Wednesday, April 4, 2012

default arms acquisition

Before I ramble into today’s point, a quick word to anyone new and foolish enough to follow me down the rabbit hole.  I’ve been taking a lot of detours lately, and mostly this is a lot of “for the frugal prepper who already has everything”.  If you are too cheap to buy my book, the basic survivalist stockpile is wheat, a bolt gun and a water filter.  And that is pretty much it.  You don’t really need almost anything else I might talk about.  Junk land is great for living nicely through the economic collapse,  but as far as bare bones survival it isn’t needed.  Just cache your supplies anywhere safe and have a plan to stay sheltered come job lose.  You don’t even really need a bike after the collapse, it is a pre-collapse alternate to a car.  You can get along just fine with only a rifle.  I advocate one that has a decent bayonet so that you have a back-up close in weapon.  And so on.  Anything you add to the basics is gravy, it isn’t necessary.  Wheat will provide most of your calories ( one years worth, in storage containers-$160 ), have a Corona grain grinder ( $25 ) for it, and a WWII surplus bolt gun ( $99 ) with a few hundred rounds of ammo ( $90 ) will keep you alive if you hide, retreat, ambush and don’t try to hold any ground.  A $50 water filter will purify over ten thousand gallons of water.  All for under $500, and perhaps as little as $400.  I almost paid that much just to get one tooth pulled, and I’d wager almost all of you spend more than that in one year on auto insurance.  For shelter, a hatchet and shovel can build you any wilderness shelter.  Not how anyone wants to live, but a bare bones survival kit nonetheless.  Get it yesterday, then you can think about trading up.  So, when I talk about more expensive rifles, upgrading an arsenal, stockpiling beans and coffee, or whatever, it is with the above understanding in mind.

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A nice minion linked me to this site
which mentioned the old “take your crap gun and get a better one from an invading Russian” ploy.  This is what the Afghans have been doing for generations to good effect ( other invaders prior to the Russians.  It will be interesting to see if they are stupid enough to arm themselves with the crap we use ).  Now, an Afghan defending against invaders is a great example, but keep in mind that they have geography on their side.  They aren’t necessarily the meanest bunch of partisans to fight the evil dudes.  History is full of really vicious warriors.  And a fair number were defeated.  The plains Indians, most Africans, highland Vietnamese, etc., all were excellent fighters that got their asses handed to them in the end for one reason or another.  I think it is necessary to step back from our focus on infantry small arms to look at the big picture.  A rifle is one tool of freedom, or for that matter of conquest, but it doesn’t usually work without other more important factors.  A bunch of mean mother humpers with shotguns in hilly terrain that has issues with resupply for the invaders will triumph over an attacker, whereas the same bunch with supply deluxe battle rifles of semi-auto nature in a flatter area with railroads will quickly lose.  A bunch of white boys, and let’s be honest, mostly the riffraff and rejects of the mother country, arriving in small numbers would never have eradicated the indigenous population even with superior arms if they hadn’t already been mostly wiped out by deadly dieses first.  My point being, all the bestest and mostest wonderful weapons in the world are only part of the battle against the “invading Russians”.  That said, we’ll yammer about acquiring a better gun the sneaky way.
This isn’t rocket science.  You take your grandpappies single shot shotgun, a Russian bolt gun, or hell, even a blackpowder revolver or a crossbow you just made if for some unfathomable reason you still live in some over regulated overpopulated deathtrap of a city such as New York and you can’t even carry a sharpened stick without being arrested and disappeared, and you ambush a “Russian invader” and take their gun.  I have nothing new to add to that.  But I would like to talk about the two most likely candidates of guns you will acquire.   Either the ChiComs will invade ( not before we mostly kill ourselves off, then there will be enough oil left for them to turn the depopulated areas into farmland for them- without asshattery SUV drivers sucking up all the oil, our five to seven million barrels a day will churn out a lot of rice and soybeans ) and have plenty of AK-47’s, or you can get plenty of .223 from the “Russian invaders”.  If at this time you are too broke to acquire your own perfect arsenal, you could consider the above two options as your future upgrade.  No, you don’t really need to stockpile the ammunition, nor, really, the weapons.  I have thought about the advisability of having a common caliber weapon of your own so that you could, if you so desired, supplement your ammunition supply, but it isn’t necessary.  Weapons should always be more readily available than ammunition.  You change the weapon you use not because it is better, but because that is the ammunition that will then be available.
But, do you even need to get your weapon all that quick?  We are preppers, after all.  We do agree that the point of stockpiling is so we have options and increase our odds of survival.  If your strategy for arming yourself is to immediately go kill for one, you aren’t playing the odds too smart.   Use the “better than nothing” you have now, and try to wait a bit.  With time and patience comes optimal options.  After all, do you really think all the Afghans ambushed a Russkie to get an AK?  I’d wager the majority bought theirs at a Pakistani gun seller out of the war zone.  They traded opium or whatever for them.  And the Pakistani most likely bought them from the troops for a gallon of Jack Daniels each ( I‘m not professing to have intimate details of the transactions, I‘m speculating of course ). 
Please always keep in mind your head should be used for more than a hat rack.
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  1. Pay attention, people. Especially you newbies. Rawles is Win the Lottery Survivalism. You will throw you hands up in dispair because of the cost. Jim shows you how to prep realistically. Then you may relax (after a fashion). Once you take the edge off with the basics you may continue to improve without the pressure.

