Wednesday, February 8, 2012

shark tank manufacture

Once upon a time dreary, our kingdom was invaded by vicious trolls.  These trolls could have been motivated by any number of things.  Envy of my hair.  Fear of my market domination.  My special relationship with Baby Jesus.  But regardless, the mere fact is that trolls roamed the land, dear maidens fearing for their chastity, mothers fearing that their children would be eaten and mere mortal men fearing their courage would flee them in the moment of truth.  Luckily for all of them, Bison The Wise relocated his domain and those vicious trolls fled ( and if there are any of you punk ass bitches left, forget about finding a voice here.  I won’t even post your comments anymore.  If I’m not getting paid at the old rate, I shan’t put up with your crap at the old volume ).  But if they had been around, they would start moaning and bitching about how this article was inspired by television and how I’m unworthy to use that medium as inspiration and how a True Survival Guru would go live out amongst the wild mushrooms and hug trees and live off freeze dried foods and communicate by satellite Internet so my minions could get all that pure advice for free and in real time.  Or something to that effect.  Anyway, back to The Shark Tank.  I don’t spend a heck of a lot of time in front of the boob tube.  At one time I had given it up, but truthfully doing nothing but reading does get boring.  The two hours a night I do watch, I avoid most of the so called reality shows.  The Shark Tank ( rich dudes decide to invest in business ideas, or not ) , however, I absolutely love.  There is just something about it.  The other week there was a bit about manufacturing overseas.  The guy pitching his idea wanted to manufacture his detachable pick-up truck rack in America.  The sharks wanted it to be made in China so that their profit margins were bigger. 
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We all know the idea of bringing back manufacturers to America is a pipe dream.  When the infrastructure ( to include schooling ) is dismantled, you can’t rebuild it.  Not in an energy decline.  It took generations of investment to get the first set of factories up and running.  When the ore and energy started running out, and when capital started looking for easier returns, our manufacturing sector was all but done.  Since the parasitic feeding on its corpse began, it has been all down hill.  However, to believe that China is going to continue supplying our needs is to also be smoking on the crack pie of never ending growth.  Between the growing Chinese middle class and Chinese inflation, oil settling in at $100 a barrel and the end of Chinese purchasing of government debt, the beginning of the end has already started.  The fat lady has started to sing.  Which is not to say manufactured goods are not going to be sold to Americans.  What I’m saying is that the era of cheap and affordable overseas manufactured goods is as over as the end of cheap and affordable oil.  The Sharks are at present making gobs and oodles of money, but in the end they are pursuing a dead business model.  I don’t blame them for maximizing profits at present.  If you are the only schmuck subsidizing overpriced American manufacturing, all your rivals outperform you.  But I hope they realize that their entire Mass Consumption Model is ending. 
On to other news, analysis or just plain blathering, I was listening to a news blurb on the radio quoting some PC college educated idiot ( making Toronto look like a bunch of idiots for employing her in their college ) saying that physical punishment of children had life long negative effects.  Wow.  Not only are they letting childless women preach to mothers, they are allowing brain dead idiots to do so.  Let me tell you something, lesbian moronic mouthbreathing liberal twat, thanks to a stern hand and corporal punishment, here is one male who doesn’t beat women.  Whenever my sister practiced here female gift of harassing and tormenting me, pushing all my buttons for long periods of time, I would start to hit on the little bitch.  Promptly, my sister squealed and ran to mommy and reported my abuse.  At this news, my mother who was shorter than me long before my puberty, ran in and commenced to stand on her tippy toes and wail on my head.  As she was smacking me across one side of my head and then the other, back and forth, she would repeat the same thing every time.  “Don’t  ( smack ) hit ( smack ) your ( smack ) sister ( smack ) on the head ( smack ), it will ( smack ) cause brain damage ( smack )”.  So, there you have it, the cause of MY brain damage.  And the reason I don’t even think about hitting a woman.  Thank you Mom, for teaching me the right way.  You didn’t sit me down and patiently explain how I was naughty and not considering other peoples feelings, etc.  No, you smacked the crap out of me until I learned.  So I never beat the crap out of wife number two, who deserved it if anybody ever did.  So I never went to jail.  Could someone please beat the crap out of the idiot that is preaching not to hit your kids.
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  1. You seem a lot more relaxed with this new blog.

    There are a zillion survivalist sites out there, while yours was the purest, going right back to Kurt Saxon's original frugal survivalism, it's hard being a me-too.

    Here, you're just Jim. Or James. Or Bison. Or Your Hairiness. It's your thoughts, and your life, without the pressure to do something for survivalism every day. Instead you're living it.

    I encourage you to check out a blog by a guy named Ran Prieur. He's been blogging forever and he's just .... Ran Prieur. His main distinction is living w/o a job, but he was doing that before it was so popular. He doesn't post every day, and when he does, his posts are very brief. Yet we keep coming back because of his insights and ideas. And for years he's taken donations, he's not begged for 'em, but he's just relied on people's general good will, and recently he's had to actually tell people he doesn't need 'em so don't stretch themselves out.

    He's got a whole blog, out of just being who he is.

    So, maybe this is where you get free of trying to be another MD Creekmore or poor man's Rawles, and just be yourself.

  2. Alex-I thought I was doing this before Creekmore. But I could be wrong. Anyway, I'm trying to relax. I think I might have been a smidge high strung there. And thanks for the Prieur heads up. I'll check him out.

  3. Look out buddy, I have followed you here ha ha.
    Yup, my mom smacked shit out of me a time or two ! If it had needed my dads attention, I would not be among the living.The times that my misdeeds were brought to him were few thankfully...I was an evil little bastard ha ha...

  4. Child abuse used to be an epidemic- As a formerly abused child, it was never the spankings or rare bop on the head or slap that I feared, it was the outright closed fisted *beatings* where I curled fetal on the ground, the being force fed "food" that was either poisoned or I had allergies to (to this day I can't stand the smell of it), it was the continual demeaning tasks ("clean the toilett with your tooth brush, brush your teeth, and go to bed!") It was the constant put downs, ("not only are you lazy and stupid you are ugly and fat too!"), the ignoring of my medical conditions to the point I could barely move- causing me lasting medical issues to this day- And the raw constant HATE with no affection from that 'parent' ("I can't wait until you are 18 and I can kick you out on the street! hope you like living under a bridge!" -started when I was 9 and continued until I left at 17).

    The parent who cared (but worked 12 hour days 6 to 14 days at a strech) would be the one to usually provide the real discipline ( "this is what you did wrong, this is the punishment [smack], dont do it again" ). But also provide real interaction and training.

    The pendulum has swung too far where idiots say you cant touch a child as part of disciplin ("dont clib the gate and touch the stove sally, you'll get burned- well you climbed the gate but I cant slap your hand that is reaching for the stove so I guess I'll just warn you again and have CPS remove you for child endangerment instead of child abuse...")

    - Grey