Saturday, March 24, 2012

guest article

I am not taking her back.  Despite all my attention, and my best efforts, it finally happened!  My busty (take it easy Jim) "Survivalists" girlfriend, aka " Rock Springs Chick" (Her new nick name earned after returning from a shopping spree at her first Super Walmart in Rock Springs WY, and announcing "I'm a Rock Springs Chick!", while I was sick as a dog in a hotel room during the middle of a big game hunt.  At least she bought me some camo fleece pajamas) up and stormed out on me a few weeks ago! 
All because she heard me ask a buddy at work if a woman he was talking about had big tits! Rock Springs Chick (RSC) was on the fucking phone as usual, and half way across the room, so I thought what's the harm in me asking my buddy a standard guy question!  Wrong!  What can I say, Men want to know! Even though she is blessed with being busty, she has an issue about the size of a woman's chest and a man's interest in that subject.  Boo fucking hoo.
Most men like large breasts.  All people have their issues. This, includes men, women and children.  Hell it includes dogs too (my dogs always hated squirrels, and some hated cats.  So it was best not to take them on a flying fox hunt or to a ladies house, who owned cats).  Men and women should know what each others issues are, and to come to peaceful terms with them before hand, or take the chance of blowing things up.  Blowing things up is not a good idea if you are storing the pharos seeds in buckets together, along with cans of cheap Rusky ammo, while trying to buy junk land. 
Of course RSC kissed me off owing me about $1,300 that I loaned her for a bunch of gear she purchased, including an Yugo SKS, Russian bolt carbine (Yes, Jim, she can shoot it.  What does that tell you about her weight?), scopes, a shit load of ammo, a pack and stove, several Cold Steel survival knives, tomahawk, and a freezer to hold the meat she got from last years hunt I took her on! (she killed a doe at 115 yards with her SKS with an off hand shot through the heart.  Those commie Silver Bear 7.62x39 soft points may not be match grade, but they are CHEAP and they get the job done).  The rest of the money she owed was for her share of the gas to drive beyond the land of Bisonia.   I gave her plenty of attention.
After a few weeks without RSC around, I came to the conclusion that I got off easy.  Maybe I have been reading a certain blog hailing from Northern Nevada to long?  Like many women, RSC aka the "Huntress" (nick named after making her first doe kill at 210 yards with a heart shot from a 308...... obviously she has her reasons for aiming at hearts!  She is a shot maker and a heart breaker!) suffers from an anger virus that continues to infect her with rage.  I am talking about an intense anger that projection vomits out of her often without warning.  Got milk?  At times this virus goes deep into remission, but only to come back with a vengeance.   Men get the rage virus too.  Either way, man or woman, it's pretty much a deal killer.
When suffering from the virus fever, she could have put me out of my misery with her old world CZ 52 pistol loaded with those wicked Wolf hollow points, while I slept!  She didn't (those fucking 7.62x25 bullets may be light, but man do they go blazing fast, far and flat!).  Seriously, think about it.  What type of woman carries a CZ 52 with 5 extra mags by choice?  Yeah...... that's what I mean.  She is special!  Let's just say she has major daddy issues that may have brought on the rage virus (we wont open the subject of jealously).   But don't all wonderfully rebellious defiant chicks? I am not your daddy baby.
She will probably come crawling back (unless she reads this.... get the point?), as many women are so insecure that they can hardly survive with out a man's constant attention and guidance.  Gag me.  Stand tall warrior wonder woman!That's one of the things I hate most about the daily challenge of relationships with soft things (women).  You try your best to bite your tongue, and to give them the attention they need, but it only takes one "awe shit" or a few days of double shifts at work with no phone calls and the SHTF! 
I always wonder about survivalist women.  Is it real for them, or is all they do  only to please the man they are with.  After 17 years of prepping, my ex-wife forgot real quick.  How does anyone who sees the horror of the freight train coming our way, suddenly forget about it like it was a fad?  The answer can be found in a woman's actions after they are no longer with their man.  Will they sell, sell, sell or party, party, party? Or off to London, Paris or Rome to take art lesions and find themselves (my ex wife's dream)?  Or will they stay on course by themselves or with someone new?  Only time will tell.  I don't think men suffer from the same issue too often. 
RSC may make some other prepper a good drama free wife (is there such a thing?) in the near future.  After all, her hearts in the right place (there's that word again), but it takes more than that to get along.  It's not just about love, it's about chemistry and respect right?  Perhaps I dropped the ball on respect? That may be debatable, but it's too late now.  As an old wise South Florida marine once told me, "Son, once the milk sours, there's no fixing it." 
Her next man might really get off looking at and playing with the gear I financed, helped her pick out and trained her to use!  Sound familiar Jimbo?Then again, if he is a "normal" fellah, he may just think she's a freak when he sees her closet full of stored food, bottled water and the above mentioned warrior huntress gear.  Right about now some of you are thinking you wish you could be so lucky.  Don't look in a woman's closet! 
I know you all are wondering.  Of course RSC is fantastic in bed, and cooks a mean Antelope chili, but I am not interested in the slavery that comes when bowing down to the anger virus's wrath...... even when it's spicy! 
 Food for thought.


  1. Enneagram type Eight. Nothing you can do.

    Their rage never really goes away, because the root for it always remains. Actually it worsens with time, but they can less show it, because they can't afford to (not scaring away the few people that would still SPEND (like, spending) precious time with them), and because gradually their energy is getting less.

    The more interesting survivalist types (all men) I've met are of the relaxed type. Not sloth-like types, but steady pace, stop-to-smell-the-flowers-along-the-path-of-life types.

    Their priority was to get out of the rat race.

    RSC is trying to win that rat race. Of course she's pissed, that race wasn't meant to be won !

  2. Yes, there are women preppers out there. I'm the one who makes sure that we have beans and bullets.

    The funny thing is that my husband has freedom to buy as many guns and as much ammo as he wants. But he could care less. If I push him out the door, he'll go hunting AND I'll even follow him and gut, butcher and cook his kill. (I get my own deer too but we're only allowed one deer tag each).

    I'm the hard core survivalist.

    All of you married to "princesses", eat your heart out.

  3. Sounds alot like my first wife who tried to kill me twice. (No BS..twice)
    I stuck it out for 18 miserable years because we had kids together. Then it got so bad even the kids couldn't keep me there.
    And then what? I find the current wife who is better in every way.
    It can happen. Sometimes you get lucky when you make a clean break.
    This old wise Marine also adds, "You can't fix crazy."

  4. Menopause Ain't For Pussies. I've been attached to the "Perfect Woman" for almost 35 years now. Note quotations. Perfect doesn't exist in women. Ya think you have something close to it and things are as good as it gets, and here it comes. Been livin' here on Menopause Mountain for a few years now. Asked an experienced friend how long it lasts. His answer (UNTIL YOU DIE) wasn't encouraging.Good Luck VH...