Wednesday, February 15, 2012

how the west was lost

I have to say at the start, I’m not against the Rawles American Redoubt concept.  I think it needs refinement, and I’m suspicious about the Great Basin being left out of it ( perhaps I’m being surrounded by hostiles, yes, hmmmm? ), but all in all it shows much greater promise than, say, the folks congregating in New Hampshire ( too small, too close to Gott Damn Yankees ) or those misguided fools in Wyoming ( Yellowstone, landlocked ).  But I think that the people packing up the family sedan and moving to The Promised Land need to keep one thing firmly in mind.  The American West is in a severe drought, and it has been for a long time and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this bad boy lasts the same duration as, say, that one which wiped out the Anasazi and/or Mayan civilizations.  As in, multi-generational.  Now, the odd homestead here and there isn’t going to be all that effected.  You roll with the punches.  You adopt.  The problem arises when the overpopulation trend meets the diminishing water trend.  Obviously we are overcrowded now.  The aridness of the West is nothing new.  What is new is the severe overcrowding we’ve done in this fragile environment.  One city like Las Vegas or Phoenix or Salt Lake City can effect small towns hundreds of miles away as they steal all the water.  How would you like to be a Mexican peasant at the end of the Colorado?  You get a trickle at the end, and you can’t grow spit.  All the jagoff puta humps on the other side of the border washing their Cadillac’s and growing a lawn in 120 degree heat took it all.  Oh, after the collapse they will be dead, a bit of justice, but that doesn’t help you now.  What has happened to Mexicans will one day happen to Americans.  And, if that isn’t bad enough, as the drought continues, any group that survived and tried to reestablish themselves will face the same water pressures. 

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I loved the book “Tropic Of Chaos” by C. Parenti ( I still have quite a few unread books left over from when I was buying- I’m still being a good boy, trying to beat the addiction of high priced book buying.  Nothing from Amazon other than my bed comforter for the last two weeks ).   He didn’t just spew about Gore Warming.  Rather, he gave a history of a country and then tied in their current troubles due to GRIFFIN ( Glacier Retreat, Flash Flooding ).  And let me tell you, there are a crapload of countries that are seeing severe, long tern drought.  They are getting more rain, but it is coming in rainstorms, not snow.  The rivers are drying and after long periods of dry, flash floods.  Obviously, this screws up a country something fierce.  The US is seeing the same thing, but since we control the worlds petroleum, and method of paying for petroleum ( soon to end as we can’t afford our military and the economy implodes ), we are still insulated from this.  We can irrigate and transport from faraway areas.  When all the organic farmers complain about the two thousand mile salad, they need to keep in mind that it isn’t just about profit and centralization.  Some part of this is the necessity of substituting food from failed areas ( such as getting our veggies from places other than California ).  We are already collapsing in food self sufficiency ( 20-30% of our food is already being imported, and our domestic food is being grown with mostly imported oil ).  We won’t admit it.  We still cling to the myth of the American Cornucopia. 
Mexico is a failed state.  The drug dealers are not the cause.  They are the result.  As the Mexicans oil production fell like a rock, so did their revenue.  And since they weren’t supplying America with “enough” oil, we stopped sending them subsidized grain.  We turned it into ethanol.  So the Mexicans had to grow a lot more of their own corn.  But the north is in drought and the south is constantly getting flooded.  The whole Mexican enchilada is melting down.  Drugs are what is left for revenue to a large extent ( as in Afghanistan where poppies take 1/12th the water to grow compared to wheat.  The price to the farmer is also much higher.  The country imports the wheat it needs now, from farmers peacefully growing poppy [ peaceful as long as NATO leaves them alone in their cultivation ] ).  Now, as Detroit is to Americans urban future, so Mexico is to America’s Western agriculture.  Let the petroleum supply fall too much, let triage start taking place, and large parts of the Western US start failing.  Because of overpopulation and lack of water.  Look to eastern Africa, Pakistan, India.  Drought is already there.  We are next.  Because we already have a severe drought but enough oil.  Absent oil, welcome to collapse and warfare. 
The above mentioned book mentions the 2011 flash floods in Pakistan.  Afterwards, as fifty years of infrastructure was wiped out in the farming regions, widespread malnutrition was cited.  Just as I postulated in the Bison Survival Blog the week of the flooding.  I said that with the crop wiped out and far fewer nations exporting grain, the Pakistani’s were in serious trouble.  Thank you very much.  A professional journalist, with listed sources in a book, backs up my fevered paranoid ramblings.  Gee, I wonder if I might know a thing or two.  Say, about PODA?  Naaa!  That couldn’t possibly be the case.  Yes, I am getting a swollen head.  Look, I’m not forecasting immediate widespread death from drought.  I’m saying it will be an eventual death sentence to a large group.  A group too large for the area.  First the American civilization in that area, and possibly any other group that tries to farm and then repopulate the area, as most serious religious groups seem wont to do. 
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  1. A rain cachement system may be a project worth considering down the road Jim? You can dig a shallow holding pond, or maybe set up up a cistern using the less expensive 55 gallon poly drums? (Even better to find a very cheap, or free tank?) This will save you from hauling water, at least for part of year (albeit, for a very short part) This could also serve as an emergency water reserve should you be holed up and unable to make it to your resupply (Perhaps the best use of all for this system?). Haul water as usual, but now you have an emergency ration to fall back on if the need arises.

    The high desert has the occasional snow capped peak, and a location near one of these will quite possibly benefit from runoff, resulting in a low water table. May have the potential for a shallow, hand dug well?