Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Not only do I love this guys attitude, this article allows me to take off the holiday from writing.  Enjoy.


Spices are viewed as a way to make the post-collapse world more "palatable" to the poor innocent survivor who just would like to add some variety to his wheat stash.  I submit to you that this thinking is incorrect.  This thinking has history/evolution of our diet back-asswords.  We didn't grow "rich" and then decide to fortify our diet with the wonders of the east indies (spice), but rather someone recognized, that it was necessary for long-term survival.

In early human-society development there were tribes that caught their game, skinned it, and ate it.  They died.

There were tribes that caught their game, skinned it, cooked it, and ate it. They lived a bit longer than the skin and eat tribe, but eventually, they also died.

There were tribes that caught their game, skinned it, salted it, cooked it, ate it.  They lived long enough to be our ancestors.  That is why we like our food with spices added.  It is because we "grew up" on it.  The tribes who didn't, died out.  Bland food will only keep you alive so long.  Spices ward of the stuff that kills us (germs).

Food Preservation of any kind, whether it is canning, salting, smoking, or putting up Wheat in 5 gallon buckets involves killing the little hard to see bastards that want to kill you and take your food.

Ask yourself why spices were so damn expensive back in the pre-petrol days?  Why, that's silly, you say, it's because it came from all the way around the globe!  Nice answer wiseass, why do you think greedy fuckers were WILLING to sail all the fucking way around the globe to get the stuff in the first fucking place?  And why were kings willing to spend the money to send them?  Don't give me that it was to make beef more palatable.  It was to make preservation more SUCCESSFUL.

Spices kill germs.

Why is Mexican food Spicy?  Because Mexican water sucks!

Stock up on SPICES, before pertol-down!  It takes a lot of effort to SAIL to the east indies in a homeade dugout.  I'm just sayin'...

Also, you can TRADE spices, without being shot by them, later!
Good luck with that one, for all of you willing to trade ammo (who is the stupid fucker that thinks ".22 will make good barter")!

Never sell a guy a loaded gun!

What was valuable, before "modern times"?
SALT. SUGAR. PEPPER. GARLIC. Tobacco. Tobacco? Yes, dumbfuck tobacco!  How do you keep the bugs from eating your wheat before it has grown? Your first clue, is nicotine!  The same way your great grandfather kept his garden from being eaten by crickets and aphids before he and the missus got to eat it.

Remember a silly fucker named Ghandi?  The fight was over SALT!  Yes, fucking SALT!  The British were taxing salt, to the point that no one could afford it.  Salt was considered NECESSARY, and it was being TAXED!  Not like today, where a "Low Sodium" diet is seen as desirable!  Remember "Low Sodium" is ONLY for people who are not SWEATING the day away!  Think Cubicle Monkeys.  Not post-collapse, work-all-day-to-stay-alive PEOPLE!

When you are sweating so much that your sweat STOPS stinking, you are finally, really, WORKING, and you need salt.  Because you are losing it.

People would risk their lives to get it, because it was risking your life NOT to get it.  Got it?


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  1. Be careful when cooking using plastic James. It's been proven that many types of plastic will leach toxic compounds in to your food, and it can be quite dangerous over time. Some types of plastic have been approved for microwave cooking, but to be on the safe side, I would follow Alex's suggestion and just cook on china, with a little butter or no stick spray. The same goes for freezing water bottles, or heating water in plastic containers in the microwave or using sunlight.