Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Fool’s Gold      3-14-12

From (TF)2

Mark was a fairly typical prepper. He read all the popular survivalist blogs almost daily. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turns out, Mark was sort of an obsessive/compulsive type of person.

One of the great prepper gurus, “Lord Bison” kept hammering on his loyal and disloyal minions to stock up on wheat in buckets.

Every time Bison mentioned stocking up on wheat, Mark went out and bought more. He couldn’t help it. “Do I have enough?” he wondered.  He finally had to buy buckets by the pallet load. When he finally filled his 40 foot CONEX container full of buckets he bought another. He didn’t really know when to stop.

After a few years he had several containers full of buckets, and later 55 gallon drums, of wheat.

Then the moose sank.

Three months later he was trading one bucket of wheat for one ounce of gold. He had a steady supply of customers. Lawyers, doctors and bankers all lined up at his place. When he got down to his last three tons of wheat he called a stop so he would still have some for himself. By then there was a local black market economy starting up anyway and sales were beginning to slow down.

By this time his retirement was set.

From then on he was surrounded by pretty, naked girls to do his cooking, cleaning,  bidding and bedding. If any of them got pissy he moved them over to the rental fleet.

He lived a long and healthy and happy life.

Eventually, he built a shrine of gold dedicated to the great Lord Bison and gave thanks to him every night.

Makes you kind of think, doesn’t it?


  1. makes me sort of nauseated actually.-SemperFido

  2. While a worthy goal, bear in mind if you have that kind of cache, don't make it public unless you use that gold to hire the army needed to defend it. Having said that, it does not hurt to stockpile for anything, I'm holding my supplies to 2 weeks only because I'm getting ready to move. After that happens I plan to prep for 2 years minimum. 20 years if I have time.