Thursday, February 2, 2012

martial law infrastructure

When your star shines as brightly as mine, you tend to collect a bag of trolls that allow their ass to shine brightly ( to overseas readers, “to show your ass” is a delightful Southernism for proving to others what an idiot you are ).  They think that the illumination they are presenting surpasses that from the brilliance of my wisdom.  Silly?  Of course.  But that is one reason they are trolls.  One troll delights in accusing me of reading too much survival fiction and of taking too many of the ideas as fact.  Well, firstly, I tend to read far more fact than fiction.  I can usually read ten non-fiction books easily far before I pick up a fiction book.  I don’t read much fiction because there is almost nothing new in our genre, and most other types hold little interest to me.  I love science fiction, but the vast majority is so overly optimistic insofar as a bright future full of energy abundance that I can’t stomach a lot of it.  Where I used to read unceasingly for escapism I now read more selectively for knowledge with an occasional nugget of wisdom thrown in ( most minions would argue that figure is closer to zero ).  I’ve tried to replace quantity with quality ( although never fear, I don’t read snobbishly- most of that swill is overly pretentious and so busy highlighting the authors education there is little left over to illuminate the reader ).  I still want to read an account of joyful discovery, I’m just not much into reading anything and everything and the cereal box.  Secondly, fiction is nothing more than an authors vision based on their education.  The good ones write fiction based on a wide base of non-fiction learning.  As opposed to just learning how to write fiction ( give me a less than perfect writer displaying thoughtful and informed learning of the subject matter, as opposed to a hack churning out perfect prose ).  My point here is that fiction is a story based on fact.  Fiction is a way of presenting ideas.  As long as the idea is sound it is more than mere entertainment.  So why is there anything wrong with mining fiction for ideas as long as they are sound?
Now, I imagine this same troll is just as guilty himself of buying into fiction and thinking it is fact.  I’ll bet he thinks that we are all soon going to be rounded up by black helicopters and interned in concentration camps.  The whole conspiracy theory of Clinton ruling under martial law ( the favorite video through the mail in the nineties showing Bill ruling with a mailed fist now being replaced with U-Tube images of Hilary doing the same but with more evilness ).  Fears of martial law are not unfounded.  All but the simpletons believe we are not still ruled by a government that is bound under the restrictions of the Constitutions ( and even then, they might just be hiding under the guise of patriotism to avoid suspicion of thinking such subversive thoughts as individuals are inherently free ).  You want to tell me with a straight face than suspension of civil rights at whim is Constitutional?  Anyway, so as to not get off on a tangent, while martial law is more likely than not, it isn’t going to be enforced by a massive police state as envisioned by most.  For one very simple reason.  The government does not have the resources to churn out a sufficient number of jack booted thugs to enforce its will.  We are not bound for a future of every other citizen wearing a uniform as in  Nazi or Communist Germany but of that closer to Soviet Russian starving the Ukrainians into submission.  I base this on the reality of logistics rather than any fiction fueled fantasy fears.

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After the nation almost disintegrated into armed rebellion when the middle class protested being killed in Vietnam ( the poor were none too happy but only the Blacks fought back- without the college protests one wonders if the government would have supplied a peaceful resolution by ending conscription ), the draft no longer was a viable way of keeping the military staffed.  After our domestic oil supply peaked, we no longer had the capacity to equip such a large force ( and ending the draft wouldn’t have looked like such a good idea- Peak Oil kept you from being drafted ).  We could no longer rely on the means we fought for a hundred years, throwing men and machine into battle assembly line in bulk.  We had to start fighting smarter and with high tech ( we went from Soviet to German style ).  Since then both corporate and law enforcement styles have followed.  Higher tech, fewer resources.  In LEO circles this has morphed into armed college degreed elites.  There are far fewer of them, but supposedly they are smarter and better.  Rather than argue that point, I’ll concede it.  In the military this is almost the same but the over reliance on college degrees is reserved for the officer class ( which, surprisingly, COULD get worse than before ).  NCO’s are of course over trained but  at least they started out with common sense and street smarts.  You can’t ruin them too badly.  So what we have now is a very small cadre of elite military as well as LEO’s.  They are very good at what they do, but there simply are not enough of them. 
You can’t go back to masses of partially trained military.  We don’t have the material to support that, and the institutions that we’ve built up for forty years ( the small elite in charge of their organizations ) would not cede power even if we did.  We are stuck with what is in place.  Under contraction, you do not build new infrastructure.  You use your legacy system.  Our system in both LEO and military is high tech, low manpower, high education.   Quality over quantity.  Which, simple enough, is obviously inadequate to control 313 million ( and that doesn’t include the few illegals left that didn’t move back to Mexico for better employment opportunities ) people.  You can control them through bribes ( entitlements ) and overt fear ( which is where those few low capacity concentration camps come in, along with rendition and citizenship revocation threats ), but when it all starts coming apart, there is only one way to control rebellion.  Famine.  You don’t have the infrastructure to arrest millions.  You don’t have enough troops to both garrison the middle east and provide widespread riot control.  Your police can target individuals, but not the masses.  But we already have the means of controlling the food supply.
The government doesn’t need gun control.  It can just tax ammunition.  Both at its source ( harass and tax manufactures ) and at retail levels.  That won’t be much of an issue.  The masses will shoot it out with each other and exhaust most of their ammunition.  But of course, even a citizenry armed only with clubs ( empty rifles ) is still too dangerous just because of their numbers.  So you starve them.  Most are already in urban areas because of the few jobs left and that is where Food Stamp offices are ( as well as grocery stores after most chains start contracting due to economics ).  You already control the truckers through regulations and licensing and the amount of tax on diesel fuel.  You control farmers through most of that plus their need for the bankers.  If you look at the growth of government intervention in any industry for the last hundred years, food shows a massive amount of control and meddling.  This might have been an accident, but the end result is that the government has, already in place, the means to micromanage the farming and transportation sector completely.  No new infrastructure is needed.  It is already there.  You can stop food delivery at will and whim.  To anywhere.  If an area is out of control, if the few military and LEO’s lose control, the food flow stops.  The area is pacified in weeks, and all you need to do is stop egress.  A limited number of troops can do that.  The feds could do this today, with what is on hand.  As opposed to the need to build up detention facilities for millions and arm and train tens of millions more troops and cops.  Which one do you think will be used?
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  1. Congratulations on your new blog!
    Food control might work as you suggest in urban/suburban areas, but out in the boondocks, I hope we are less dependent on the trucks running on schedule to re-stock necessary food supplies. While we tend to shop 3-4 times per month, we could probably go a lot longer, especially if we saw tensions rising. When we can expect power outages and weather-related incidents to make travel imprudent for a period of time, we make sure our pantry and other preparations are in order. I think that the imposition of martial law and/or food controls would give at least as much warning as a storm front, if we keep an eye on the weather.