Friday, March 2, 2012

edison battery

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At first blush, the Edison battery sounds like a survivalists wet dream rolled up into a winning lottery ticket offered by a Victoria Secret’s model who happens to be a rich nymphomaniac chef.  Alas, there is always a fly in the ointment.  Because this type of battery has a lifespan of almost forever ( I’ve heard from thirty to sixty years ), it has become the Yuppie Scum Survivalists new Must Have Christmas Gift.  But only one importer offers it, and at a price to make Warren Buffet crap a bloody internal organ.  $1200 is what they are asking for one lower amp 12v battery.  As opposed to about $75 for a Marine/RV battery from an auto parts store ( and at a higher amp rating ).  Now, you can read all about this kind of battery, probably at Wikipedia.  I think they were regularly used on submarines as they had no corrosion problem and lasted longer than the boat itself.  But the history and mechanical details are not all that important.  What is of paramount importance is that the bitch cost twelve hundred bucks.  For ONE humpin low amp battery.  How many does the guy need, headed into the apocalypse with a hair dryer and a microwave oven needed to heat his instant latte?  Ten grand worth?  Fifteen grand?  Does it cost more than his Bug Out Boat And Six By Six Combo RV With GPS And Twin Top Mounted Machine Guns? 

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You could go through a lot of trouble and special order regular marine batteries without liquid so you can dry store them indefinitely ( with the acid stored separately ).  This would make up for the five year max life of this kind of battery.  And you would spend less overall.  Until you factored in the need to give the new batteries a higher amp charge than is available from a solar panel set up ( so I’ve been told- correct me if I’m mistaken ).  Which means a generator and stored fuel.  What this all boils down to is White People Problems.  No one really needs to have a 12v battery system after the apocalypse.  Oh, sure, you might need a refrigerator for insulin and a pump for your three hundred foot water well.  But I would stipulate that these are losing strategies.  If you are that dependent on high tech, you aren’t going to last long enough to get much use out of a thirty year battery.  And even if the batteries are for off grid living now, you don’t need such a bullet proof set of batteries.  There is plenty of other tools you own that must have a  replacement cost built in to it ( car, computer, appliances, chain saw ).  Just add the lower life batteries to that list and stop trying to collect only the most perfect items.  You can’t afford Only The Best ( not if you are reading here ). 
Why do you need 12v batteries indefinitely after the crash?  The only thing that electricity does better than any other substitute is lighting ( you can argue about the motion detectors and night vision, etc., but only low tech will survive from one generation to the next ).  And you can survive on LED lights and AA batteries long enough until a market emerges for old fashion lamps and their fuel.  Eventually you will need to devolve your firearm needs as well as all your illumination needs.  You can’t hold on to today’s tech all that long, so it is best to plan on a voluntary transition now ( of course, this is a less than perfect strategy, as the last one who runs out of smokeless powder should be the last one to lose militarily ).  So, rather than trying to retain a technology far past the time it is feasible, perhaps you are just going to have to pick and choose which is most important.  Rather than a never ending microwave and a never ending cup of high end coffee, and only five thousand rounds of ammo, wouldn’t it be better to transition to campfire cooking and put that extra $1200 into 35,000 rimfire rounds?  An Edison battery, no matter how nifty, is still just a luxury.
And should we even talk about the fact that it was made in China?  I buy the newer, cheaper Mono solar panels from China.  But they are cheap enough that I can buy multiples ( buy three 15 watt panels rather than one 45 watt- that way not all your eggs are in one basket ), assuming some will fail.  You can’t buy back-ups to the Edison battery, not at over a grand each.  Just as I’d rather have three break open single shot 223 rifles rather than one AR.  You can’t assume a single unit of anything is a good idea ( hell, how many of us have more than one car?  We must insure against not being able to get to work ).  I know most of my readers are on the same page, Edison batteries are not an option.  But you should also apply that across the board on your preps.  Sometimes you just have to do without.  Because the money is better spent elsewhere ( just like buying a weeks worth of wheat rather than one meal in an MRE for the same amount ).  As the economic collapse picks up steam and the oil starts running out, this is not the best time to be wishful thinking about the Rich Boy Toys you’ll never have.

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  1. $1200 = 35,000 high-vel 22LR shells at 3 cents.
    $1200 = 17,142 subsonic 22LR @ 7 cents.
    On Bison Survival Blog some stated that they will
    stock up on hi-vel at 3 cents, and after TEOTWAWKI
    make a silencer.ATF will be out of business.
    Here are two unsuppressed rifles, a 10-22 firing high velocity, and a Marlin? firing subsonic.
    Here is a legal suppressed 10-22 firing high velocity then subsonic 22LR.
    Which ammo do you want to use to hunt food when the enemy is hunting you? Decide now while all types ammo are availble.

  2. Hmmm...

    An Edison battery powering LED lights shining on one's collection of consecutively serial-numbered plastic carbines. In the American Redoubt or a remodelled Minuteman III silo. With a woman who looks like Claudia Schiffer circa 1985 who can skin a deer in under five minutes.

    There's a reason I call some stories Doomer Porn.

  3. I goofed. Mea culpa.
    correction to text:
    Here are two unsuppressed rifles, a 10-22 firing high velocity, and a Marlin? firing subsonic.

    that should read as follows:
    The shooter on left with Ruger 10-22
    fires high-velocity ammo. Immediately after each high-velocity shot, the man on the right fires subsonic ammo. They each fire five rounds. Listen carefully.
    Would the difference in ammo you use have any affect on your life expectancy after SHTF ?.

  4. You could also build your own nickel/iron batteries as I am...
    Very cheap doing it yourself...
    As most all things are when the labor is free..My own that is lol

  5. make it yourself: