Thursday, April 19, 2012

illusions of wealth

I read a very well written article over at Guy McPherson on how folks have accepted the illusion rather than the reality.  They have constructed the Happy Place and refuse to leave it ( or, to paraphrase from the article, the pile of elephant crap in the living room is, they insist to others and themselves, African folk art in the form of a footstool ).  One of his premises was that the last five Presidents were children of alcoholic fathers and they instinctively live in a fantasy world as a coping mechanism.  If they can lie to themselves, they are a natural at lying to the voters.  Carter was the last Prez to speak the truth and it gave him no end of trouble.  Of course I don’t totally agree ( Carter was just as much a paid hack as the rest, with those pesky international banker controls, but he looked pretty to the tree huggers in his sweater putting up solar panels on the White House ), but the thought in general is valid.  We live out of touch with reality, and prefer it like that.  Not that we are all that different from a medieval peasant, chanting incantations to Baby Jesus to smite his plague ridden king and deliver him from his irritating wife who had a hooha the size of a ox’s backside from delivering twenty three children.  He thought a mythical being would save him from reality also.  Okay, granted, whatever gets you through the day.  Tankards of ale, magic mushrooms, a sacred book.  But the problem with this today is that unlike back in the day, rather than believing in fairies and pixies to smooth the harsh buzz of reality, today we are wallowing in luxury and pretending nothing bad can happy ( Happy Words- shale oil, drill baby drill, nationalizing the oil companies, quantitative easing ).  Before, you knew reality sucked.  Today, we don’t know what reality is.

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One of our worse illusions is that of wealth.  We think those pretty pieces of paper are real wealth.  Even the gold bugs and the Uber Survivalists are still living in a paper money fantasy.  We keep living in urban areas, knowing full well that today crime is out of control.  But we meekly put up with trash talking blacks ( such when Mike Tyson calls for Zimmerman’s assassination ) while at the same time persecuting Whites for the same tactics, all in an effort to appease a mere 12% of the population, afraid that at any moment the ghettos will erupt in riots.  At least France has the balls to tell its Muslims they can’t dictate government policy ( although I’m sure that they constitute far more than 12% of the population ).  While we live next door to a dry tender out of control crime festering craphole, we talk ourselves into staying there.  Oh, I’ll be able to buy much prettier trinkets for the Apocalypse if I stay at my cubical farm job here in the big city.  Look, I know it is more involved than a simple stay/leave equation.  You have family or debts or are two years from retirement, or whatever.  I’m not saying there aren’t valid reasons.  Just recognize your predicament and don’t take your eye off the harsh reality.  My point here is that most of us are still unconsciously buying into the wealth illusion.  Even though money is merely a tool, too many of us keep forgetting that.  We think money is security.
I dog on females with their “form over function”.  But by now both genders are equally buying into that paradigm.  At least females have an excuse.  They are genetically conditioned this way.  Putting aside our brief period of Petroleum Induced Equality ( or PIE, as in pie-in-the-sky ), the historical norm is that females have a main survival mechanism and it is their bodies/looks.  Men, being the basic retarded draft animals that we are, are easily seduced with a practiced wiggle, a shot of cleavage and a suggestive smile.  We move heaven and earth to have her.  It’s called a meal ticket and for the life of me I can’t understand why fems act defensively about it, as if it is a bad thing.  It is basic reality.  If the guys don’t mind it, why should you?  To act otherwise is to spit in the face of the Gods and their gift.  Anyway, I can understand why fems go for the illusion of wealth.  As long as the Potemkin Village house has a bright fa├žade, as long as the hair is shiny, the waste looks narrow, the husband looks successful, all is well.  Females should naturally take to paper money or credit cards, whatever looks like wealth.  Men should have a better grasp on reality even though too often they don’t.  Their responsibility is to the future security of the family unit.  And fake promises of fiat wealth ain’t no security.
You know that the global derivatives market is anywhere from $600 trillion to 1.2 quadrillion.  You know that the global economy is a mere one tenth that. You know that all derivatives are bought on margin.  So, if a mere 1-4% of derivatives go bad, the entire global economy crashes.  So, what would be the only way to try to slow the crash?  Hyperinflation.  Yet, you still hold on to the paper/digital wealth as if it was real.  It can be diluted in mere days ( seconds, really, but perhaps days until everyone panics ).  It isn’t enough to stockpile commodities.  You must reduce to as near zero as possible ALL forms of bondage to this system.  Consider all paper and promises to be on a daily revocable basis.

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  1. Pulitzer Prize deserving post today, Lord Bison. Nobody delivers doom-n-gloom with such poetic prose like you and Kunstler!

  2. Damn Jim, You been eating lots of fish or what. One of the smartest articles you ever wrote. getting more oxygen to your brain for some reason. this article was absolutely brilliant! You keep this up and I shall have to revise my generally low opinion of your views.

    the Mohave Rat

  3. You just moved up two notches on my blog list.

  4. Very good article today, James.

    It's the truth that no one wants to admit.

  5. Wealth 'storage' is a real issue.

    Cash,stocks,bonds (i.e. "paper") depend on the system up & running.
    Real Estate makes one dependent on property taxes, regulations,tenants, perhaps a mortgage too. So RE isn't a panacea either.
    PMs to a lesser extent have issues (they are portable and have value worldwide) but still, as the saying goes, "you can't eat them" in a Mad Max scenario.

    Stockpiling tangible items ( e.g. food,ammo,tools,cigarettes/booze, toilet paper,etc.) have issues too: they're bulky,shelf life,storage & theft issues.

    It ain't easy being a prepper.
    Perhaps the best one can do is craft a middle ground solution that encompasses all the above and seek to walk the fine line between extremes.

  6. Money IS wealth right now. Nothing else can help you purchase things.

    It may not always BE money though. It's not an illusion of wealth, it's simply not going to be around forever.

    Fact is, if you want to prepare for the future, you're going to take a path that will radically depart from our current society, simply because it's society which is falling apart.

    Problem is, the guys responsible for the disaster we're having already wait for you there, as they have set up movements like US evangelists, muslim fundamentalists etc, that will not only cause the final push to collapse, but will remain after all intelligent guys are done with (re : killing of highly educated people in Iraq for instance).

    The real hidden superweapon is psychology. They weaponized first it with Scientology, and now there are more subtle versions around. (And yes, they created muslim fundamentalism as well, this being why salafists are hated in the real muslim world).