Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Slow crash or fast?

We been crashing for a long time. 1971 Nixon closed the gold window. It felt like we were tipping over into the abyss in the late '70s. (I believe that was the closest we ever came). But Reagan let loose the dogs of debt and we made it through the '80s. Early '90s had some bumps and a whole slew of new "The End is Near" books, some rather good and cheap.

Remember the Gramm-Rudman report? They had a nice chart that showed the projected increase of the national debt. ( I think we are way beyond that chart). Somehow, we made it through the '90s, there was even talk of reducing the national debt. Y2K? What's that? Fast forward to today and we are going into debt by 1.5 Trillion a year. Does it matter? No.

But you say the Chicoms will soon stop buying our debt. So what? If that happens, the Feds will just buy our debt. Just move numbers from one side of the ledger to the other side. 1.5 Tril? How much did the fed give the bankers? It's all chump change. Here have some: $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. I can do that all day. {You of course realize that the Feds/bankers love buying our debt, right? What's the US debt backed by? Us. (Is that a considered a pun?)} But you say "it's illegal and the bond market won't stand for it!". Right. Got a place under that rock for me?

All that money sloshing about leads to hyperinflation, says you. Compared to what, says I. Every country is trying to lower the value of the currency. The God-damned Swiss cut whatever linkage they had to gold, and linked the franc to the euro. THE GOD-DAMNED SWISS! There is no anchor, no way to measure or compare currencies when everyone is trying to devalue.

Was it Cheney that said "Debt doesn't matter?"  He is right. This is their Matrix. They set the rules on paper money. Heck nowadays, it's just numbers on a computer screen. 1s & 0s. Plus as an added bonus, the Matrix computer screen is green too! Just like US old-time money used to be!

Granted you may make a fortune holding PMs during these times but the GOV will get their due, one way or another, you possible Terrorist, you.

The price of food is going up. But not enough to make things crash fast. We will see more price increases but right now the economy can handle more then 10-15% inflation per year. 10%ish is the real rate and here's a factoid: The GOV lies about inflation and pretty much everything else. WOW! But does this make a fast crash? No. Slow crash.

Yeah, more people out of work then in the '90s, but alot of those jobs were part of the facade of the '90s Boom times. Slow crash.

The true PTB are a smart bunch. Comes from all that breeding. They have access to more info then we, and if we can see things going south, they probably know the month it does. They also know the inefficiencies of bureaucratic organizations. Personally, I think they guide things along instead of the more common theory of Puppets on Strings but whatever. Their actions tell us they are more afraid of losing control of oil, then losing control of the dollar through inflation. Something must be concerning them. So let's look at oil.

People point out that we are running out of oil. I agree but the flow of oil will not stop like turning off a spigot. It will just slow down. Once peak oil can't be denied, GOV will get more involved in day to day oil stuff like enforce rationing, (remember the odd-even days?) and rooting out those home grown, gas hording, prepping Terrorists.

The first pain will be felt by the driving public. No more gas hogs, more carpooling and more of making friends with your local gas cashier, instead of throwing your cash/card at them since the gas pump card reader isn't working and you had to walk 20 feet. Bastards...

(Gotta admit that I started sweating when I saw the SUVs being used as planters with gas over $4. But that passed like a rather small kidney stone. All better now.)

Side note: Since there are no more full-serve gas stations, excepting new jersey, the GOV might issue ration cards instead of doing odd and even days. Maybe a national ID card! Cool!!! National crisis equals more GOV involvement. What justification for ID card, you ask? See below.

Gotta have someway to check your eligibility. Hard to do with the cashier inside a Plexiglas cage. There is no gas jockey standing on the islands, filling cars and checking plates. I don't see station owners hiring people and spending money just for that, though I am available for the job. Be like a piano man at a whore house. The GOV will just make some decree, by the powers of a long dead document, to enforce ID/rationing card compliance. Don't worry, they won't force you to get an ID/ration card. Just no ID, no gas.

Even with less oil being pumped that just means more pain for us serfs but no fast crash. Things slowly getting worse. Slowly more GOV control.

The US Military will receive the oil needed to keep oil priced in US dollars. You betcha. Sorta catch 22. Kinda hard to price your own country's oil in something besides the US Dollar. It's been tried.

As long as oil is priced in US dollars, it will be a slow crash. Once it's not, fast crash, Mad Max, eat your brother/neighbor, time.

Also big AGR will get their foodstuffs stuff, though I think we will see Jim's Martial Law Infrastructure scenario come about, not in the cities as suggested by him but in the regions that have the most prepared, heavily armed, PM hording Terrorists. Probably will be blamed on the said Terrorists illegal activities to encourage neighbor turn-ins.

That's the tip over point. Food rationing, food control, Terrorists among us. But by then it will be too late to prepare. Remember BLAME JIM! It was his idea!

As thing's stand, progressing/falling at the current rate and speed, I believe it all points to a slow crash.

Remember that the oil will flow. (Makes me want to read Dune again.)

But place your bets accordingly.

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