Wednesday, February 29, 2012

trash talking preppers

On Monday Rawles had a tirade against the mainstream media and their dismal track record treating survivalists with any kind of rational thinking.  The sons of whoring bastards basically just poke fun and paint the practitioners as crazy craphouse rats.  Of course, Rawles being a gentlemen, he didn’t come right out and say it like that.  That’s my job, distilling long rambling polite statements down into more understandable and course rants.  I don’t necessarily disagree with what he was saying.  The media does take any criminal and call him a survivalist, even if that is the last thing they are.  I don’t even think the media knows why it is doing this.  Anymore, anything from the MSM is just infotainment and I’d be surprised if any thought process was involved.  The media has always acted like they’d love to drop to their knees and sodimize any democratic politician, so today’s media empty heads keep repeating the same line.  They don’t know why but that is just the way its always been.  And to them, anyone who is for the Second Amendment must be a crazy bastard, hence a survivalist.  That was the official line taken in the 70’s and the idiots today just repeat that thought.  I think a lot of it has to do with the Official Politically Correct Handbook being adhered to dogmatically.  To advance in this climate, you must memorize and repeat said handbook.  You don’t think about it, you just spew the party line.  Your paycheck is on the line.  How else are you going to be hired at a government grant think tank or a civil service job? 

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However, in my opinion, the movies and the news are not necessarily the same animal.  In the media, news is paid for by corporate interests and the only criteria is low operating costs and maximum return.  I don’t think it matters to the CEO what political affiliation the hired help has.  At one time there might have been a strong element of fifth column communism involved in the media.  They were out to subvert and convert.  Anymore however, I’d wager that the news is just part of the national circus.  They might still be trying to convert us, but it isn’t anything more than just preaching to the choir.  The fedgov has bought and sold the bulk of the American public through welfare.  They aren’t going to upset their apple cart.  I won’t say that the movies are all that much better, there is an element of socialism and wishful thinking for societal molding, but in the end a movie maker has to buy the audience.  It is a simple matter of investment.  A TV news studio is operating at almost no cost.  As long as you get X amount of audience for the advertiser, you can gamble on being stupid by saying crap that panders to DC.  But a movie studio is gambling tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.  They aren’t going to be as accommodating to the directors desire to mold the minds of the audience to his favorite political theory.  Money talks and BS walks.  A movie studio might be full of Jewish One Worlders ( to cite one trite conspiracy ) who would love to see Stalin Lite rule the planet, but first and foremost they are going to win the ticket price from their audience of whoever, even redneck hayseed Republican gun owners.
The movies “Survivors” and “Blast From The Past” were cited in Rawles article as an example of the unfair portrayal of survivalists.  I disagree.  In my mind, “Survivalists” ( with Robin Williams and Walter Mathow ) was more whimsical than critical.  And the writers seemed to have their pulse on the community more than most.  There is a very real “burn-out” problem as well as hucksterism in the industry.  As far as “Blast”, Christopher Walken was friggin hilarious.  How is it painting the survivalist movement as mentally imbalanced?  The whole country was paranoid about treacherous evil Soviets for decades.  The Walken character reflected that.  I don’t believe the film was out to portray survivalists in a bad way.  If anything, paranoia in general was on trial.  Also, in general survivalists in movies are treated as harmless g
kooks.  That is a good thing.  No one will fear us, just make fun of us.  Thank you, Hollywood, for dismissing us as harmless.  The talking jerk-offs on TV might be saying we are dangerous, but Hollywood ( which, I’d wager, has far more influence ) is arguing otherwise.  The only movie I recall off hand that really tried to emulate the TV line was “War Of The Worlds” by Spielberg.  He was none too subtle about calling the survivalist character a pedophile.  That really chapped my ass, but I don’t think his efforts were rewarded.  The movie probably did badly enough that the tactic won’t be repeated ( just to be sure, don’t patronize any of that twats products- deny the Beast funding ). 
And remember, the fewer survivalists out there, the less our products cost.  You can fall for the propaganda that “if everyone prepped, we would be safer”, but that is wishful thinking ( I admit I’ve indulged in that a time or two ).  In reality, any scare that brings in new practitioners makes everything we stockpile surge in price.  If we had plenty of time left, it wouldn’t be an issue.  But we don’t.  So in the end, hope for fewer preppers and thank the media for it.
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