Monday, April 2, 2012

it's fun until someone loses an eye

Today we are going to talk about asswipe and jack booted thugs ( but, I repeat myself ).  Just as I was feeling bad that the Supreme Court has the natural ability to pontificate profusely, making me look weak and pathetic in the droning drivel department, along comes Rush, Central Banker Whore Extraordinaire ( say that out loud, it dances off the tongue musically ), and makes both of us look bad in comparison.  That boy can talk bombastically half the day and ends up saying very little in between advertising.  But he did make a handy little observation.  On the second day of the Supreme Injustices trumped up debate, the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS who I used to get confused as a child hearing the initials for the first time in the seventies ( as they were always in the news sending in their SWAT teams to punish those laboring under the illusions that in a free country you were entitled to the fruits of your labor ) with the IRA or Irish Republican Army, and no wonder my naïve ears got the two confused as they are both terrorist armies comprised of fat white guys, made the announcement that they were seeking to hire an additional three thousand enforcement agents.  Rush left it at that, leaving the listener to interpret the news as they saw fit.  My take on it was that ObammyCare was going to be implemented anyway, the court decision was a farce and the FedGov needed more jackbooted thugs to strike terror into the hearts of those foolish enough to think something silly like unemployment was excuse enough to not pay the new tax ( am I the only idiot out here who understands that compulsory health insurance from a private company is not the same as health care?  They will take your money and try to deny ever paying for services- just like they do for any insurance now ).

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Now, I know that Americans used to be made of sterner stuff.  Back in the day, if a “revenooer” was silly enough to poke his nose in on a alcohol still in the woods, he got a shotgun blast in the back and a shallow grave.  Hillbillies didn’t fear the government, nor did they stand still for harassment.  One of my most favorite movies ( non-comedy ) ever is “Legend’s Of The Fall”.  Johnny Law became corrupt and started interfering in those boys private business, the family gunned them down.  Nowadays, most of us are pathetic weak pussies, frantically embracing fantasies of an Apocalyptic collapse where we can throw down the shackles of our female oppressors and once again embrace our warrior heritage ( of course, until that happens we will be consuming and shopping like the little ladies we’ve become ).  We would no more think about fighting back against the government as we would consider telling the testicle pickling wife to hump off.  But mark my words, one day soon, there will be enough people that WILL fight back.  It won’t take many, even a fraction of one percent, and all the domestic troops, the street cops and especially the three thousand new IRS ObammyCare Enforcement Agents ( IRS-OEA ) will be outnumbered and out gunned.  Come that time, the pretty new uniforms, the fancy Ninja hoods and the gleaming boots will constitute a target rather than be a honing device for a cop groupie wife.  Right now, government law enforcement is all fun and games.  But once someone has finally had enough crap, then the games end.  If you are in law enforcement, especially on the federal level, or are thinking about it, I would not stay/take that position unless you seriously want to oppress people.  If you don’t mind gunning down innocent citizens, this is your career field.  Otherwise, get out now.
I’m not threatening anyone.  I have no illusions.  We’ve been under the heel for generations.  I know it, and don’t care enough to fight back.  And I don’t advocate anyone else fighting back, if for no other reason than your neighbors will narc on you and you will be “disappeared”.  What I am saying is that it will happen.  Put enough pressure on folks and they will fight back.  You have a guy in the backwoods unemployed for two years because the only factory around went over to China, he’s barely feeding his family by running crack ( it is more honorable than Food Stamps ), and you are going to threaten him with jail if he doesn’t cough up health care premiums to profit the banks.  He just got humped by Corporate America, and now the government and the bankers are fixin to hump him.  If your choice was going to jail and seeing your wife divorce you and remarrying a jack booted thug or face the prospect of losing your kid to the protective services, would you think about fighting back?  Out of the hundreds that think about it, one or two will, and we’ll have a merry little rebellion on our hands.
On to asswipe.  When that loyal minion advocated collecting paperback books for TP, I grinned and chucked with the rest of you.  But then that thought began to fester in my mind.  And now, on my weekly trip to the used book store, I am compelled to always buy the fattest, thickest book on the discard rack ( ten cents each ).  I can’t help myself.  Last week, I picked up a Tom Clancy.  One thousand pages.  Using three pages a day, that is half a years worth of TP.  For a thin fake dime ( as opposed to a silver dime which is real money ).  You can even read them first.  If you aren’t stockpiling ten cents books from garage sales and such, you are passing up on treasure ( what did he say?  White Gold, I believe ).  Thanks Minion!
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  1. Kim:

    You must continue taking your medications.

    Oherwise you are going to become a legend in your own mind.

  2. I stopped taking the meds after I realized it was too late and I had been crowned King Shit. Indeed a legond throughout the land, victor in battles against evil, target of lust by the bosumy wenches. In the valley of the blind I am the one eyed king!

    1. The fair haired one does have a likeness to Odin.

  3. I agree with your assessment but I am still enjoying suckling that big ole government nipple. I supposed I should feel ashamed of myself, but I don't.

    the rat

  4. Jim,

    Thanks for the blogfodder and for mentioning something that I've been saying for quite awhile.

  5. I just got offered "health insurance" at work. Huzzzah! (not).
    Figguring out how much it will cost.
    If I refuse it between now and 2013? nothing, I'll continue to pay out of pocket for all my families medical expenses= averaging @ $1200/year including dental and vision over the past 6 years.

    If I agree to the health care offered by my company I will be paying about $300/month for the insurance for the family, AND @20% for any medical care recieved (at 1200/year that amounts to about 20 more dollars per month) of mdical stuff THAT IS COVERED, after of course a waiting period, and only the Drs, and Medicines, and procedures they approve of. (insert eye roll here).

    How is this a bargain?

    Simple - if I or my family have a sudden catasrophic medical issue it makes sense --- IF the insurance will continue our coverage, and since they have teams of lawyers ready to pounce on everyloop hole giving them an out, I have no prayer of having any chance of winning against them.


    When obammy care gets to the point (2014 I think right) where I will be assessed a @ $600 fee/tax/protection money on my taxes I will stand upon my philosophical prinicipals and... Request a religious(philisophical) exemption, when they refuse because I am not muslim, I will sue for enough $ to buy several years worth of insurance for the whole family, and settle for several years worth of the ability to pay the fine.

    Then I will be back at square one.

    This ridiculous society (and my current job) can only last another decade at best anyways. Then I will be on what ever passes for public aid at that time (if it exists), while still burying acorns everywhere I can.

    - Grey

  6. James;

    On the selection of Federal Law Enforcement as a career. There are many of those LEO's out there, that are using the vocation as an excuse to know where the magical cornucopias are located, and then on the day of decision, the uniforms & badges come off, and they collectively raid said cornucopias to haul off all they can for the trophy-wife and little spoiled statist-snots back at the McMansion. Of course, many of them won't make it three-miles, before somebody recognizes their beef-cake mugs from the news-conference feed, and opens fire or detonates the shaped charge improvised explosive device, right under their gas-guzzling Suburban, no more selfish agent of tyranny to disturb the legions of oppressed unemployed, uninsured gun-toting masses. Not advocating violence of any sort, however look at the big picture long enough, and you can predict how the story ends.