Friday, February 17, 2012

more trash

Both weekend days have guest articles.
Well, never one to leave well enough alone, and one to always flog the stuffing out of a dead horse, I’m going to continue my thoughts from yesterday and blather more on why holding cash is silly.  You could go on over to Rawles and he would tell you, get out of cash and into tangibles.  Which is sensible advice and the same thing I’m saying.  The difference is that Rawles sums it up nicely for you and I just incessantly drone on about it until you can’t stand it anymore and go buy something through my Amazon links to hopefully shut me up.  So, on with more Cash Is Trash.  First things first, I put a check in the mail this morning to pay off the land.  It will be a bit tight for the next two weeks since I raided most of this paycheck, but it is a great relief to be said and done with.  I even have a bit of savings still.  I had forgotten that I had put aside an extra $300 about six or nine months ago when I popped out a filling my flossing my teeth.  I was worried it would get infected and I’d have to go get it yanked.  Well, knock on wood, nothing yet.  So I still have that plus another couple of hundred.  Just enough savings so I don’t get too worried. 
Last weekend I had been looking at yet another big hole in the yard ( I decided to go with the original hole for the pit dwelling.  The new one, while it would have been nice because it was linked to the trailer, worried me because the trailer cut its daily solar in half.  In the winter, I want the option of going solar heat only ).  It was time to fill it in since the connecting trench was really close to the front door of the trailer and I had to keep watching I didn’t fall in.  Okay, allow me to back track a bit.  I had decided some time ago to go back to the original pit.  But along comes a neighbor and offers us a dog.  Now, I really don’t much care for dogs as they have a brain about the size of a squashed rabbit turd.  They spend four hours licking their balls, then move over to their ass for another hour, then get up and come over to you and want to lick your face.  And how friggin long do you need to remember that crapping on the rug is a bad idea?  I much prefer cats.  Their attitude is better, they have a bit of class and they only crap on the rug if you piss them off and you deserve it.  Plus, they WILL alert you to intruders.  Sure, it is usually by clawing the hell out of you, but it is still a warning.  But I said, what the heck, let’s get a dog as an extra layer of security.  The stupid thing is right next door so there is no hassle about getting one without a car.  Dumbest dog of all time.  Dogs that have been dropped on their heads repeatedly think this dog is stupid.  The entire canine kingdom makes fun of this dog.  The idiot wouldn’t stay around but kept going back to the neighbor.  Even when I put out food and the neighbor didn’t.  The dog was a stray that had bonded to visiting grandchildren over there and didn’t want to leave even when the kids did.  Okay, I get it.  The dog had found his pack and was loyal.  That doesn’t mean it was necessarily stupid.  I felt bad for it actually.  I tried to adopt it.  But he wanted nothing to do with it and as a result he ended up in the pound ( by the neighbor, not me ).  My point?  I had covered the trench and tried to turn it into a warmer dog house for the fool.  So I went awhile before I decided to fill it in.

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But it finally just got on my nerves, the gaping hole ( that’s what her husband said! ).  But rather than just fill it in, creating extra work on top of the initial dig, I wanted to put it to good use.  So I cleaned out the poly buckets from the trailer, the van and a few other places and filled up the hole with a thousand pounds of wheat.  Not extra wheat, just what I had on hand.  So I now have something like 40% of my wheat buried out of sight.  That is a pretty warm and fuzzy feeling.  I probably paid a bit less than this, but I’m calculating at today’s price I just buried about $450.  It isn’t perfect.  That is only about a year and a quarters calories for each of us.  But however imperfect ( I want closer to five years buried eventually ) it still is a heck of an insurance policy.  Far nicer than the actual cash money on hand.  I still have money stashed of course.  Nobody in their right mind DOESN’T save cash when all of us are on the razors edge pink slip wise.  But if I view the cash in one hand and the buried food in the other, the buckets make me feel so very much more secure.  I hope I am as wrong as can be and between our frac oil and our imports which are nearly holding steady ( a five percent decrease a year isn’t steady or desirable, but if it turns out to be survivable I’ll call it close enough to steady ) we see a VERY slow collapse.  I won’t plan or bet on it but I sure hope it turns out to be the case.  If I end up wrong about zero oil imports around 2015, I’ll gladly eat humble pie.  But I’m assuming the worst and buried food is far better than cash. 
Now, as is the wont of these things, the same weekend I’m feeling all cocky and wonderful for burying the food, my generator decides that it wants to break again.  It shouldn’t be a huge deal, the pull cord came off track and ripped.  I’m sure it is an easy/cheap fix or improvisation.  Which is not the point.  I’ve barely run the thing and this is the second problem ( the first was the DC plug ).  I don’t know if I’ll pour good money after bad.  Luckily, I invented the current crisis with the land pay-off so I can ignore the problem for a few more weeks.  Extra panels/no generator is looking better all the time ( I’ve been running 70 watts, I have an additional 60 in reserve I’ve yet to hook up- not sure what I want to do with them as of yet.  I was just buying them while they are so cheap ).

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  1. Dude it's good to hear you've got your land paid off.

    I understand clinging onto your job with all your might, because it's the best money you're likely to see for a while. But when it does go away, hopefully you have savings to help you get through the transitional period. Eventually you'll find some combination of independent trades that may well pay off better than your job did. But it will take you a few years.