The corporations churning out the commodities ( if you think vegetable protein is real food, I’ve got a bridge over the Bering Straits to sell you ) love you for staying in the consumer paradigm.  Everybody wins.  The Powers That Be have commercialized every aspect of life, and stockpiling your lifeboat is no exception ( of course, they don’t expect you to stop working in the cubical or paying a mortgage- one reason Yuppie Survivalists will always be supported by the system ).  The point is not that you should ignore the European meltdown.  Well, you should, because it’s a distraction.  But more to the point, stop worrying.  We have already baked the collapse into the cake.  It is a done deal, and I find little need to worry over the details myself, anymore.  Which might be why I’m having such a time coming up with worthy topics for daily discussion anymore.  Anyway…
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I come home late Friday ( Friday is laundry day ) and the wife is in bed moaning about being in pain.  I of course ignored it, not because I don’t care but because half the time I suspect it is alcohol related or psychosomatic.  So, by ignoring her, she gets all combative and we start arguing.  And, suddenly, she is grasping for breath and won’t stop.  I started freaking out, eventually calling 911.  Long story short, she gets a shot from the paramedics to help her breathing, and goes to the hospital.  I hopped on the trusty bike and met her there an hour and a half later, a bit out of sorts from the whole episode.  The doc can’t find a thing, and calls it an anxiety attack.  Well, we figured it out for ourselves, it being just another symptom of her high blood pressure.  She stopped taking it a year ago, not because of the cost so much as the bad side effects.  Well, they ain’t too much worse than not breathing, so she’ll go back to the doctor to get back on her drugs.  I’m not blameless in the whole thing, being at times a seemingly heartless bastard.  She felt pressured to not go back for another doctors appointment because of the cost, even if I never meant to convey that to her.  We always go over a bit of bumpy ground before we effectively communicate.  My point is, this might be the economic bondage that takes over from the child support. 
If I end up owing the county for the ambulance ride, and the hospital for the visit, this might postpone the economic crash ( the economy crashes as soon as I see a full paycheck AND get to keep it ).  I won’t know for awhile.  But I’ll pass it on as I find out.  No big deal, I’m more happy with the wife than with the paycheck.  To me it’s a good trade-off.  I did tell her that since she was no longer Cheap To Keep, I expected the sex to be a lot better.  We’ll see how that one works out.  The only other thing that was of note for the weekend was my work on the e-book for the Bison blog.  I had a heck of a time getting the various formats to coincide.  My Word Pad wouldn’t convert Office, even if they are both Microsoft.  So I said screw the whole thing and left all the errors, extra crap like added erroneous page numbers and whatnot in the text and just went with it in its raw and ugly form.  It took an hour just to go through the first thirty some odd pages, and there are 1800 pages.  I’ll be offering it for sale as is.  Give me a day or three for the needed Internet time and I’ll have it up for sale.  Then, you’ll have a couple/few weeks before I delete most of the online blog.  If you don’t want to spend the $3, you’ll have that time to download it yourself, one page of articles at a time. 
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  1. Emergency trips to the doctor are both stressful and expensive. Just as a frugal, but health-conscious, tip:
    Thiazide-type diuretics (e.g., chlorthalidone) are one of the most effective blood pressure medicines and also the least expensive. Many doctors still prescribe calcium channel blockers or an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, which can cost many times as much as the diuretic. Why? Because they buy into the sales pitches (and accept the free golf clubs, etc.) from the pharmaceutical companies.

  2. get open office installed on your system... it is free and does all the microsoft formats

  3. I am sorry that Mrs D was ill.
    Drink 1 teaspoon cayenne, and 1 teaspoon honey
    in water. It gives instant relief.

    Cayenne goes immediately into the bloodstream and adjusts the blood pressure from the top of the head, to the bottom of the feet, equalizing pressure over the whole body. This takes the high pressure, which causes rapid bleeding, away from the wound and clotting starts immediately.
    Cayenne has been accepted by some of the orthodox medical profession, as mentioned in Merck Index, Maleria Medica and Pharmocology and other standard volumes. ....... end excerpt
    Daily I take a tablespoon cayenne. two teaspooons cinnamon, a teaspoon turmeric, honey, one oz hemp oil shaken in filtered water.
    I am 79, 6-3, 270. My BP is usually 152/83



  4. Hope the wife starts feeling better soon. Perhaps you can get her medication mailed from Canada by an online pharmacy for less $$$? I would ask the doctor for a 90 day prescription.

  5. high blood pressure? Hawthorne berry exract. I've used it
    and kept my bp down in the 100's-120s' over high 50's to mid-60's.
    As with evrything, start small, be cautious. It dilates the
    arteries just a bit. Maybe -and it's a big maybe- helps remove
    scum from the artery walls.