Monday, April 30, 2012

I'll be dipped

Today we once again cover a topic best left untouched, one beat as if a red headed stepchild or a dead horse.  Defending In Place, or Dipped.  Lately I’ve pointed out the insanely scary things going down that we are all aware of but pretend have no future consequences such as the building race war, the hyperinflating currency, etc.  I scream in a slightly embarrassingly feminine squeal to run for the hills or desert wastes, we are all doomed, the end is nigh and the Titanic is taking on water.  Yet, you contently gaze my way calming chewing on your corporate paycheck cud, seemingly drawing comfort from the very numbers of your herd that will one day turn on you in a blood lust.  And that is all right.  None of us are really very prepared.  Not for a civilization collapse.  Perhaps for an empire disintegration which is another animal altogether.  I know better myself and yet am a mere five miles from a teeming ball of maggot invested city-folk.  I’m not passing judgment here.   I’ve lived a good life, done a smidge more than just drawn oxygen as I flipped through five hundred cable channels.  My kids turned out alright despite me.  I’m happy to go down in a blaze of glory as long as I can take about a dozen or so Yuppie Scum ( all my supplies are for the eventuality if I survive against all odds- nothing more embarrassing than surviving your own stupidity and then realizing you didn’t plan for it ).   
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Knowing you should leave, you are still In Place.  Many things can conspire against you from an insistent wife ( I used to be in your place.  I surrendered my paycheck and testicles to wife #2.  #3 and #4 never were allowed in a similar position.  I smarted up but if something had happened at the time we would have been about three months food or 150 rounds of pistol ammo away from death ) to fearing you will go to debtors prison if you don’t pay off your mortgage ( I’d feel bad about your college loans, but baring an advanced degree such as medicine, I’d wager that bill is no worse than my two decades of child support and hence can be paid if you drop other bills such as a car or mortgage ) to sick relatives you can’t move away from.  One size doesn’t fit all, so I understand not everyone can flee to junk land even if they want to.  I was contacted by a loyal minion and here was an interesting tale.  The wife wouldn’t budge from the city and the relatives at the nearby farm wouldn’t store the food supplies ( I guess you have to be pretty blind to see today’s situation and then pass up on a free ride for the apocalypse.  If someone offered me a cut of their food for a place to sleep in the future, and that someone would help me defend the farm, I’d kiss them, grope them indecently and slip them a little tongue ).  So big plastic barrels were filled with bulk beans and grains ( in food grade liners inside the barrel ) and stored in the garage.  These containers of course suck compared to buckets, but are just the thing if you don’t plan on moving them.  The plan is that the next door son with all his young friends will provide defense.  Yes, you must buy extra food, guns and ammo.  But that is a far cry cheaper than a retreat up the top of a mountain.
A perfect plan it ain’t, but none of our plans are.  It was an affordable plan with what was available.  This guy will survive if it all implodes tomorrow, whereas a Yuppie Scum Einstein saving for twenty years trying to afford the down payment on his perfect retreat, stocked with gourmet freeze dried foods and a boutique arsenal will be dead in days after the bug out bag runs out of MRE’s and he fires all 550 rounds he has for an AR-15 in the first firefight.  The point is you do something NOW.  Imperfect as it is.  We don’t have a schedule for the collapse.  As I’ve repeatedly said, wheat and bolt guns yesterday, tomorrow you can upgrade.  And, as I’ve also repeated until I’m almost embarrassed ( once you debase yourself over a women enough times, your ego gets a lot smaller ), prepping is not an investment, it is insurance.  It doesn’t matter if you waste money on a city defense and THEN move.  You were prepared.  Don’t save money that will one day turn into perfect supplies.  Turn it into imperfect ones now.  City survival is going to be harder, but mainly just because of the numbers involved.  If you can avoid out of control fires and fortify against the mobs, you are prepared enough.  Dipping is better than nothing. 
Well, hell, that was a bit short today.  I’m a bit pressed for time and hurried through faster than usual.  Okay, here is a bit of news no one can use and nobody cares about.  I added a few sites to my links page over at Bison Press.  Reflexiones Finales is the Black Cat Dude that has an embarrassment of riches in post-apoc fiction reviews ( and kicks butt at times on topical subject discussions ).  And I added Guy McPherson with his “nature bats last” look at doom and gloom. 
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