  2. Why buy an M4gry when the guy who is coming to take your $99 relic will bring you a real one. Sound advice Lord Bison. Heck he might even bring you a good pair of boots and body armor if your a good shot.

  3. This is how you get a gun.

    You have a supply of vodka, whiskey, etc.

    Someone makes friends with a supply Seargent, or better yet (what happens in Afghanistan) some traitorous hanger-ons in just for the ride.

    The weapons are "lost in the field", the alcohol is consumed: everyone is happy.

  4. "Job lose" and "deadly dieses" are why *I* keep coming back! No one spells like Jim!

    Now honestly, people, there are two points I want to make. First, Jim is the direct descendant prepping-wise, of the great Kurt Saxon. Jim's writing is only good enough for Kurt Saxon to wipe his ass on, but he's the only one I know of that's actually channeling Kurt Saxon, however poorly. And that makes him a must-read writer to me. Kurt Saxon came across his way of thought because he was forced into poverty. He actually had to get by on next to nothing for a while. I encourage reading all of his stuff, because he talks about this. Jim has had the same thing happen, and is thus a step ahead of those who haven't lost everything yet. Notice I say, YET. Most of us are not able to go out and buy all the stuff Rawles' site recommends (although I notice more frugal types speaking up on there). Most of us are not awake AND actually going to do something, until we've lost everything and the good news is, I honestly feel it's going to happen to at least 80% of the US populace and that's in the case of a gentle decline. Jim, and Kurt, have been there. It changes your outlook on life.

    The second point I want to make is, when Jim changed over to this site, it no longer became about survivalism. It became about Jim. This is why it's so much better. Sure there's a lot of survivalist thinking because that's a big part of who Jim is. And most of us if we're here, I think. But Jim realized that the basic survival pointers can be found everywhere now. And harping on and on about the basic junk land + bolt rifle + wheat preps got a bit boring. He felt pressured to come up with something about survivalism every post on the old page, It got stale. Here, he just rants whatever rant he feels like ranting, sprinkles it with some unique spelling and sometimes grammar, and posts the steaming lump however few or many flies it attracts. It's kinda like hanging out with Jim just shooting the shit in his garage, if he had a garage.

  5. Many readers citicise Mr Dakin because they have read very little of his writings.
    Bison Survival Blog Dec 2006 to Jan 2012.
    James M Dakin Blog Feb 2012 topresent
    Type the subject in Search This Blog
    and be surprised at the wealth of information there.
    I understand that all of you lead busy productive iives and certainly have less time to read than I.
    I know that you sppreciate that it never occured to me to think that even one of you might be mean, smallminded, vicious or too stupid to understand the issue.

  6. From Personal Experience it's not too difficult to take the rifle from the fallen, did it SW Kuwait circa early March 91. That being said, U.S. Customs were good at their jobs on the way back. Of course if the Blue Helmet Boys from Belgium come bush-whacking around, one might with a well placed shot, the proud possessor of a slightly-used FN-FNC or FN-2000, there won't be customs around anymore to say a thing about your new possession. Both fire 5.56 X 45 MM NATO SS-109 62 gr FMJBT Ammunition, so one might stock-up now?

  7. Back in the days of the Lee-Enfield, Indian troops were equipped with the old Martini-Henry that had become obsolete. It was still good enough to crush rebels or bandits, and not enough to fight the British.

    The weapons that will be used in the western world are of this kind, because they will be police weapons, and have a wide variety of proprietary calibers, like the P-90, the PDW, 6,5 Grendel and whatnot. Even the weapons have a much shorter lifespan, with polymer receivers (Tavor etc.)

    This means that if you have such a weapon in your hands, you can only have the ammo the original owner had left (my guess : after a firefight, it will not be much).

    It is, truly, Better Than Nothing. A lot of armies fought on this basis (Russia 1914-1917, Volkssturm 1945), with sometimes one round per rifle only (in Russia they also used wooden copies of rifles to bolster the looks of the charging troops...).

    For these reasons, I think the "captured weapon" thing is a matter of opportunity for the survivalist, but not central or critical. As was written in the end, it probably makes a good barter item.

  8. Mr. Dakin...I cannot remember how I stumbled across your website, but I'm glad I did. I do indeed enjoy your irreverent attitude toward things that most people hold in high regard and the lack of political correctness that has been taken to extreme nowadays. I have been a constant visitor of other "survival" sites (mainly to read the comments)and am amazed at the number of people who are confident that some "deity" when all else fails(and we all know Murphy is just waiting to arrive on the scene)will come to their rescue. Let's all go kill or torture some poor sod because he does not believe as we do or better yet, forbid our "leaders" not to marry so they can molest/rape young boys instead...I'm sure "god" will be understanding.

    Thanks to minion Vlad, I have in my possession your 700 page newsletter and have something thought provoking to read, instead of the steady drivel that continues to be regurgitated ad nausium. Thank you for your time, insight and effort and please keep up the good now have a new minion!