Tuesday, April 24, 2012

without rule of law

Here is another book by Joe Nobody at Prepper Press, the same mind that gave us “Holding Your Ground”.  If you go back to December 21, 2011 over at Bison Survival Blog, you will see my review of that other book.  In short, I was very impressed and highly recommended it.  This one is no different.  Again as with the first book, first glance shows a less than promising product.  To be honest, the 200 pages looked padded and the four sub categories looked contrived and obvious.  But just as I was almost turned off by “Holding Your Ground” and its spread sheet, here I was almost mislead by the Paladin Press type photo’s, massive white space and large print.  While the 200 pages might be a stretch, the information contained here is absolutely priceless.  Actually, the spread out print and heavy illustration were indeed necessary.  Without them the lessons would have been useless.  You wouldn’t have visualized the point.  Plus, it would have been overload with tightly bound text.  This was a slow simmer kind of book, not a quick breeze through.  Also, as with his other book, you don’t really comprehend the importance of any one area without reading the whole book.  Then, after you are through, it all forms together.  You slap your head, wondering why nobody else could present the lessons so thoroughly.  This authors talents are taking seemingly simple life saving information everyone took for granted, pointing out all the pitfalls and teaching the correct way to do these things.  Things others either simplified to the dangerous point or never taught at all.  So before with tactics defending your retreat, now with offensive acquisition.
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None of us wants to become an asshat stealing from others.  But, like it or not, the norm historically is selective morality.  The tribe must be honored and treated respectably, those outside the tribe are less than human and no morality applies in dealing with them.  What “Without Rule Of Law” does is recognize that once your stockpiles are gone, and your garden fails, your only choice is to become a bandit.  We all act uppity when it comes to being self sufficient and never needing to take by force ( we just plan on killing those that try to take from us ), but crap happens and it would be stupid to not plan on this unappetizing eventuality.  If it ever happens to pass that we must kill and steal to feed our family, here is your instruction book on how to hide and evade while trying to infiltrate and scavenge.  If you never served in the military special forces, this book will teach you a heck of a lot of skills ( of course, you must practice them- and practice a lot before the collapse ).  Don’t buy this to fill the book shelf.  If you don’t plan on practicing ( don’t worry- they might be uncomfortable and time consuming, but the exercises are designed for fat out of shape civilians ), don’t waste your money.  If you want to put a bit of effort into it, this course of instruction is kick ass.
And, really, the skills won’t be wasted if you have enough food for the rest of your life.  You don’t have to apply them just for evil.  Hiding in thin brush in plain sight is also great for guarding your land.  Evading those guarding their land can be applied towards when an enemy invades and you flee to escape.  Scavenging can be applied to long abandoned areas as well as enemy held territory.  And infiltration works for recon for a battle against evil dudes as well as stealing from the innocent.   This guy knows his stuff.  And this book could save your life many times over.  Perhaps even make you a post-apoc ninja.
Okay, on to other more mundane items to flesh out today’s word count.  You might have noticed I’m on a “retail reviews” kick lately.  There are three reasons for this.  First, when I get riled up I write about it, regardless of subject matter.  I’ve gotten pretty darn riled lately with the tomfoolery going on with once great retailers tripping me, pinning me down, ripping off my clothes and having their perverted way with me.  Sorry if I don’t take kindly to being systematically sodimized.  Two, at least it’s somewhat new and exciting.  And three, I’m hoping to get picked up by Fox News with a segment of my own on this subject matter.  It might not happen as my mainstream media exposure is zero, but I can at least hope.  Today, I’d like to talk about KFC.  Kentucky Fried Chicken has always been good.  Darn good.  I don’t think anyone anywhere else comes close to their fried chicken.  And the coleslaw is to simply die for!  I haven’t eaten there for about two years now, so I don’t know if they’ve gone to hell in a handbasket on a rocketship, but the informal grapevine of mine assures me they are still putting out quality grub.  Last Friday Boss #3 goes there to eat lunch and she gave me the biscuits as she is on a no carb kick.  At the time I was stuffed, so I put them in the oven and let the pilot light keep them warm.  I then started to fantasize about warm buttery biscuits with honey. 
Hours later when we slowed down from the last minute idiots getting food for the weekend, I retrieved said biscuits for a mid afternoon snack hoping the calories would keep me going through doing laundry after work until I got a late dinner.  The biscuits were warm and soft.  The margarine oozed on ( I’d prefer butter but KFC has always done margarine as far as I know ).  Then, I went to put on the honey.  It gushed out.  What the hell?  I looked at the package, and there in bold letters taunting me was “Honey Sauce”.  Not honey, some wretched chemical concoction from Dow with corn syrup altered from a genetically modified grain masquerading as a sweetener.  It had honey in it, almost as a last ingredient.  Putrid swill!  It poured on like pancake syrup and tasted almost as bad.  What the crap happened to real honey?!?!  I’m sure KFC is happy to continue to provide quality ingredients as long as you are willing to pay top dollar.  So the only reason I could come up with this change was the bee extinction.  Is there so little honey left from the few bees surviving that just one fast food restaurant ( well, granted, with a crap load of Chinese outlets ) buying real honey would wipe out the countries supply?  This is far more serious than global warming or Japanese radiation poisoning!  I can’t get honey for my KFC meal anymore!!! Biscuits without honey simply ain’t right.  Jesus weeps.
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  1. OK, I bought the book from your link. The difference between 'scavenging' and 'looting' is one of those TOUCHY topics that people in the prepper blog-o-sphere get all sanctimonious and self-righteous about.

    Anybody that has brought the topic up in the blog-o-sphere as being a potential necessity has been utterly savaged. Even the venerable Cat Man, from Catmans Litterbox. And he is a no-bullshit straight shooter if there ever was one. So kudos to you Bison for having balls of brass by bringing the topic up once again.

  2. ALL honey in the US is suspect unless you know the beekeeper (or bees) personally. The chicoms are putting dyed syrup into bottles and marketing it here as "honey" and it's even being sold in farmer's markets etc.

    One way to check is to get out the ol' microscope and check the pollen in the honey. You have to know what your local pollen should look like since I'm sure they're even putting fake pollen in. There was a big write-up about it recently.

    A friend of mine has bees in his attic. That's local honey!

  3. Add some honey bees to that herd of wandering goats you are going to herd after collapse.
    Or find a few dead trees with hollow places and place a queen bee in there, or introduce some honey bee colonies to the area you think you may be wandering through.
    Or raise bees and sell the honey and honey comb.
    Sugar and salt will be valuable
    Annie Mouse