Sunday, March 25, 2012

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James, I'll take the bait. "Ammo Makes The Gun" was a good article and the .303 SMLE is a fine rifle shooting a good cartridge.


"Once the Springfield and Garand started getting scarce, the 30-06 was relegated in use to a few old codgers."

Being an old codger I thought I'd say a few words on the matter. There are more than 20,000,000 of us living today who have served in the armed forces of the United States. Most of mine are now dead and gone, but I have grandsons learning. My grandfather and great uncles carried the '03 in WW1 and killed Krauts in Chateau Thierry. My father and uncles carried the '03 in early WW11 and were then issued the M1 Garand, the finest rifle ever made. One uncle used the '03 with a Unertl scope to kill Japs on Guadalcanal. My cousin, my age, went in the same year I did. His rifle was, at first, the M1, then the BAR, then the M14. He had a fondness for the M79. He did four tours of combat in 'Nam. Mustered out a Master Sergeant, USMC. I drilled with the '03 in boot camp and then on to the M1 Garand.

Primers, powder and brass cost the same regardless of caliber. Learn to reload. Cast your own hard-cast lead bullets. Use wheel weights. Shoot the National Match equivalent load in your 30-06 with jacketed 165 grain SPBT bullets. Use 47 grains of 4895. This load chronographs at 2,650 fps in my rifles. 30-06 brass is available at gun shows and elsewhere.

A man can't have too much 30-06 brass.

I have seen to it that my grandsons, 22 and 16 both have an 03-A3 and an M1 Garand each, with reloading tools and a good supply of primers, powder, brass, bullets, molds and skill.

As to old codgers:

Don't pick a fight with an old man who can no longer match his younger opponent blow for blow. He'll kill you.

Mountain Rifleman

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  1. Heh, that comment about old codgers.....Well.....for one thing I have to laugh at the marketing of all these "new" calibers. Now come on...for how many years have people been using what is not considered obsolete? Seems dammed odd to me everything from flintlocks to wooden stocked military arms have done what they were supposed to do. Yet...most of folks today think unless it is made out of stainless steel with some POS plastic stock it will not work and will fall apart. Baloney. Unless you do your hunting and shooting in a sauna....ain't gonna happen. Even if you did do it in a sauna, proper care before and after would not affect it imo. I've been hunting and shooting for over 56 years...any questions?