Thursday, March 8, 2012


In olde timey China mandarins were the bureaucrat class of government.  In essence, they were scholar-civil servants.  You had to pass tests to prove how smart you were, and then it was assumed because you weren’t a stupid dung splattered rice farmer you were worthy of helping the divine ruling class impose its will.  If you were smart, you were part of the solution rather than part of the problem.  Our social superiors have this same kind of attitude today.  The ignorant Wal-Mart shopping redneck hillbillies don’t have the common sense God gave a box of rocks, so we must direct them for their own good.  No trans-fats for you!  No animal protein for you!  Only public transportation for you!  Think of the idiot fedgov jack booted thugs taking away school lunches from students because what mom made wasn’t ideally nutritiously balanced ( this from the same government that decided after much debate that ketchup was a vegetable serving ).  Well, to all of us, myself included, that live off the milk of Uncle Obammies tit, here’s were we start paying for our free lunch.  You want a paycheck from the Kenyan Village Idiot, he gets to tell you how to live.  If you’ve ever served in the military, you know the drill.  They own your body every second of the day.  Please, Sir, may I be excused to go take a smelly? 

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Now, you might be wondering, hey, how do I get a job being a fedgov mandarin?  It sounds like a pretty righteous gig.  Well, sorry, bad news.  If you weren’t born into money, you are humped.  Because there is a very select, carefully thought out set of tasks that must be completed to prove you are worthy.  Not anything measuring your intelligence, don’t worry.  You will be sent through college, but you don’t have to learn anything.  You must demonstrate that your family is wealthy enough to be able to pay for your four years of college without needing to use that degree to pay back the tuition.  It is as simple as that.  Almost no one can actually work at a job they trained for, and that is a direct result of a dysfunctional economy.  But the mandarins have taken that fact and used it to their advantage.  A hundred years ago, adjusted for inflation, college costs were the same as they are today.  That does not mean that college is just as affordable as it ever was.  It means that we are back where we were which is that only the rich can afford to go to college.
A hundred years ago, the sons of the wealthy went to college.  They actually learned something there and it probably helped them continue the grand family tradition of being a successful Robber Baron.  Then we got involved in World War One, when the main banks that made up the bulk of our new Central Bank were in trouble of losing their ass if Germany won the war.  With Russia in revolt, suddenly a two front war became one.  If nothing else, peace could have brought the war to a draw and our debt holders, with their ruined economies, wouldn’t have been able to pay us back.  If Germany lost, they could pay back our allies loans! ( it doesn’t have to make sense, these idiots are the same ones that brought us a Great Depression and a devalued gold dollar and etc. ).  Which lead to World War Two.  Which necessitated a huge increase in managers and military officers.  Which lead to short cuts in training.  Which produced a huge new class of “educated” that demanded equality.  Look how smart we were to win the war, we can learn how to be civilian leaders so send us to school for free.  Unfortunately for the wealthy ruling elite, power had to be shared for a good half century. 
Well, thank God and pass the ammunition, the 1% is back in power!  Because of the total incompetence of the highly educated to educate the new students, masses of money were thrown at the problem of educating folks.  Every year more idiotic teachers started teaching at lower and lower standard and costs went up and up.  Through no planning but just because of that stupidity, now the end result is students go to school, learn almost nothing, and are in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And please note, I’m speaking in generalities here.  I’m not calling any one student or teacher an idiot.  I’m saying this was the general result across the board.  Over paying undereducated graduates with no possibility of getting a job in their field ( as tax revenues decreased and the jobs disappeared as most are at the public trough ).  Those are the ones who are left with lifetime debt.  On the other hand, if your family could afford to throw away that money, you could still get a civil servant job, in or out of your specialty.  The degree was your entry ticket.  Not the knowledge it supposedly taught.  You no longer need be smart, just from the right family.  It is about being part of the moneyed class once again.
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  1. Good article, that is the main reason I don't pursue my disability claims any more than I have. I don't like the idea of getting further involved in the tentacles of government. Bad enough using the VA for any health issues I may incur.

  2. Excellent analysis. I knew a guy who worked as a cab driver to get his degree in Sociology or whatever it was, so that he could get his civil service job. He said at the time, his idea of a hot date was a good night's sleep, and at the time he told me about it, the early 90's, he said conditions had become such that a student "now" would not be able to do then, where I suppose then may have been the 70s or early 80s, probably 70s. Another guy I knew more recently came from some little white-trash town in northern California where kids shot each other with guns, no shit, and the way out was to be good at football. If you were good at football and liked hurting guys, the recruiters were watching your ass from intermediate school on. He went to Stanford, never had to pay for a student loan, and never told me what his major was, does it matter?

    So that's the other way to become a Manderin, stupid things like sports scholarships. Anyone in their right mind hates football, but it's practically our national religion. With baseball taking a humble second, and the rest, hockey, tennis, rowing, etc following. Basically, if your family could afford to feed you enough to grow big and strong, and could afford to let you have enough free time to get good at a sport (as opposed to being small because of underfeeding, and kept busy scrounging around to feed yourself and your family) then you could grow up to be, essentially, a big thug and go to Stanford or a similar school, get handed your diploma the day your NCAA eligibility runs out, and go got an $80k a year gov't job, with raises at 10% a year.

  3. Thanks to the large size of our current nation/civilization, many may be have been able to 'fake it till you make it' as one of the secondaries to the moneyed classes.

    This until recently was my plan, most of the people I deal with on a daily basis think I am from a white-bread or even privledged background. (hahahahah!).

    I drive a 'luxury' automobile (actualy 7 years old just kept looking nice) and pretend my bike riding is for health and ecological reasons (not the health and survival reasons I actually have), I wear slacks, collard shirts, and dress shoes (slacks usually of a heavy duty material and shoes likewise) see me on the street and assume I earn 60k+ a year --- and on average over the past 5 years be off by @30k - I earn much less.

    I have the papers to say I am a skilled worker/manager but, like you said in the post above, that no longer gaurantees success (one of the reasons I sought out your books and blog Magnificently Coifed One). The DEBT makes one a slave.....

    Once I figured this out I have kept the illusion going but at home the discussion is how much fresh greens we can afford for our health (suvival short term health) vs how many pounds of rice and beans to eat now and store for later (medium term survival). People think we attend farmers markets because we are tree huggers----HHAHAHAHAH!!!! those organic greens are healty AND they are locally grown food, we like best going directly to the farms and talking to and dealling with the farmers (its good for the enviroment! HAHAHAHAHAH)

    For now we enjoy a few luxuries (cable TV/internet, dinners out on paydays, driving to pick up our groceries in bulk, etc.) We might as well enjoy life a little while we still can. But other than just maintaining the illusion (clothes, & haircuts) every other dime goes toward improving our childrens and our chances of survival. We are hoping to pay off our debt slavery asap but are balancing that drive against the drive to stock up on enough resources (including $, Food, Water, ammo, firearms, skills, and social resources) to survive in the short, middle, and maybe even long term. If we can be far enough ahead of the rest of the populace on there curve to be ready to take advantage of low prices of durables, etc, our goal of the asparagus farm on the 40 acres with the stream and woodlot, will work out, if not, well we are ready to move into the trailer on a bit of junk land-

    We would go there now to save better for the 40 acres but then I would loose my position as I would no longer be a "good corporate fit".... Trust me it has happend to me before.

    I am lucky that the spouse too agrees that how we are living now is NOT sustainable and we can only use it as a cover / resource while we prepare for a more survival oriented way of life.