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Elko Retreat Concept


Dirt cheap. DIRT CHEAP! I'm seeing $1500 for an acre lot with power only a half mile away!!! There are more 1 acre lots in Elko county then there are people living in Elko county. Granted, you are going to have to drill for water, or haul it, plus get hooked up for power but solar is getting cheaper and there is plenty of sunshine in Elko. More sunny days then the US average and in summer, 15% more!
Get's cold at night but that keeps the Cali immigrants far away and the Wifey snugglely close.
And in Elko, the water that falls in the watershed, stays in the watershed.

Businesses in Elko, NV:

Arby's              1      
Best Western    1      
Burger King       2      
CVS                 1      
Dairy Queen     1      
Days Inn          1      
FedEx              5      
GNC                1      
GameStop       1      
H&R Block       1      
Holiday Inn       1      
JCPenney        1      
KFC                1      
Kmart             1      
Kroger             1      
Lane Furniture   1
McDonald's       2
Motel 6             1
OfficeMax          1
Rite Aid             1
Sears                1
Starbucks          2
Super 8             1
T-Mobile            1
Taco Bell            1
Travelodge          1
U-Haul                2
UPS                   8
Walmart             1
Wendy's            1

Plenty of entry level jobs that a middle-aged frugal survivor-types will gladly stoop down to, just to buy another tub of grain, or some bolt-action, odd-ball caliber ammo in order to to bury on his paid-for junk land. Part time drudgery, minimum wage job, 2 days a week sounds good?

WHAT?!? How do you expect to repel those thousands of Cali MZB golden horde types, as they are flooding I-80, heading straight towards Elko for parts north (Idaho), and you with only a .31986437 bolt action wooden oar to stop them, if you can't grovel and ask a mouth-breather "Would you like to Super-size that, sir?"

Elko is the outer defensive ring for all those survivalists in Idaho, who Jim affectionately calls "Yuppie-scum-wanna-be-survivors". Why do you think Jim finally picked Elko? In order to be the outer defensive line/ring/thingy and protect everyone in Idaho. Man up, Bitch!

Plus gold isn't going to get much cheaper. Doubt if it drops below $1500. So I think the past bust and boom Elko mining economy is going to change to a stable economy, with a slight increase locked to the price of gold. Heck, the Feds will probably take over the gold mines. Imagine the satisfaction of selling Happy Meals to armed Federal jack-booted thugs!!

"Golden Horde" effect:

Back in 2004, Florida got hit 4-5 times by hurricanes. Around the second or third time a hurricane approached, people started to bug out for parts north of Florida. A guy I worked with had to bug out because of his wife refused to go through another hurricane. After they got back, he told me that he barely got out of the state because of the traffic. He also had the problems of getting gas, food, lodging. But most people just bugged in.

Of course, I'm sure that more people will bug out after watching the after effects of Katrina. But this really only applies to weather related disasters. Most people will stay put if a solar flare pops, EMP attack, or war is started with Iran.

Okay, so a sizable amount of people will just stay at home till they're dead. You still have the panic-stricken wives and their whipped hubbys traveling on the VITAL inter-states.

In 2 days, my buddy only got about 200 miles from Orlando, FL.
From Reno, NV to Elko is 288 miles. And those miles are a bit more harsh in NV then FL. There is no Speedway at every exit. And that's not counting the miles traveled in Cali by the MZBers.
"The horde will use the inter-states to travel" says some survivor types. STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERSTATES! OMG! Elko sits right on I-80! DOOM!!!DIS-PARE!!!AGONY!!!

Goggle map I-80. Go street view mode. The I-80 "inter-state" is basically a divided 2 lane highway. Hell, that's a side street in some places. The RV resort/campground I live in currently is fronted by the same type of road. Not impressed.

Take a stroll along I-80 from Reno to Elko, using Goggle street mode. Notice the lack of trees, towns, 7-11s, rest stops, people to eat, water, etc. I guarantee that almost no foot traffic from Cali is gonna make it to Elko. Walking 20 miles a day will take 2 weeks. And we are talking "Cali Golden Horde", not Jackson's foot infantry. It would take them a month. Gotta have water. Water is heavy. No great mass of humanity is walking to Elko.

Plus as an added bonus, there is a tunnel on I-80 in between Elko and Carlin, the town that the dreaded Cali horde will pillage and loot prior to getting to Elko. The tunnel is a straight shot through a mountain. You can live out those fun moments of selecting people for their skills just like in that EMP attack book. Wanna take a bath?

There is a cut off around the tunnel but easily blocked. No trees, no cover.

You might get some vehicle traffic but 288 miles is a good chunk of someone's gas tank. And don't forget about all that idling in between here and there with the AC on full blast.

I feel that the "Golden Horde" effect on Elko will be greatly muted by the difficulties encountered by the MZBers. But the few that do get there will have the same mentality as Death Row inmates. Plan accordingly.

Las Vegas is 426 miles from Elko:

People will lower the rating of Elko because of Vegas. Case in point:
JWR’s Combined Retreat Potential Ranking of Nevada is 14 of 19 (Note: I’d probably rank it at 7 or 8 if it weren't for Las Vegas.) says JWR.

Elko is probably closer to JWR's super-secret lair then 426 miles. Was Elko on JWR's radar screen? I think not. Neither should Vegas be on a survivor living in Elko.

BTW, those 426 miles look much worse with Goggle's street view then I-80's 288 miles. OMFG!

Gun Laws:

Only dumb gun law is you can't carry a loaded long gun in your POV. And you have to qualify with each type of semi-auto handgun that you want to carry CCW. That one kinda makes sense. A Lightweight Colt Commander 1911A1 is not a tool like a Glock. The 1911 is art. It's budda-full...

You can CCW carry in public buildings unless it's a school or if there are metal detectors at the entrance. You could CCW at the DMV!!! Imagine the erotic daydreaming as you wait for the vast numbers of DMV employees to end their breaks.

Open carry is vague.

Bits & Pieces:

No state income tax. Plus it takes 2/3rds vote to enact an income tax.

With water you get trees. Goggle street view of Elko. They have trees. They have effing green grass lawns in the desert... Greener grass then I can manage to mangle here in the humid jungle-lands of FL. Bastards...

Low humidity. While Jim might bitch and moan about showering in the brisk morning temperature of 20 degrees while standing inside The Tool Shed of Doom, I doubt if he would of dug all those Pits of Doom by hand in high humidity. That shit (humidity) drains you. Seriously.

There are down sides. I work with a guy who's from Vegas. He left Vegas because of a gambling problem. So if you like to gamble, wrong state.

Also, if you want to finally try out that black latex mask with ball gag that the Wifey refuses to look at, wrong state. Perversions cost extra. I think there is 4 fun houses in Elko. Beware!!!!  Don't do it!!!! Think of the grain!

With luck, I plan on moving the Wifey and plastic rifle to Elko in 2014. Become a loyal minion, on scene-follower of Jim's. I mean, Jim already made all the mistakes for us!
Why not?

Speaking of followers, I gotta buy some of those newfangled grey followers for my AR-15 magazines. Didn't I just buy those green ones a few years ago...?

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  1. Actually, when I was looking for land, thats where I found it, less than 100 yards off the river even. Of course I made sure it was uphill of any flooding. should be there mid August.