Monday, March 26, 2012

out of the rez

Before we start today, to attempt ( most likely in vain ) to head off any butt hurt feelings from any indoctrinated reader who never learned to think for themselves but rather is content to journey through life merely regurgitating the drivel he was force fed, I want to once again for the hundredth friggin time, state plainly that I am not in any way racist.  My father, who I respect the hell out of, taught me otherwise.  And it is simple common sense.  All humans act the same and skin color has absolutely no bearing.  99% of all colors and creeds are asswhoring bastards.  They will all screw you given half the chance.  I speak of tribes.  Tribes are the important distinction, not color.  You’ll understand why I repeat myself here in just a moment. 

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A mainstay of survivalist fiction, at least back in the day forty years ago and prior to that, had a favorite theme.  Well, a sub-theme anyway.  Indians, native Americans, First People ( misnamed because most likely the Asian immigrants that came over probably encountered other folks who they killed off.  Even if it was Neanderthal or another link in the evolutionary chain, my contention is that there were settled humans already here.  I don’t hold steadfast to it, I just like it at this time ) would flow from the Reservation and form mighty warrior armies.  Most of this was White Guilt, basically personified by the later movie “Dances With Wolves”.  Now, I don’t excuse the slow starvation of native tribes by the systematic extinction of the buffalo.  But it was a historical norm ( just like the Spanish killed off all the Californian Indians, then claimed the land, then complained when we stole it- hey, bitches, at least we didn’t kill you off like you did former owners.  Go back to Mexico and shut up ).  Everybody, every tribe, all through history, uses war and conquest as a survival tool.  Resources get scarce, go steal your neighbors.  The Indians were no more noble than any other displaced tribe.  Not an excuse, just an observation.  And the main point is, it was an impossible fantasy.  To claim that a cultural trait is genetically passed on is silly.  Culture teaches behavior, it doesn’t skip generations.  You can’t take a Indian kid, used to light switches and canned food, used to collecting a welfare check, and think he is going to suddenly revert back to a mighty warrior of yesteryear.  If it isn’t taught throughout childhood, it isn’t an adult skill set ( mental outlook, not manual skills ).
I’m not trying to diss on Indians.  They were handed a crappy deal years ago and still have one.  They live on barren hunks of junk land and have little choice but to get Food Stamps and government housing.  But the simple fact is if you aren’t raised to be a warrior you won’t automatically turn into one ( and, no, Basic Training is not a substitute.  They try to deprogram your childhood training and it is only slightly successful as witnessed by the need to depersonalize the killing ) at will.  The Indians will not pose a threat come the collapse.  If anything, they will be doubly screwed since they will suddenly have no resources being shipped in.  The few, habitual criminals with that lifetime of conditioning, will make warriors.  The bulk will not.  Now, there is a group that DOES pose a threat.  Not all, but perhaps the majority.  We don’t talk about it because it is a giant taboo.  Political correctness prohibits us from talking about how the majority f the Black tribe, mostly living in urban reservations, will pose a threat as a warrior tribe after the apocalypse.  Again, I’m not trying to say anything bad here.  I’m merely observing reality- raise a child under severe conditions, keep them under control and living in deprivation, but under a system that encourages the natural violence that all males posses, and you are training warriors.  This is the historic norm, there is no stigma attached in this observation.
If we say, hey, the tribes comprised mostly of African-Americans has been brought up in an atmosphere approaching the regular warrior society of antiquity, and come the collapse of our current society they will have free reign to live that training, we are looked upon as White Trash, Klucker Honkey Mo-Fo Cracker Bastards.  We are accused of fearing a man because of his skin color.  How do you think most Black’s look at us, identifying us by our skin color?  I’d say very little fear and mostly hate.  You are hated because you are white.  Just don’t return the favor or you are a racist.  Okay, they got a bad deal, by my great-great-great grandfather ( I don’t know if that’s true as my family might have still been living in Europe at the time- I’m making a point here ). But they hate me, and yes, I have reason to believe I’d be a target because of that.  Ever since all the oppression  was ended by federal law, Blacks have, by large, turned to violence.  Because now they could.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t have done what we did, just that we have created a set of circumstances that have produced today’s belligerent race living alongside us.  I’m not picking a good and bad side, I’m saying we now have a divided Yugoslavia with hate and fear on BOTH sides.  Yet one side is taught to appease and cower and hate themselves for hating.  They are taught to ignore tribal lines, as the issue is confused with skin color.  The other side has males brought up in broken families living in economic wastelands where the only employment is to engage in violent illegal trade.  And they will have their historic revenge given the opportunity.  All oppressed groups would. 
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  1. I enjoyed this post a few year's back on Western Rifle Shooters Association by Matthew Bracken.

    It is all about the TRIBE issue.

    Well worth the read.

  2. You have confused being violent with being a warrior. I agree that few members of the white or asian tribes, who are conditioned to expect the rule of law, would survive the violence that would exist in black territories (urban environments) in a collapse. But willingness to use violence, material dependency on others, lack of self-control and lack of warrior skill sets argue against viewing blacks or any other group of Americans as warriors.

    Letter Re: A Veteran Policeman's Observations on The Golden Horde
    By James Wesley, Rawles on November 30, 2010 6:41 PM
    I think this is a needed look into what's out there. I've been a cop over 20 years, my last uniform assignment before moving to Investigator being a two year stretch of Anti-Crime patrols in the Section 8 Housing projects of my city. This put me into contact with some of the "Worst of the Worst" that will be fleeing the cities in time of trouble. Gang-bangers, common street thugs, dope dealers and users, all have a place in the hierarchy of the streets. And they will certainly be part of what preppers will be facing in times of troubles. Here's some of what I have learned:

    The bottom rung is occupied by the drug addicts and users. They exist, not live as we understand the word. They have no assets, no goals, no drive. But they do have an almost animal instinct to continue living. They will be armed with anything they can steal or lay hands on. Most will have a knife of razor box cutter, and some sort of cheap pistol, or they will not live to get out of the city. Since they have no resources or assets, they will be on the edge of starvation and desperation almost within a day of an event. With no fixed residence or place to defend, they will be hitting the road and coming towards us. They will become violent without any provocation and there will be no negotiating or bargaining with them. They don't want to hear your story or excuses. All they want is what you have. And have no doubts: They will do anything to get what they want. And this does include catering to their most base instincts of rape, murder and mutilation. Letting someone like this even close to you and what you have is flirting with death.
    etc ............

  4. Sorry about this morning- the Internet connection was down. If I'm a few days late on e-mail that will be why.

  5. Rationalization is a dangerous thing, either way you dice it. I find the best way to deal with others, is individually; one on one, if a group is wanting to do me or mine harm, I care not its ethnic/racial composition, I care about my ability to end the threat permanently & quickly.

  6. Ain't it true James ! Over in Sanford we're seeing a whole lota anger just about now. Deservedly so in my opinion !
    Just a sign of the times...
    I be taking out a little insurance, by having a few blacks in my little group. Been training a black friend of mine in the fine arts of bow hunting and wilderness survival. As Hillary stated; It does take a village ! Don't think she was talking bout our kind of tribe tho lol