Saturday, February 4, 2012

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We do not advertize that we are preppers, or what or how much we store or if we
store anything at all.
We do not even talk with anyone we know about prepping, TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI,
Peak Oil or anything except the weather, and the new flowers we planted in the
yard this year.

We feel safer keeping our preps to ourselves, as well as our thoughts on what
is happening or may happen. No one listens, sheeple don't care, and worst of
all some of them will remember. They will remember what you said, where you
live, and that you have something they want, need, and are entitled to have.

We prep for our family. No one else; no neighbors, no co-workers, no friends or
realtives. We are working on two years worth of supplies. We do this quietly,
shopping weekly and taking advantage of sales for what we need or want. We do
this a little at a time. Storing some things, using others, and always rotating
the storage. 

Right now, we tell no one of our thoughts or prepping We feel safer this way.
But let's say we told one friend about our preps and tried to convince him to
prep too. Let's call our friend Abe.
Abe is divorced and has his teen age son at his place every other week end.
He tries to get along with his ex wife because of his son. Mostly he doesn't.
But that's another story.

Abe has said if something happened and he came to your house he would want to
bring his son.
Abe's son has a girl friend. The girl friend has two parents and three

You know that Abe's son would want to bring his girl friend, she would want her
parents and siblings to come with her. Those three siblings would want their
best friends to come along with them.
Those best friends have parents, who have relatives and friends.

Abe's son also wants his mother to come with them too. She has a boyfriend with
two kids, who has an
ex wife with a boyfriend with three kids. The ex's boyfriend has parents and
two sisters.

Also there are the grandparents, favorite Auntie and Uncle and their relatives.
Oh yeah, someone wants their preacher there too, cause Baby Jesus would want
him saved too.

And don't forget each one person will probably tell one more person, swearing
them to secrecy. Or tell a group of people, all of them making fun of you and
your preps. But one or more will be filing away your info, name, address,
apartment, house, car. And don't think they won't show up.

Hopefully Abe will leave his house and get to yours before anyone else shows up
at his. Of course Abe's son knows where you live, cause he has come with his
father to visit at your house. Le's hope it is Abe's week to have his son with
him. The son's girlfriend is out of town with her family, and Abe's ex wife is
on vacation to DisneyWorld with her boyfriend and his family.

So how many people are you prepping for? And how long will it last? How many
people know?
Will there be any for you? Or will you be around to enjoy and share your own

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  1. based on personal experience I would say the son will always be loyal to his mom so effectively Abes' son was lost in the divorce. this means him and his current girlfriend and her 300 relatives are now irrelevant as hell.

    secondly, deep down abe wishes his ex wife would die a horrible death so her survival will be a good laugh around the campfire someday.

    look around, if they aren't there with you now,they don't count. even if you want the children and the grandkiddies to come home unless they live within walking distance prepare to say goodbye to them. That is the reality of a collapse.

    the rat