Friday, April 20, 2012

inflated probabilities

Over at Rawles, a gentleman asked for advice on taking on a mortgage to buy into the “Yuppie Scum World Headquarters” area so he could feel all warm and fuzzy about the collapse.  Rightly, Rawles advised against taking on any debt.  A couple of thousand to buy wheat and bolt guns and junk land is one thing ( you can discharge credit card debt ).  You can pay that off quickly or at least make payments with a minimum wage job.  Just don’t buy anything directly in case they decide to change the rules down the road and start seizing assets ( take out cash advances for the guns and food, buy directly from the land seller as he will offer credit to anyone with a pulse ).  It is a whole other ball of wax to take on a mortgage because anymore mortgage holders are the equivalent of medieval serfs.  The serfs were forbidden to leave the land.  They were born into being farmers.  This was the result of Rome forbidding farmers from abandoning their land after their taxes became crippling, or the aqueducts providing their water weren’t maintained.  In effect, Rome punished farmers because of the failed policies of the government.  You think you are picked on now because you have a job?  You think 50% taxes are bad?  Those farmers were literally starving on land they were forced to stay on.  Not that that could ever happen to you because we all know survivalist farming is the only way to surf the apocalypse in style.  Anyway,  today in a lot of cases, mortgage holders are held in place in worthless homes and subject to crippling taxes the county feels free to raise at whim.  An $800 mortgage might be manageable on your salary, but when the $400 a month taxes are added to that you are just renting from the bank and the county.  And you can’t leave unless you want to pay the difference of what the house will sell for and what your note you owe on is.  You owe the bank or you owe the IRS. 

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We could argue about buying land in the Promised Land Where Those Baby Jesus Loves Pilgrimage To, and the merits or lack thereof, but instead I’d like to focus on another comment that was made.  It was stated that inflation isn’t the only possibility, so you shouldn’t consider a mortgage a safe bet.  I got news for you, inflation might not be guaranteed, but it is the next closest thing to that.  All the banks have to do is tell the government to make a new law indexing mortgage payments to inflation and suddenly your lords and masters have the best of both worlds.  They get increased revenues as the government borrows more and more money, and they get to screw over the mortgage holders over.  Do you really think the bankers will allow the house owners to win over them financially?  Where have you been the last five years, and why haven’t you been paying attention?  The bankers own us all, and we are going to pay them their pound of flesh.  Inflation might not be guaranteed, but of all the possibilities, it has the highest probability of occurring far into the future until the end crash.
Yesterday, Wednesday, I had a tailwind at my back biking into work so I got here about ten minutes early.  That, plus the fact that Wednesday’s are generally sucky for doom and gloom reading online ( Kunstler is on Monday, Woodpile Report of Tuesday, The Druid Dude on Thursday.  Wednesday and Friday have far less interesting reading ) gave me a large window where I caught up on my e-book management.  I just posted a new and revised second edition of my Homesteading For $3k.  I had completed this a couple of months ago on a rare sunny weekend ( March is usually mostly overcast, but it has bled right into most of April this year ) and just now got around to deleting the original, deleting the paper version and posting the new book.  I’m charging you $2 for it where before it was free.  You’ve had over five years to get a copy for free, so don’t bitch.  I would have only priced it as a buck, but Lulu started adding a 99 cent surcharge to all e-books.  They take your dollar book, subtract twenty percent for themselves and add the surcharge.  On a two dollar book I get 80 cents.  Bastards.  But I won’t drop them because if I went to Kindle all my revenue would be from one company instead of two ( I actually have three, Amazon commissions, Lulu books and Google ads, but Google is a measly $25 a month if not less ).  I did this because while the second edition isn’t a vast improvement ( I just corrected a bunch of spelling errors and added comments in parenthesis where applicable to update it from six years ago ), it is a well written book.  I deserve to be paid for it.  Upon rereading the Off Grid Utilities book and the Peak Oil book, I realized those should be free instead as they weren’t as good.  So you can now download those no charge.  I’m still waiting on another sunny weekend to put together the Bison Survival Blog book.  Hopefully one day soon.

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  1. could look into growing wildcrops to produce fruit, nuts, or even salad fare about your area...

    when it really gets bad, you might look into squating into abounded buildings, adapting as you go into living quarters, workshops, and greenhouses...

    truth is, even if you had a secured retreat is no garrentee you be living there because of one condition or another

    so put your time into skills to survive and thrive anywhere; aquire items to make the transistion easier; and last learn how not to panic when it all goes to hell



    Pls see 516 Race War

    Fred writes on Carl Rowan book The Coming Race War in America, Treyvon v Zimmerman, and CYA.

  3. "All the banks have to do is tell the government to make a new law indexing mortgage payments to inflation and suddenly your lords and masters have the best of both worlds."

    Perhaps it's good that you don't post on the weekend, Jim... My first thought was that you had gone too far, with your paranoia, this time. Thinking it over though, if what you say doesn't happen, then the Little Guy wins big time, paying off his house with (now worthless) money.

    If you're right about this, Jim, you're literally a "prophet in the wilderness"!