Friday, March 16, 2012

$100 a week

$100 A WEEK
Warning!- guest article tomorrow.
Back in 1998, 1999, I was quite the busy little beaver prepping for Y2K.  Prior to that I had also been prepping like mad but I had left wife #3 and left a crap load of supplies with her ( three Lee-Enfield #1’s, ammo, a ton of wheat and a few other misc. items ).  Like most guys I’m simply a stupid shit when it comes to women, wives and sex, and the almighty orgasm always trumps good sense or even the survival instinct.  She was a wonderful wife but a terrible lay and so she got the boot. I cleared out so fast she kept all my possessions ( a bunch of books, computer, car, on top of the prep items ).  Of course, in my defense I had just got done working the graveyard shift for nearly five years and the accumulated sleep deprivation was so bad I hadn’t been thinking very well.  We’ll blame that on wife #2 because her financial drain was so bad I had to stay on that job for its shift differential and its monthly bonus.  Anyway, with less than two years to the Doomsday Date I knew I had to get my crap together quickly.  I started putting $100 a week aside for preps.  The great thing then was that oil was between $10 and $20 a barrel and so everything was cheap as could be.  I could afford to buy retail wheat buckets with sealed Mylar interior ( a concern as I was in Florida ).  Enfield #4’s were sold for $75, $100 for factory refinish.  A Brazilian revolver was $250, 45’s were under $300.  303 ammo was about what Russian ammo is today, with the added bonus that the British stuff was reloadable with a bit of modification to the Berden system ( there where web instructions, I don’t know if they still are there, where you indent the primer hole with a ball bearing to allow a boxer primer to fit ).  And the list went on.

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Today, of course, the price of everything is much higher.  And if you are concerned that the cost of gasoline will continue to go up, you had better buy the heavy stuff like ammo before it’s shipping cost increases.  But you can still start putting $100 a week aside for preps and make a huge difference in a very short time.  As soon as I paid off the lot I could then afford the $100 a week prep savings again.  I’ve been putting that money aside for the Bison Pit Of Doom, as that will be my insurance against freezing to death in a winter without propane.  But when that is done in a few months I can go back to the more mundane prep items.  It’s probably time to once again replace the arsenal, this time with single shot 223.  Buy a few extra rimfire rifles.  Bury a lot more wheat.  The standard crap.  But let’s cover finances.  If I can put $100 aside, so can you.  The first time was paying rent ( I had a roommate so it wasn’t too much ) but I was making $20k a year so even with that and child support I could handle the budget without the $400 a month.  Now, since everything is so much more expensive, it takes living rent free on junk land to be able to swing this amount.  But I’m sure most of you make above $20,000 a year.  Your pain to budget in this amount shouldn’t be extreme.  If I can do this paying child support, you should be able to do this supporting a shoe shopping wife.
$100 is enough to bucket up 250-300 pounds of wheat.  Perhaps even with enough left over for a cheap Mexican corn grinder ( to grind wheat, just grind once on course setting, again on medium setting and a third time on fine.  If needed, use a screen in a frame to filter out bigger chunks to put in the next batch.  I did this for the family bread as a skinny child so I can’t imagine you macho stud muffin plastic carbine commandos can’t handle that ).  The next week, that $100 can buy a Russian bolt or a 400 round tin of its ammo.  In a month you and wife have almost a years worth of starvation level calories and a decent level of self defense.  I’m not saying stop right there, and I’m not saying you have all the time in the world because we can’t know when it will reach a tipping point into the stewpot.  I’m saying that for a mere $100 e week, not much more than a family night out for movies and pizza ( replace that with an evening home with two Little Caesar’s pizzas and a Redbox DVD for about $12- $15 with a few 2 liter soda’s you can reuse the containers for water storage ), you are probably better off than you are now.  Remember, it doesn’t matter how primitive your preps are as long as they immediately provide protection.  Later, if we have the luxury of time, then move up to higher quality items. 
You can make all the excuses in the world why you can’t put $100 aside each week for a mere few months.  If you actually believe that survivalism is more than a hobby about pretty toy consumption you will find a way.  The cool part is, you get immediate feedback every week, since you have tangible evidence in the form of a survival tool that the sacrifice is worth it.  Saving up for ten weeks for an AR does not have the same feedback as a huge pile of food one week, a pile of ammo the next, etc.  Bite the bullet, it will only be painful for a little while.

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  1. If you don't spend the whole $100 one week, carry the extra over... maybe if you save the extra each week you will be able to save up for that black plastic carbine at the same time you watch your preps grow in front of your eyes... immediate gratification now, and delayed gratification later... win-win


  2. The frugality couldn't be put any more simplistic. People spend that much at Starbucks in a week. Oh priorities, at least they're fattening up the stewpot.

  3. Good run-down of the Bison System.

    Trouble is, most people spend 105% of what they make. Only a tiny portion of the population has the discipline to set aside $100 a month - and it doesn't matter if they make $20k or $200k a year, it's just not gonna happen.

    Guess that's why we stockpile so many bullets!

    1. Some questions,

      Wife #3 still got that stuff? She need a unprepared husband?

      What are you looking at in a .223?

  4. You're "Bison Pit Of Doom" seems to be pretty close to the same thing as a Anasazi pit house. Was that you're model? The pit house has some good qualities but they could be drafty and smoky with an open fire. With the advantage of a steel stovepipe and a Cabela's outfitter series tent stove you could have heat and cooking. If you brought in a dedicated air supply for the stoves combustion you could eliminate the draft too. I did see that you said there is very little wood where you live but there are other options. You can check Walmart for wood pellets. They tend to get them in by the pallet in the fall and the price is often not too bad. Another thought is to use craigslist to find the nearest place that has enough trees that they sell firewood then rent a uhual trailer and buy and haul a couple of cords of wood.